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kahtt: Hi Kim
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Kim: Hey! How's it going?
kahtt: okay so far
Kim: Cool. Where's everybody at? :-)
kahtt: I'm just waiting for the slacker chatters
Kim: Oh. Do y'all do this every Friday?
kahtt: people mosey on in
kahtt: yes, every Friday starting around 6ish
Kim: That's cool.
kahtt: #chatterlings was set up mainly as a place for readers and writers of erotica to get together
Kim: It sounds like my kinda place, then.
kahtt: it's also become a social hang out for us
Kim: Oh, yeah? Are y'all hooked in with the Erotic Readers Association?
kahtt: there and ER - EroticRomance
Kim: I never heard of them.
kahtt: and Scrybes, Dark Eros, a few from Mind Fire Poetry Journal
Kim: Wow, wow and wow.
kahtt: That's a yahoo group I moderate for almost three years now
Kim: Oh! I wanted to tell you I went by your site and read some of your poems,
Kim: I esp. liked the one called "To Touch You." Reminded me of Neruda.

kahtt: oh you poor thing, that stuff is blah. And I haven't written anything new in ages. I have about the same amount of poetry I need to add
kahtt: I love Neruda
Kim: No, it's good. I really liked that poem
Kim: I love Neruda, too

kahtt: For every 10 I write there is one that I really like
Kim: I know how you feel, believe me.
kahtt: So Kim, do you have a website or stories/poems posted online?
kahtt: I like to give as much info about our special guests as possible
Kim: Yes. Actually it's www.geocities.com/eggbit
Kim: Just some info on my books and some erotica

kahtt: cool!
Kim: My hubby put it together for me. I dictated mostly.
kahtt: you know you did tell me this before - DOH
Kim: Oh? I can't remember, either. Oh well.
kahtt: <g>
kahtt: so did you read Joan's reviews?
Kim: likewise.
Kim: Yes! I loved her reviews. She's really a good writer.

kahtt: she always posts them on her own website
Kim: Great!
kahtt: yes she is. last year she asked me if I would do a poetry workshop for her writers' group and I wanted to do it but was nervous as I know nothing about running workshops
Kim: So, did you do it?
kahtt: But once Joan has confidence in you, you can do anything
kahtt: yes, this past April
Kim: She's a great person, it seems. Just from reading her emails ans stuff.
Kim: Did the workshop go okay?

kahtt: it went well especially with Joan there pumping me up to the group
Kim: I'd get so nervous! I couldn't imagine conducting something liek that.
kahtt: oh you can do it
Kim: I dunno...
kahtt: sure you can
Kim: You know what they say about writers being recluses?
Kim: uh...maybe...

kahtt: you're just sharing your own experiences
Kim: that's true. But I'd think, do people really want to know this stuff??
kahtt: all the writers at that conference were just sharing their own experiences. I learned more from them than the English teacher that was there
kahtt: yes ma'am
Kim: Of course, you did. I never learned anything from any teacher about writing.
kahtt: I have been a bit swamped but there was a special guest poet chat in here last month that I need to post on ENE
Kim: Okay. Who was it?
kahtt: I did learn some poetry terminology, and a different style of approaching poetry from him - so that was great
kahtt: hold on let me get the website URL for you
Kim: That's what I need. A different approach to poetry.
Kim: I'll wait.

kahtt: http://www.glvwg.org
kahtt: Len Roberts is the poet/teacher
kahtt: if you read the poetry chat with Gary Blankenship - he is great! - you will get a lot of insight
kahtt: Gary is the poetry editor at WritersHood
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kahtt: hi Nick
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kahtt: wb Kim
nick: Hello
Kim: You back?
kahtt: hey Suzie
Kim: Hey!
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Kim: The whole gang's here.
kahtt: Hey Kim how did you get autoOps?
Kim: What's that?
kahtt: nick and suzie snuck in
kahtt: Su, I'm glad you're here
suzie: Kahtt I am here
suzie: he did it
suzie: and it worked
suzie: but Cait is having probs
kahtt: as soon as you came in you received OPs - power to ban and or kick people out of this chat
kahtt: uh oh
kahtt: let me get on ICQ
Kim: No. I don't have that.
Kim: I feel like an evil ruler.

kahtt: nah, you're cool
Kim: You, too.
Kim: Did I kick you off??

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kahtt: nah
kahtt: the server bumped you off
Kim: Oh. Phew. No evil ruler here.
kahtt: how many nicks do we have here?
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kahtt: Hi Nora
Pearlee: Hello, made it!
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nick1: Hello
kahtt: SEX USERS!
suzie: hi nora
Kim: Hello!
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Pearlee: Hello Kahtt, Nick, Suzie and Kim
kahtt: BB - Thank good! Cait is having problems getting in
Kim: Hello, everyone. Nice to meet ya!
Pearlee: did I miss anything!
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BigB: okie
suzie: cait is having probs bigb
Kim: Nah.
BigB: what seems to be her trouble
kahtt: okay how are we going to tell the nicks apart?
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Kim: One's nick1 and the other nick
Pearlee: that fixed that!
kahtt: heh heh heh
Kim: it sure did.
nick: How do I enter my name?
suzie: coming on your server
nick: This is frustrating.
suzie: she said
BigB: type /nick whatever
kahtt: nick type this /nick whateveryournameis
BigB: in stereo
suzie: kahtt she isn't on icq
*** nick is now known as hayley
hayley: Thanks!!!
BigB: no charge
BigB: how can we reach cait
kahtt: cool
Pearlee: submitted a poem to cleansheets the other day
Kim: How did that go, Pearlee?

