by Gary

Dark Sugar stares
eager to be whipped into a froth
with Heavy Cream
and Lemon.

Frosted and topped
with strawberries and pecans,
the cake is prepared
for entry in the Fair.

Judged Best of Class
as Dark Sugar seduces the tasters.
Then tossed
for Heavy Cream
can not stand the heat.
Gary Blankenship is a retired financial manager whose avocation is writing poetry. His work has appeared in several zines (and a couple of books) in the USA and other countries. He edits the poetry pages of WritersHood, a zine. A chapbook, Autumn Reflections, has been published. He collaborating on two collections. One a set of poems based on Genesis and the Lilith myth with Ryfkah Horowitz. The other, a novel in poetry as yet unnamed with Thomas Fortenberry. Find out more about Gary Blankenship at the Gary's Homestead.
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