TM Landers Poetry

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Electric Eel

the way you
engulf me, swallowing
leaves me twitching, like
your mouth is an electric eel
and you have discovered my switchboard
each blessed sensation
reverberates through every sinew.

Alabaster cheeks

Your alabaster cheeks
feel the seering imprint
of a lovers hand
in front of the mirror
fucking animals
lost in ecstasy;

[expanding on a theme] a poem

heat or no heat,
if you were here you legs would be akimbo
and you would be in serious trouble and a lather.
Right now, almost inexplicably,
I want to make sticky love to you in the steamy night.
cannot wait to savour your musky juices...

Paddlers we paddle

in a pool of mandarin glow
diffuse orange, the bed sheets crumpled
by the pulse of lovers and my body convulses
your hands and mouth
electrocute me,
nuzzled against your breast, heart-thumping
you feel the electricity
the breathy exhalations
of pending orgasm.

song for forthcoming feasts

Yes, I want to devour you
& taste your juices greedily
and feel your shudder like ancient earths
quivering, breaking apart, and to feel me
welcomed inside your being.

All poems are © 2004 by TM Landers. All Rights Reserved. Do not reproduce or distribute without the expressed written consent of the author. Poems used here are printed by permission of the author.
Mr. Landers is the Managing Editor of The Zealot Press and his poetry had been published by a number of international journals. Currently he has an exhibition at ibodi. One day soon he would like to publish a book of erotic poetry.
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