kahtt: Where is Cait Su?
BigB: anyone??
BigB: how can we reach cait
Pearlee: Kim: do you mean, did they accept it, or what?
BigB: email? AIM?
Kim: Yes.
Pearlee: I don't know yet.
kahtt: I've been trying to get between cleansheets forever ;op
Kim: You're still waiting to hear back.
Pearlee: yes
Kim: Oh. I've tried them too. They're tough.
BigB just wants to get between any sheets :)
kahtt: very good ezine
Pearlee: well, we'll see...
Kim: I agree.
suzie: on IM
kahtt: CleanSheets
Kim: Good luck on that.
Pearlee: rejection can make you grow better, right??
BigB: suzie...IM here an ask what error message or problem she is having
Kim: Sometimes, but mostly it just hurts.
kahtt: yes ma'am
suzie: he is on Yahoo IM, instant message
Pearlee: Well, don't know where else to submit it
kahtt: ahh, I am on AIM
BigB: ok, so IM here
BigB: OK, so IM her
Kim: What is it? Poetry mostly?
Pearlee: It was a sonnet
kahtt: Cleansheets has a little of everything
Kim: Oh. Cool. Erotic?
Pearlee: But of course :)
Kim: Oh! Let me think...
kahtt: poetry, short stories, book reviews, events listing, articles
suzie: she just said she will try later, just waking up
kahtt: okie su
Pearlee: Perhaps I should send it to kahtt...I don't mind 'exposure'
Kim: Have you tried www.girlphoria.com?
kahtt: yes let's "expose" you
Pearlee: Kim: No
Pearlee: Kahtt, if you want it I will send to you
Kim: You might want to try there. The webmistress is really cool and open to new stuff.
kahtt: send it my way Nora
Pearlee: email?
kahtt: Hey Hayley?
kahtt: kahtt@yahoo.com
hayley: Yes....
BigB: time passes
hayley: I'm listening.....<s>
kahtt: H: I just wanted to say that ;op
Kim: So, how are ya, BigB?
BigB: Kim..OK...u?
BigB: have we met?
Kim: OK me what?
Kim: Nope. New here.

BigB: welcome
hayley: I've not been here before....but whenever I type anything...
BigB: I see your name i the topic
Kim: Thanks so much. Who's got the keg?
hayley: it says unregistered copy...
hayley: evaluation only...
hayley: What's that about?
Kim: That's me.
BigB: weird
BigB: [19:33] [hayley VERSION reply]: JPilot IRC Java Client 2.42.1
Kim: How come?
hayley: I see...
hayley: Are you testing me?
BigB: hayley. you should download mirc
Kim: Don't tell me you haven't read my book!!
hayley: I did.
BigB: me? nope
BigB: I was checking
Kim: You did???
BigB: H: you are not using mirc right now
BigB: fyi
hayley: Yes. First thing.
hayley: I thought so.
kahtt: BB is a SHadowWorld Tech so he is good to have around
BigB is Admin of the Galaxy server on this net
Kim: Good news or bad news?
hayley: Should I reboot and try again?
BigB: ho
BigB: let us check things first
hayley: I'm sure I did download it.
hayley: I just did a few minutes ago.
Pearlee: kahtt, I just sent it to you
BigB: mebbe you did dl it
BigB: BUT you are not running it now
kahtt: Books by Kim Corum -
kahtt: Playtime by Kim Corum
BigB: you are connected by our java chat
kahtt: 99 Martinis by Kim Corum
Kim: Thanks Kahtt!
Kim: Ditto.

hayley: What should I do?
kahtt: thanks Nora
Pearlee: yw kahtt
BigB: H: did you install mirc after you downloaded it
Pearlee: 99 Martinis...I like that title!
Kim: Thanks!! :-)
kahtt: psst Kim, all I do during these chats is post info ;o)
Kim: That's cool Kahtt.
kahtt: Hey Nora did you read Joan's review of Kim's two books?
Pearlee: what made you decide on that title?
Kim: What do I do?
kahtt: Corum Double: Review of Playtime and 99 Martinis by JZ Sharpe
kahtt: http://enehp.com/ENEFrame6.html
Kim: Oh, 99? It's like this, I was at this party...
Pearlee: No...haven't looked lately because possibility looms of layoff of my 1st job
kahtt: You just answer question K - they'll ask them
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BigB: how has Joan been, haven't seen here here lately
Pearlee: and been looking for new one
Kim: And this girl was carrying around a bottle of 99 Bananas.
kahtt: Hi LBW
Kim: Ever heard of it?
*** Mode change "+o lovebookwriter" on #chatterlings by kahtt
kahtt: How goes it Gina?
Kim: Anyway...99 Bananas? No. 99 Martinis?
lovebookwr: Hi there..
kahtt: Joan is busy IRL BB, I hope she can make it
Pearlee: hello lbw...nice nickname!
BigB waits for hayley's response to previous question
lovebookwr: thanks, my husbands creation
kahtt: Since chat is officially under way let me introduce Kim
Pearlee: He likes your writing...how wonderful! Mine hated it
kahtt: Kim Corum has been married for ten years.
kahtt: A few years ago, after an intense conversation with
kahtt: her husband, she got an idea for a book about
kahtt: relationships. Playtime was born. When she’s not
kahtt: writing, she works in social services. She is 31 years
kahtt: old and lives in the South.
BigB: nice nick
Kim: Hello, hello...
kahtt: Learn more about her by visiting her website
BigB: hi Kim
Kim: I'm glad to see everyone.
Kim: Or read their messages.

suzie: Hi Kim
lovebookwr: Hi Kim!
Pearlee: Kahtt, wait! Give me time to get Kim's website down!!
suzie: I am on and off so just lurking
Kim: So, what do y'all wanna talk about?
kahtt: Nora, I keep telling you this will all be online ;op
kahtt: http://www.geocities.com/eggbit
Pearlee: OK OK, I got it now, sorry!!
Pearlee is always impatient... :)
Kim: Me too, Pearlee. Me too.
Pearlee: How long have you been writing?
kahtt: So Kim, you have tried submitting to CleanSheets before?
Kim: I've been writing for about ten years, but always wrote before that, too.
kahtt: of course
Kim: I have submitted to cleansheets, some erotica...
Kim: to no avail. That's all I'll say about that. :-)

kahtt: Where else? Or where might we find your work online?
BigB suspects that hayley has gone afk
kahtt: maybe just lurking bb
Kim: I have some stories here and there, I'll have to think a minute...
BigB: sok,
Kim: eroticaforher.com
kahtt: nice
Kim: of course I am drawing a blank.
kahtt: EROTICA for HER(SM): A Celebration of Sexuality and Women's Erotica
Kim: :-)
Kim: Yes!!
Kim: You got it.

lovebookwr: Did you write mainly short erotica before your first full length, or did you jump right into the novel?
Kim: Some clubs
Kim: Yes, mostly shorts. Then, Playtime came along

hayley: Hello....am I registered?
Kim: Though I have always written long sex scenes for all my books.
kahtt: yahoo clubs Kim?
*** Signoff: hayley (Quit: Leaving)
BigB: hayley...registered with what? mirc?
BigB: oh well
BigB: mebbe she returns via mirc
Kim: Yes. What Girls Want (mine) and Sunshinery Land and Realm of Erotic Fantasy
Kim: Some more, too.
Kim: Can't remember all. Sorry.

