The Senses of Touch and Smell

© 2000 Jessica


© 2000 Jessica

"Touch it."
"No. It's wet"
"Com'on. It's not gonna hurt."
"I don't care. I'm not going to touch that."
"Why not? It'll feel good."
"I don't think sooooo."
"Look how it moves for you."
"It's not moving for me. It does that all the time."
"No it doesn't. You're special."
"Will you stop it."
"Uh-uh, not until you touch it."
"But...but...but" she scrunches her eyes tightly and sticks her hand
forward. "Oh god, it feels so..."
"Yes? What does it feel like?"
"Sooo good! I'm gonna play with Jello all the time."
© 2000 by R. Alderman

It all began on a lazy spring afternoon. I was home alone when that
tickly feeling started below. My hand reached under my skirt to find a warm wetness. I smelled my fingers. "How can they compare this to fish?" I tasted the wetness. Kinda tart'n'musky. I stripped off my clothes, laying in all my nakedness on the couch. My fingers playing the rhythm of my body. Stroking, faster, harder. So close, one more time. My body shuddered delicately, breathing ragged. I heard a thud. There stood my new neighbor, casserole smashed at her feet. Damn, time to move again?
All poems © 2000 Jessica. All Rights Reserved. Do not reproduce or distribute without the expressed written consent of the author. Flashers used here are reprinted by permission of the author, Jessica. Artwork (Dessert Collection I) provided by Art.Com.
Jessica is the pen name for a Canadian woman who discovered the world of erotica shortly after she went online in 1999. A whole new world opened up for her. She has always used writing as a form of self expression and erotica is just another form. She writes for her own pleasure and hopes that some people along the way also enjoy her stories.
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