Cognac and Chocolate

poetry © 2000 SomeGuynDC


Be my cognac on a summer's night
a warm snifter moist and sweet
that tempts me with its fragrance pure
my tongue and lips delight

To mull you in my hands just right
and savoring amber color so discreet
sipping slowly from the rim of you
to taste your spicy bite

Perhaps I'll allow my tongue
to dip as if to taste
all that you offer I will assure
your spirits I'll ignite

Be my drink upon this summer's night
and let me slake my thirst
and when I arise from your
sweetness you will have felt it first
Chocolate Kiss

A mocha mound
has cinnamon scent
that`s like a finger
fondling my nose

It reaches out and
draws me near to
taste the sweetness
on my lips

With velvet fronds
that tempt me closer
still to have a taste

A chocolate sigh
that drips with its
delicious sauce

And teases me to
taste again at first
near timid nibbles
that deny my lust

But then as any
decadence does
sap the will and
wet my appetite

A cocoa conch
indulges me to
spiral upward
with my tongue

Until at last I
disgorge its
creamy center

A warm delicious
ooze that coats
my tongue with
sweetness still

The heavenly
center’s special
chrism is
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