Pearlee: Well you certainly have been busy!
Kim: Tell me about it.
BigB: suzie...any word on cait?
Kim: I'm working on another book right now, too.
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Pearlee: Is this to be a novel, or collection of shorts?
Kim: It's a novel. Not erotica, though.
BigB will try to help hayley
Kim: (But some erotic scenes in it.)
Pearlee: Can you tell us about it?
Kim: uh...no. sorry. superstition
*** Mode change "+o hayley1" on #chatterlings by kahtt
Kim: I'm afraid I'll "talk" it out.
lovebookwr: If you don't mind sharing... how have your experiences been with Writers Club Press / IUniverse?
hayley1: Eating a Dove bar cause I'm frustrated.
Kim: Umm..mixed feelings actually. On one hand, they are the BEST as far as distribution goes.
kahtt: Hmm I found a lot of links for Kim
BigB: hayley...
Kim: On the other hand, you're pretty much on your own.
hayley1: Yep
BigB: type /join #help
BigB: let's take this out of here for a few
*** hayley1 has left channel #chatterlings
kahtt: The Sensual Sandbox - http://www.geocities.com/WestHollywood/Park/2595/playtime.htm
Kim: damn, Kahtt, you're good. I forgot about that one!!
kahtt: heh heh heh
*** selkie (selkie@m398-mp1-cvx1b.edi.ntl.com) has joined channel #chatterlings
Kim: You didn't come across the New Century Writer's thing, did you?
Pearlee: hi jaqui
selkie: Hi everybody.
kahtt: Exopa Terra
kahtt: hi Jacqui
*** Mode change "+o selkie" on #chatterlings by kahtt
Kim: I was a quarter finalist in the novel section. (For 99 Martinis)
selkie: thanks
Pearlee impressed!
selkie to
Kim: Thanks!! I was impressed too.
kahtt: Purple Tights
Kim: Kahtt, you are like Columbo!!!!
Pearlee: Better looking, too :)
kahtt: heh heh heh
BigB has NEWS!!!!
Kim: That's for sure.
lovebookwr: wow kahtt you are good... copying these all down to check out later!
Pearlee: what, BB
Kim: We're on pins and needles where, BB
selkie: purpletights??
BigB: http://www.theprowriter.com/
Kim: Yes. ever heard of it? It's a great website.
BigB: my friend has PUBLISHED her novel
BigB: Chelten Manor
Kim: Cool!! I'll have to check that out. I love discovering new writers.
kahtt: cool BB
BigB: the picture on the cover is her familie's former house in Cheltenham PA
Kim: Cool.
selkie: Sorry. Got to go. We've been out all night and food is ready see you later maybe.
*** Signoff: selkie (Quit: Steps into a parallel world where everything is surreal.)
kahtt: eep
Pearlee: SEX USERS
Kim: Okay what is sex users? Is that some secret language?
kahtt: nah, it's my way of counting
lovebookwr: Glad you asked Kim, I was really lost....
Kim: Oh. Ummm...
BigB: sex = six in kahttspeak
Kim: I thought it was something dirty.
lovebookwr: very cute kahtt!
Pearlee: glad it sex users, and not sex losers!
Kim: You can say that again, Pearlee
BigB: Kim...irc users often develop peculiar slang
kahtt: juan(ita)=1, do=2, trois=3, kahttre=4, sank=5, sex=6, sex+Juan(ita)=7, huit=8, eneuf=9, dicks=10
kahtt: I was trying to make it dirty counting ;op
Kim: Dicks=10?? Umm.
Kim: I like it!

Pearlee: that could be a new title of something...
kahtt: heh heh heh
kahtt: so wen there are 10 people in chat we say dicks users!
Kim: It's taken! Dciks=10 is mine!!!!!
Pearlee: ROFLMAO
Kim: Just kidding.. Though it does sound like a sex toy.
Pearlee: Instead of Deep Space Nine, Dicks=10...space age strip joint for women only
kahtt: heh heh heh
Pearlee: sign mouser up, Kahtt
Kim: Women only? Where are we gonna get the dicks?
Pearlee: Oh the men are gonna be the ones showing 'em, Kim
kahtt: we'll round up a few guys
Kim: You got that right!!!!
Kim: You mean, a few dicks.

Pearlee: yes...separate the dicks from the cocks...
kahtt: a few good dicks
lovebookwr: sorry all, but I must go! I spent 30 minutes downloading this #*&**@ software now real life calls. Thanks for chatting Kim!
Kim: And the boys from the men.
Pearlee: gn lbw...
*** Signoff: lovebookwriter (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
Kim: Thanks, LBW!!!
Pearlee: Kim, do you have to schedule your writing around another job, and children?
kahtt: eep! I thought Gina had IRC already
Kim: P. Yes. I do have to schedule it. I work full time and when I get home, I fight with my hubby for the computer (he thinks he's a writer, too. LOL)
Kim: No kids, thou

Pearlee: Get him a lp, and YOU get the good computer...sounds like a plan
Kim: I wish!! When I win that lottery...
kahtt: eBay!
Kim: Yes!
Pearlee: Computer shows, also...
Kim: I think I'm just going to get him an old Royal typewriter.
Kim: Or a pen and a piece of paper.

Pearlee: You write your stories entirely from the woman's POV, Kim?
Kim: Not always. 99 Martinis was from the male POV and I've written one other, but mostly the chick gets to tell the story.
Kim: My husbands looks 'em over and makes sure I get the male POV right. Or so he says.
Kim: Oops. Husband. I don't live in Utah.

