How to Eat a Strawberry

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Strawberries are red, juicy, heart-shaped berries without the dip-in-butt-like part. They are usually about 1 1/4 inch in diameter, but may be larger or smaller within a half inch radius. When eating a strawberry there are certain steps that one must follow to experience the true essence of this tasty treat.
Hold the strawberry firmly at its base Then slowly suck it into your mouth, starting at the tip and ending at your fingers Swirl your tongue around the fruit to get a good sense of its bulbous shape (no two are exactly alike):
Lave your tongue over the seedy ridges and
baby fine hairs on the skin of the berry
This prepares your taste buds for the
wonderful treat to follow
Slowly withdraw the berry from your mouth
while sucking in your jaw to keep a tight
When you reach the tip of the berry, gently
but firmly bite into it.
Allow the juices to fill your mouth, let it
coat all the different types of taste buds
in your mouth in order to get an accurate
estimate of the berry's flavor.
At this point I suggest that you pop the whole berry in your mouth because you can never eat just one of these sweet and tangy fruits.
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