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The Orgasmic Diet
Not On Love Alone
Betty Crocker Cookbook: Bridal Edition
Sexy Love Affirmations: The Cookbook for Love, Sex, And Romance
She Comes First
He Comes Next
New Cookbook: Bridal Edition
Food and Love Cookbook
Nature's Aphrodisiac
Bride & groom First
Win Her With Dinner
Cooking to Hook-Up
A Chocolate Taste
Desserts That Have Killed Better Men Than Me
Appetites: Food and Sex in Postsocialist China
Booty Food
The Barefoot Contessa Cookbook
Cooking for Two
Quickies for Couples
HoneyMooner's Cookbook
The Erotic Cookbook
The Lesbian Erotic Cookbook
Love Potions
Dinner Dates
The Newlywed Cookbook
The Bride & Groom
Betty Crocker's Cooking for Two
Love Bites
Devil's Garden
Cooking In The Nude

Edgson & Marber

A Taste For Love



Blow Jobs & Lemon Kisses

Bright et al


Bangs et al

Food As Foreplay cover
Seduction & Spice cover
Recipes for Hot Sex cover
Recipes for Romance cover
Like Water For Chocolate cover
The Foreplay Gourmet vol1 cover
The Foreplay Gourmet vol2 cover
The Art of Romance Cooking cover
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