Pearlee: He just wants to have a free thrill :)
Kim: Do you know him or something? :-) That would be him.
Pearlee: Well, Kim, the Theme weekend at ERA this month is Polyamory...
Kim: Polyamory. Look, I can barely stand ONE, ya know? What would you do with two?
Kim: Stupid question. Nevermind.

Pearlee can think of at least two or ten good things...
Pearlee: LOL
Kim: TEN!! ;-0
Pearlee: Having something published has to be one of the biggest thrills...
Kim: It really is. I have to admit it's one of the best things I've ever done. Besides marrying my husband. (he's sitting right here so I have to say that.)
Pearlee: Who edits your work? Does your husband help, or do you leave it to your editor, or??
Kim: Both. Hubby is vigilant, too.
Pearlee: Is it very difficult for you to keep up with the erotica market? By that I mean, new ways to 'show and tell'?
kahtt: How did you find your editor?
Kim: They assigned me one when I published the book.
Kim: New ways to show and tell? Whatever do you mean? No, really, I don't worry about that and just write what comes to me.

kahtt: sweet
kahtt: Who are your favorite authors of fiction?
Kim: I have so many! Truman Capote, Bert Rinehart (my hubby, ;-)
Kim: Flannery O'Connor
Kim: Charles Bukowski, Jim Thompson, Anais Nin

Pearlee: I don't know him...
Kim: Henry Miller...
Kim: Who? Bert?

Pearlee: Flannery
kahtt: wow Nora - you need to know him
Kim: Oh. You know this. "A Good Man Is Hard To Find."
Pearlee: Yes I'm deprived...
Kim: It's a she. You knew that right? ;-)
Pearlee: Well, if I knew 'she' was a 'he' I'd have said 'I don't know her'
Pearlee: depraved
Kim: I know. Just trying to pass along a little info. She's great, writers with a terrific sense of irony.
Pearlee: Do any of those writers influence you in any way?
kahtt: The Complete Stories by Flannery O'Connor
Kim: Influence...that's a tough one. I mean, I get influenced by music alot. Mostly, when I read these great writers, I get a little intimidated.
Kim: I forgot Celine. He's a he and one of my favorites, too. :-)

kahtt: Good Man Is Hard to Find and Other Stories by Flannery O'Connor
Kim: Go, Kahtt, go!!!!
Kim: Got any Bert there???
Kim: (He told me to ask.)
Kim: ;-)

kahtt: hold on
Kim: Danka!!
kahtt: quel Celine? Louis-Ferdinand D.
kahtt: Celine
Kim: Danke, I mean. Bad, German, bad!
Pearlee: You speak German?
Kim: No, I don't speak German, I only know Danke from that Wayne Newton song.
Pearlee: LOL
Kim: Yes, Celine.
Kim: That Celine.
Kim: So, where are y'all from?

Pearlee: I'm in St Louis
Kim: I'm from Tennessee. No jokes, please, I'm beating my step brothers off right now. :-)
Kim: You near that big arch thing?

Pearlee: Yes 20 minute drive
kahtt: Journey to the End of the Night by Louis-Ferdinand D. Celine, Ralph Manheim (Translator)
Kim: Cool.
kahtt: NYC
Kim: Good, Kahtt. Where's the other one...
Pearlee: Kahtt's the sophisticated one :)
Kim: She really is impressing the hell out of me right now.
Kim: Oh, Kahtt, I love NY!

Pearlee turns up Frank Sintra CD "New York, New York"
Kim: I LOVE FRANK!!!!!!!
kahtt: A.K.A. Dorothy Drab by Bert Rinehart
Kim: And Dean!! That's Amore!
Pearlee: Volare...
Kim: I'm clapping now, Kahtt!!
Kim: When in Rome, do as the...you know.
Kim: Everybody needs somebody sometime...

kahtt: may need to do an author chat with Bert - but don't tell him
Pearlee: Dorothy Drab?
Kim: How can I not? He's reading this. Want me to tell him it's a joke?
kahtt: heh heh heh - Hi Bert
Kim: Yup. Dorothy Drab. It's this whole thing.
BigB: hayley is almost sewt up for mirc
Kim: He says Hey.
kahtt: more Flannery you think Kim?
kahtt: cool BB
BigB: hey Kim
Pearlee: Bon giorno, Bert
BigB: tennessee eh? what can you tell me abdout Vanderbilt
Kim: Yeah, sure! She's great. Try "Everything That Rises Must Converge."
Kim: It's in Nashville, B
Kim: It's expensive...

BigB: hey kahtt
BigB: are you loggin this
BigB: s
Kim: They wouldn't let me in...
kahtt: k
Pearlee: Let you in where?
Kim: Vanderbilt. The school. Just kidding.
Kim: P, Bert says hello.

BigB: kahtt...are you loggin this chat
Kim: (We're listening to Dean now..)
kahtt: of course
BigB: good, hayley is gonna need it
Kim: Is BigB like Big Brother?
Pearlee: don't think he wants to be a big brother...
Kim: Me neither. That's a tough job.
kahtt: Well Big Something
Pearlee: Kim, I was wondering...
Kim: That's what I like to hear...
Kim: Go ahead.

Pearlee: In to your story length...do you prefer novel-length writing, or are you more comfortable with short stories?
*** Kenn (whitesight@pool-151-196-240-222.balt.east.verizon.net) has joined channel #chatterlings
Kim: I like novels best. For some reason, when a character hooks me, I can't get enough.
kahtt: KENNERS!
Kenn: evening kahtt;)
Pearlee: My Lord...
*** Mode change "+o Kenn" on #chatterlings by kahtt
Kenn: my Lady
Kenn: thank oyu
Kim: my goodness
Kenn: you I mean
Pearlee: Kim, it just seems to me that it is much more difficult writing a shorter piece than a longer one
Pearlee: do you find this is true?
Kim: True, so true. Short story you have to be in there and out. And the same principles are involved, developement and all that.
kahtt: Everything That Rises Must Converge by Flannery O'Connor, Robert Fitzgerald (Illustrator)
Kim: It's hard.
kahtt: SEX!
Kenn: users!
Pearlee: :)
Kim: Go Kahtt!
Kim: So, what are some of everyone's favorite authors?

Pearlee: she's always on the ball...
kahtt: Breakfast at Tiffany's : And Three Stories (First Vintage International) by Truman Capote
Kim: My favorite, Kahtt!! Also, In Cold Blood. Pure genius.
Pearlee: hmm...Piers Anthony...Steven King...
Kim: I love Steven King. Never read Piers Anthony, tho. Is he good?
Pearlee: Thomas Thompson
Kenn: great
Kim: What has he written?
Pearlee: Kim: Thomas Thompson?
Kim: Yes.
Pearlee: Serpentine...Celebrity...
Pearlee: Hearts...
Kim: Never heard of those. I need to check them out.
Kim: He's written alot, I take it?

Pearlee: Richie...
kahtt: Women by Charles Bukowski
Kim: I have a feeling he's a very big writer and I might not of ever heard of him. That's me, what can I say?
Pearlee: Celebrity is fiction. The other 3 very good nonfiction
Kim: Ham on Rye by Bukowski is good, as well as Post Office.
Pearlee: Serpentine's his best one, far as I am concerned.
Kim: I need to check that out. I love finding out about good writers.
kahtt: In Cold Blood : A True Account of a Multiple Murder and Its Consequences by Truman Capote
Kim: Kahtt, you are a woman of many talents...
Pearlee: Oh, I also enjoy Vikram Seth
BigB likes Sword and Sorcery plus Space Opera
BigB: Thieves World is great
Kenn: and a little on the side don't hurt none either
Kim: I like Space Opera.
Pearlee: I've heard of that on, BB...
BigB: I also loved The Pride of Chanur series
Kenn: love Thieves World
BigB: CJ Cherryh
kahtt: Serpentine by Thomas Thompson
Pearlee: Unfortunately, TT is no longer among the living...shame
Kenn: darn, wife home gotta go, back soon I hope, enjoy all
BigB: CJ Cherryh is great female space sci fi author
*** Kenn has left channel #chatterlings
kahtt: heh heh heh
Pearlee: kahtt, kenn seems a bit pensive tonight...
Pearlee: Anyway, Kim, to go back to the subject you raised about books and authors, I enjoy Oriental/Eastern themes...
Pearlee: Poetry, Novels...my favorites
Kim: Cool.
Kim: What poets do you like?

kahtt: Devil to the Belt by C. J. Cherryh
*** iron (songokuu@CBL041.pool004.CH001-west-covina.dhcp.hs.earthlink.net) has joined channel #chatterlings
*** iron has left channel #chatterlings

Pearlee: Kahtt recommended some when she hosted Gary's chat...they're Vietnamese and Japanese authors...10 mile long names, I am sorry I can't spell them!
kahtt: I'll get them
Pearlee: TY!
Kim: That's cool. I'm gonna look at that chat trascript.
Pearlee: You would be surprised how sensual some of them are...
Kim: I know. I love that, too, when they're sensual.
Pearlee: One line he quoted was "I am a jackfruit on a tree...My skin is thick and meaty...Won't you pierce me with your sharp stick, kind sir...And let the juices drip down (something to that effect)
Kim: Damn!!!
Kim: I like that.

BigB: here goes nufin
Pearlee: He said that it was about life being a Vietnamese woman in a man's society..
Kim: That's deep.
*** hayley (hayley999@dhcp024-166-112-064.neo.rr.com) has joined channel #chatterlings
Pearlee: hello hayley
BigB: yeeee haaaaaaaaa
hayley: LOL
*** Mode change "+o hayley" on #chatterlings by Pearlee
BigB: [20:48] [hayley VERSION reply]: mIRC32 v5.91 K.Mardam-Bey
Kim: That WAS deep!
hayley: Only took 2 martinis!
hayley: Thank you!!!
Pearlee: yw
BigB: hayley...pay attention to your screen
Pearlee: Do you like poetry Kim?
kahtt: Delta of Venus by Anais Nin
Kim: Yes, I love poetry.
hayley: Or Sylvia Plath?
Pearlee: Yes
Kim: She's cool, but depressing.
hayley: I have to agree.
hayley: Anais Nin is my favorite.
hayley: She's more uplifting...
Kim: The Belle Jar was so depressing.
Kim: I love Anais!!!
Kim: And June. :-)

BigB: hayley?
hayley: Yes!
BigB: did u see a window open?
hayley: Uh....I'm not sure what you mean.
hayley: Other than this one?
BigB: yes
BigB: other than tis one
hayley: Not really.
BigB: hmmmmmm
kahtt: The Collected Poems by Sylvia Plath
BigB: you should have
Pearlee: Kim, have you published any poetry?
Kim: No. I've written some. Not very good, I'm afraid.
BigB: see the rown of buttons Under the icon row...one says Status, one says #chatterlings
Pearlee: Good is in the eye of the beholder
BigB: is there one more
BigB: if so clic it
Kim: That's true.
Pearlee: Kim, you know what's funny?
Kim: I've written a few I like, but not enough for a whole book.
Kim: What's funny?

Pearlee: I wrote a short story. One part had to do with an oral sex scene...and my mind went complete blank...
Kim: I know how you feel. You're like, And then what??
Kim: Right?

Pearlee: The thoughts were there, but the words went to Acapulco or something
Kim: I'd like go with them, then.
Pearlee: Is that a problem you have experienced? Felt like a total idiot
BigB: hayley...by the way you can now close those java chats
Kim: Oh yeah!! I'll have this GREAT idea for a book or something and I'll write my heart out for days, then go back and look at it, then go, what the hell is this thing about!
kahtt: SPRING ESSENCE by Ho Xuan Huong
BigB: HEY SUZIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Pearlee: Kim, that's the poem I was trying to quote
BigB: anyone hear from Cait?
Pearlee: unfortunately, no, B
BigB: ah well
Kim: I'm gonna check it out.
BigB: wonder what her prob is
kahtt: Modern Japanese Tanka (Modern Asian Literature Series) by Makoto Ueda (Editor)
kahtt: prolly the server BB
BigB: what server...she uses the Galaxy server here
Kim: I like the cover of that book!
BigB: and I know that's working
Pearlee: which one, Kim?
kahtt: Gary Blankenship recommends: The Poet's Companion : A Guide to the Pleasures of Writing Poetry
Kim: Spring Essence. I just looked it up on Amazon
BigB: hey hayley...one more bit of advice
kahtt: it's very good
BigB: do File / Options / Connect
Kim: It looks good, too. I might have to buy that one.
BigB: change Full Name to something Other than your real name
kahtt: Unfortunately Gary is unable to make this chat
hayley: Yes.....
hayley: Oh, ok.
Pearlee: Kim: Would be money well spent
kahtt: SPRING ESSENCE by Ho Xuan Huong
Kim: It's mine!!!
Pearlee: :)
Kim: I hate that damn one click thing, don't you?
kahtt: Playtime by Kim Corum
Pearlee: Yes PIA
Kim: It's like the subliminal messages at Wal-Mart.
kahtt: 99 Martinis by Kim Corum
hayley: On an Anais website today...there was a discussion about the difference between pornography and erotica.
Kim: This ought to be good.
hayley: It made me think a bit.
kahtt: Kim's website
Kim: Anais Nin was called a pornographer in her time.
hayley: I love erotica.
hayley: That's right!
BigB: hayley...one more thing...do File / Options / Connect / Options ... uncheck popup connect dialog on startup
Kim: Yup.
kahtt: Kim what are your views on Pornography? Do you think Erotica is Porn?
Pearlee: Now there is no such thing
hayley: Websters says erotica is "artistic porn"
Kim: Absolutely not. Porn to me is those movies, ya know? In books, there is usually some degree of emotion involved and with adult films you just don't get that.
kahtt: I don't say that Hayley
Kim: I don't agree with that much.
hayley: It's just so much semantics.
BigB: porn is sex with no significant story
Kim: That's right.
hayley: They are both used to stimulate sexual desire.
BigB: sex for the sake of sex
Pearlee: Yes I agree
Kim: And that tacky music
BigB: oooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh yeah
hayley: You have never seen porn that you liked?
hayley: I have.
kahtt: true however, the erotica I prefer is well written, the characters are well developed and there is a plot amongst all the sex
hayley: some is awful...
Kim: bop bop di bop
BigB: uhhuh...uhhuh...uhhuh...
hayley: but some is sexy.
kahtt: I like very sensual novels
Kim: that's what I like, too.
hayley: I've noticed that when I hang about the erotica section in Borders...
Kim: I mean, I like porno movies ever so often. But I could read erotica every night.
hayley: strange men try to pick me up. <s>
Pearlee: LOL
Kim: Which borders are you going to> I need to shop there.
Kim: Just joking. I think

kahtt: Authors who do that well are: Emma Holly, Nina Roy aka Natash Rostova, MJ Rose
hayley: I like some of Anne rice's erotica.
BigB: hayley...hehehehe...if you are kyoot, strange men do nto need a pr0n section to try
hayley: I forget her penname.
kahtt: Tea and Spices by Natasha Rostova
Kim: I know it but can't spell it
hayley: Anne Rice uses a different name when she writes erotica.
Pearlee: Perhaps they want to stay in the will
kahtt: IN THE FLESH by Emma Holly
Pearlee says I know, I know, bad joke...
hayley: I remember....it's Anne Rampling.
hayley: Has anyone read any of her books?
Kim: Interview with the Vampire
hayley: I have one..... it's Belinda.
Kim: None of her erotica, though
hayley: Well, yes....but that's Anne Rice.
hayley: Did you know she wrote erotica also...
Pearlee: I've read the vampire stories also but not erotica by her
hayley: under Anne Rampling.
hayley: Same person.
kahtt: In Fidelity by MJ Rose
hayley: Check it out.
hayley: It's very sexy.
Kim: Yes, I knew that. I saw that movie based on her book Exit To Eden and didn't like it.
Kim: The movie.

hayley: The best movie I saw lately was Quills...
hayley: about the Marquis de Sade.
hayley: It's very good.
Kim: I loved Quills.
hayley: And an excellent movie about cencorship
hayley: censorship, sorry
Pearlee: I haven't seen any movies lately...
Kim: It was a great movie.
hayley: Thanks, Kim.
Kim: Watch that one. You'll love it. They stop him from writing and it literally kills him.
Kim: Welcome.

Pearlee: I think the last one I saw was "Kama Sutra"
Kim: Hope I didn't give he ending away.
hayley: It's fantastic, isn't it?
hayley: I was very moved by it.
Kim: Yes. I saw Kama Sutra, too.
hayley: He uses his blood to write.
Kim: I was moved too. And uses some other stuff, too...
hayley: I liked Kama Sutra...
hayley: very sexy.
Kim: VERY sexy
hayley: LOL....I forgot.
*** tavie (tavie@47.as5.pa.nolnet.net) has joined channel #chatterlings
tavie: hi all
BigB: hi tavie
Kim: Hey!
Pearlee: hi tavie!
hayley: I haven't talked to many other people who have seen quills.
tavie: i see a couple new names
*** Mode change "+o tavie" on #chatterlings by Pearlee
*** Sandaidh (sandaidh@ has joined channel #chatterlings

Sandaidh: hiya
*** Mode change "+o Sandaidh" on #chatterlings by Pearlee
Kim: I had to see it, let's just say.
Pearlee: Hi Sandaidh
Sandaidh: thanks pearl
Pearlee: yw
BigB: huit users
kahtt: Exit to Eden by Anne Rice/Anne Rampling
BigB: hi sand
kahtt: hi Sandaidh
kahtt: Wheat Users
Sandaidh: hi BB
BigB: hmmmmmmmmm
Sandaidh: Exit to Eden - good book
hayley: I'll check it out.
kahtt: Belinda by Anne Rice
hayley: Always meet interesting guys at Borders in the Erotica section. <s>
kahtt: Belinda is one of my favorites
Sandaidh: I didn't care for Belinda as much as Exit
Sandaidh: but it was okay
hayley: Kim....how long are you here?
hayley: Until 10?
Kim: Until the bar closes.
hayley: I thought the premise of your book was very interesting...
Kim: Thanks so much. :-)
hayley: I was married for 25 years....and left my marriage...
Kim: Oh?
hayley: because I had been so young...
hayley: I was soooo curious..
Kim: I know what you mean.
hayley: I just had to know.
Kim: Yup.
hayley: I will definitely get your book.
Kim: Thanks. Let me know what you think about it.
hayley: But now you are back with your husband?, Righ?
Sandaidh: what's the title of they book again?
hayley: Playtime, right?
Kim: Well, yeah.
kahtt: The Complete Kama Sutra: The First Unabridged Modern Translation of the Classic Indian Text [UNABRIDGED] by Alain Danielou (Translator)
Kim: Right.
BigB thinks kahtt works for amazon.com
hayley: Not to sound hokey, but it's a pleasure to meet you.
Kim: Ummm...
Kim: Please to meet you too. :-)
Kim: I'd buy you a drink, but I'm kinda broke. :-)

hayley: How do I reach you after I read it?
Pearlee: sandaidh, how do you do afk?
hayley: Isn't everyone broke? <s>
Kim: I have a webpage with my address.

Kim: it's eggbit@yahoo.com
BigB: Kim...virtual drinks are free :)
Kim: Then I'm buying for everybody!!
*** tavie has set the topic on channel #chatterlings to Open Bar at Chatterlings
kahtt: http://www.geocities.com/eggbit
BigB: we could load up a barbot
Sandaidh: pearl - type /nick pearl-afk
hayley: May I have a Cosmopolitan, please?
Sandaidh: just change you nickname pearl
*** Pearlee is now known as pearl-afk
Kim: What's AFK?
Kim: Or should I even ask?

BigB buys hayley a Cosmopolitan
BigB: afk = away from keyboard
Kim: ohhh...
Sandaidh: so from the sound of things, I've missed the whole author chat?
hayley: I should buy BigB a drink....he was very helpful and patient.
Kim: I haven't chatted in a while, if you can't tell.
BigB will have a Wild Cherry Pepsi
Kim: I'm still here, Sand.
Sandaidh: damn being on the west coast and working til 5
hayley: I think we're chatting to the author now, aren't we?
Kim: Yes. Me
Sandaidh: yeah, but I've missed all the questions and answers
Sandaidh: got nothing to base any questions on
hayley: Kim, are there other books?
Kim: Can't you scroll up and see?
Sandaidh chuckles
hayley: Or is Playtime your first?
BigB: Kim...fyi this channel is often open late...till 1 AM eastern time, sometimes later
Kim: Yes. 99 Martinis.
Sandaidh: not from before I arrived
BigB: and a few regulars are not even here yet
Kim: ooh,
hayley: What was it like?
Kim: It's been good.
hayley: Was the sex awesome? <living vicariously>
Kim: Oh, yeah, it was GREAT!
hayley: Were you with men of different ages?
hayley: How old are you?
Kim: 31
BigB: Sand and anyone else that cares...kahtt is logging the chat
hayley: That's young. <s>
Sandaidh: okay - but that doesn't help me now though
BigB: she can send you a transcript later if you want
Kim: Really? But I feel OLD
Sandaidh feels lost...as usual
hayley: OH HELL!
hayley: You are REALLY young!
Kim: You??
Kim: You??

BigB is OlderThanDirt
Sandaidh: 31 is old????????
Sandaidh: try 50
Kim: Isn't it??
hayley: I'm 40ish....but still feel very young!
Sandaidh: half a century
Kim: Fifty is a good age!
hayley: I work out and Pilates....etc...
Sandaidh: yes it is
hayley: It's a mental thing!
Sandaidh grins
Sandaidh: yep
Kim: Pilates will kick your ass (it did mine)
hayley: I love my age!
kahtt: Sandaidh, just ask Kim what you would like to know
hayley: Good for you!
Sandaidh has worn out a 49 and 37 yr. old
hayley: LOL
Kim: Umm..
Sandaidh: kahtt, without seeing the rest of the conversations, I don't know what to ask
hayley: I'm so excited to get your book now!
Sandaidh: haven't read the book (yet)
hayley: I will buy it on Sunday at Borders, I promise.
Sandaidh: was married to the 49 yr. old
Kim: THANKS!! I hope you like it!!
Sandaidh: no longer married to the dud stud
hayley: So, you were going to tell us about the sex....
Kim: Who?
kahtt: psst: ask her if she is in the middle of another novel
hayley: I want to live vicariously...
hayley: Were you with men you worked with???
Kim: Is that a hint for me?
kahtt: Books by Kim Corum -
kahtt: Playtime by Kim Corum
hayley: How did you meet guys?
kahtt: 99 Martinis by Kim Corum
Kim: I'm not sure I follow, haley.
kahtt: no that's for San
hayley: Well, I know you were curious about being with other men...
Kim: Yeah??
Kim: Go ahead.

hayley: so who did those other men turn out to be?
hayley: Men you worked with...?
hayley: Men you met on the street?
Kim: Umm...let's see. I don't know how to put this. Playtime is basically all fantasy. Sorry.
hayley: It is?
BigB: men you met on irc? :)
Kim: I made the men up.
hayley: I was going to say that next!
Kim: Besides the men I meet on IRC, of course.
hayley: Men you met online.
Kim: There you go.
hayley: But Kim...
hayley: As I understand it...'
Kim: I have thousands of men online...
hayley: you got it out of your system...
BigB: hehehe
hayley: was it all fantasy...
hayley: ???
hayley: And then went back to your husband.
Kim: Ummm...this is getting...well, no. Not all.
hayley: Now I'm confused.
BigB is here for all of you fine ladies needing the attention of a manly man <eg>
Kim: Parts of the book is based on reality. But I never left my husband.
Sandaidh: you're married BB
tavie: really B?? a "manly man"??
BigB: true sand, irl I am
BigB: yes tavie
Sandaidh: so for me you're off limits
BigB <== All man
Sandaidh: cept for some flirting :-)
tavie: oh... I make it a firm policy not to mess with married men
BigB: well...
BigB: then do not mess
Sandaidh: two down
BigB: so many women...so little time
Sandaidh: :-P
Sandaidh: yeah right
hayley: Does your wife mind?
BigB <=== married, not dead
hayley: some women like that fantasy.
BigB has been unhappily married for many years
Sandaidh was unhappily married...so she left
Kim: Sorry to hear that.
Sandaidh: now she is happily *unmarried* (most of the time)
hayley: Me too...
BigB stays for the kids...now they are apparently unhappy too :(
hayley: He was a great guy....
Kim: Y'all are making me jealous.
Sandaidh: never a good reason to stay
hayley: but now I'm happily single.
BigB slides over by hayley...I'm not married, my wife is married :)
Sandaidh: I will admit that my sex live hasn't changed much though
Sandaidh: live=life
Kim: Really?
tavie is happily single... wouldn't mind trying happily married
Sandaidh: no, kim. no sex for the last 2 yrs of my marriage at all
Kim: DAMN!!!!!
Sandaidh: was with a guy for a couple weekends a month or so ago, but he's gone now
hayley: single isn't bad...
kahtt: hi Lisa
hayley: it's neat to find out about yourself...
Kim: You'll find someone better.
tavie: hi kahtt
hayley: I was married at 19....
kahtt: sorry I have three girls under 12 distracting me
BigB: hi there lagkahtt
hayley: and this is my first time alone.
Kim: How is that?
Sandaidh: same here hayley
kahtt: no lagging
Sandaidh: I was married 28 yrs
BigB: wow hayley...young to get married
hayley: When you are alone...
hayley: you are forced to find out who you are...
Sandaidh: I was 21 when got married
hayley: Alone..
Sandaidh: yes
tavie: at least hayley and sand are willing to try going it alone
Kim: I was 20.
BigB was 25
Sandaidh: my "marriage" was killing me
Kim: We were all babies!!!
Sandaidh: quite literally
hayley: My husband was a sweet person....and we had 2 wonderful sons...but we grew so far apart...
Sandaidh: it isn't easy, but I am better now
Kim: I understand.
hayley: Where are you from, Sand?
Sandaidh: agreed hayley, but I have 3 children
Sandaidh: CA
BigB is from Bucks County PA
hayley: I'm in Ohio.
Sandaidh: grew apart - no sex, no touching, no talking, no...nothing
Kim: That sucks.
hayley: We had sex....but I love fantasy...
hayley: He thought it was weird.
BigB: sand...sounds a lot like my life
Sandaidh: no interests...nothing...strangers living in the same house
hayley: I would ask him to play games...
hayley: to fantasize...
Sandaidh: and he'd say no
hayley: he was very uncomfortable with it.
Sandaidh: same same
hayley: He tried.
Sandaidh: STBX wouldn't try
hayley: but it wasn't natural for him.
BigB wonders why he never met girls like hayley
Sandaidh: I tried everything I could think of to "spice" things up
Sandaidh: no results except he got angry
Kim: Yeah.
hayley: He wasn't interested?
BigB: that just sux sand
Kim: That's tough.
Sandaidh: nope
Kim: It was his problem, you know?
hayley: I agree.
hayley: Kim, are you happy now?
tavie: I am amazed that I seem to have a better sex life by phone than most married people
hayley: Back with your husband?
Kim: Oh, yeah. Very much so.
Sandaidh: even went into the den naked one night...and got yelled at for being in front of the computer monitor
Sandaidh: he couldn't see his game
Kim: My God!
hayley: You were right to leave him!
Sandaidh: yes, Kim, I know it's his problem - that's why I left
Kim: Smart girl.
*** pearl-afk is now known as pearlee
Sandaidh has never had phone sex
pearlee: hello
hayley: Tavie....what do you mean?
Kim: I'm very lucky. My hubby sits and listens to everything I say. (of course, he's usually tied up...)
hayley: Tied up??? Literally????
tavie: well sand... considering that I have never had real sex.. I'd say we're about even
hayley: Never????!
Kim: No! Joke!!
tavie: never... no joke
Kim: Except that one time...
hayley: Are you really young?
pearlee wonders what she's walked into
tavie is 35
Sandaidh: a conversation pearl
hayley: Buckle your seatbelt, pearlee.
pearlee shuts up
Sandaidh: scroll back and read
tavie: the dysfunctional sex lives of married peoples
Kim: there you go!
hayley: I'm not married.
hayley: I love my life.
Sandaidh is not ever getting married again
hayley: Not sure if I'll marry again.
hayley: Go Sandaidh!
Kim: Once was enough, right?
*** BigB is now known as BigB_afk
Sandaidh: no married, no long term
pearlee learned her lesson...3 times
BigB_afk: bbiaf
Sandaidh: my heart is mine - I'm not giving it, and me, away again. never
kahtt: LOL
Kim: Wow.
Sandaidh: once was *more* than enough
BigB_afk <== token white male
Kim: Yup.
kahtt: don't think I can fit you through the MTA token slot BB
BigB_afk: nope, not gonna fit
BigB_afk: bbiaf
kahtt: k
kahtt: brbggp
BigB_afk: fyi...bbiaf = be back in a few
kahtt: brbggp = be right back gotta go pee
BigB_afk: more info than we needed to know
kahtt: gmta BB
BigB_afk: hehe
kahtt: that's why it's abbreviated
BigB_afk: yup
BigB_afk: dotter home from work
Sandaidh is home from work
pearlee: so am I
Kim: Well, y'all, I'm gonna get off here for now. Been up since six this morning and a little tired.
Kim: Thanks very much for the chat. Maybe we can do it again??

kahtt: me since 5 Kim
tavie: nite Kim
Kim: YAWN!
hayley: I will check out your website.
Kim: Thanks.
pearlee: nice meeting you Kim...thanks for the chat!
kahtt: sure thing! we're here every friday
hayley: Thanks so much Kim
Kim: Nice to meet all of you. You're a great bunch of people. Can I come over to your house sometime?
kahtt: Books by Kim Corum -
kahtt: Playtime by Kim Corum
kahtt: 99 Martinis by Kim Corum
Kim: That was a joke.
kahtt: Kim's website
kahtt: sure thing Kim, I'm in Bronx, NYC
Kim: Thanks Kahtt!! You're too cool.
kahtt: just doing my job
Kim: Night everyone!
Sandaidh: Bronx, kahtt?
kahtt: night! Thanks for coming
hayley: Night
Sandaidh: night kim
kahtt: yup S
*** Signoff: Kim (Quit: )
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