Midnight Snack

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Midnight Snack © 1996-1999 kahtt. All Rights Reserved. Do not
reproduce or redistribute in any form whatsoever without express
written consent from the author.

Still horny after a vigorous round of love making,
I sat up in bed watching Jay. He was still trying to
control his breathing. I watched his chest glistening
with sweat as it rose and fell with each breath.
My eyes traveled upwards to his face. He was
mouth breathing, trying to take in as much oxygen
as he could. His eyes were closed and I could
tell he was reliving some aspect of our love-
making. A little smile teased the corners of his lips.

What the hell is he so happy about? I'm ready for
another round and he seems to be heading off to wet
dream land. Hmm. I think I'll shake things up a bit.

Rising from the bed, I walked over to the closet.
Rummaging through my bureau, I selected four silk
scarves. This should do it. Humming to myself,
I walked past the bed swishing the scarves.
I posed for a second at the foot of the bed, giving
Jay's naked form a sideways glance beneath my lashes.
I knew he was pretending to be asleep now. I could
feel his gaze roaming my body.

"See something you like?" I say saucily.

No answer. Okay. Walking pass the bed swaying
my hips and still humming, I left the room.

In the kitchen I picked up a few items: peanut butter,
Hershey's chocolate syrup, a bucket of ice, and
a jar of Smucker's strawberry preserve. Mhm.
This time as I walked by the bed Jay didn't pretend to
be asleep.

"Where are you going with all that stuff?" He inquired.

"Just a little midnight snack. Wanna join
me?" I asked.

"Ah, sure," he said.

I love the bewildered look he is giving me.
Smiling secretly to myself I placed my bounty
on the night table on my side of the bed.

"Close your eyes."

He complied readily. Poor trusting soul.
Leaning over him I took his shaft into my mouth.
His eyes popped open with surprise and he shot up from
the bed.

"Just lie back and enjoy."

This time he complied reluctantly, watching me
as he slowly laid back down. When he finally
closed his eyes, I again took him in my mouth.
I sucked and licked his penis until it was a
throbbing mass of steel. As his moans of
pleasure grow louder and louder signaling
his imminent release, I free his organ,
reached back and tied his ankles to the
bed posts at the foot of the bed. He didn't
even notice.

Going towards the head of the bed, sliding my
body against his now glistening, trembling torso,
I raised and tied his wrists to the bedposts.
It took him two whole minutes before he realized
what I had done.

"What are you doing?" He asked anxiously.

"Playing with my food. You may watch," I said
smiling slyly. "But you can't touch."

I sat up, straddling his abdomen, my nether lips open
over his navel. I was contemplating which condiment to
use first when a slow smile started to sneak its way
across his lips. HA! He thinks he's so smart. He thinks
he knows me. Well he's in for a surprise.

Reaching across his chest, I picked up the jar of peanut
butter. As I twist off the top Jay. leered at my exposed
breasts. Cupping my hand I scooped out a chunk of peanut
butter and smeared it all over my breasts. He was enjoying the
show when I suddenly demanded:

"Lick them off."

His eyes widened and mouth fell open with surprise.


I shoved one breast in his mouth. Trying to take it all in,
he sucked off as much of the peanut butter as he could reach.
I shoved the other breast in his mouth before he finished
sucking off the first. While he worked on the second
breast I picked up the jar of strawberry preserves. Raising
my hips off his abdomen so that I could reach my sex, I applied
the sweet concoction to my shaven nether lips and clit. I could
see that his jaw was getting tired so I moved my body forward
until my strawberry flavored mons was over his mouth.

This time he knew exactly what I wanted him to do. Flicking his
tongue across my clit, Jay. started to lap my strawberry flavored
juices. It felt so good that I couldn't stop myself from grinding
my groin into his face. Even though I am the one on Top, Jay.
tries to take control by easing his head back and using only the
tip of his tongue. I stop gyrating and raise my hips.

"More tongue or no Treat," I say frostily.

Jay's eyes widen, his pupils enlarge - a sure sign of his arousal.
Now that I have his complete attention, I slowly lower my nether
lips to his mouth. My body trembles as his tongue circles my clit
and I return to my hedonistic state of abandon. Panting in short
little breaths, trying to prevent my orgasm, I lean back away from
Jay's mouth and grab a hold of his upper thighs. Feeling his erection
throbbing against my lower back. I look into his eyes; his face is
flushed and he is licking his lips

"New way of enjoying an old treat," I say smiling. Jay. moans as
if in pain, rearing up a bit, pushing his erection further up against
my back.

"What is this?" I say reaching behind me for his jumpy erection.
I press it into the dip just above the swell of my ass.

"Are you beating me for being naughty, Jay?"

"Untie me and I'll do it properly."

"I think you'll like my way much better."

Letting go of his thighs, I slide my body down his, grabbing
the bottle of chocolate syrup on the way.

I "accidentally" squeeze the bottle too hard while prying off the
cap with my teeth. Chocolate syrup oozes out and I lap at it quickly
to stem the flow. My eyes drift close as I savor the sinfully sweet
dark treat.

"Mm. Almost as good as sex."

My ears perk up at the sound of Jay’s low growl.

"Untie me."

"Not yet," I say opening my eyes. "You know how much I love

"Cyn, I think this game of yours has gone too far."

"Has it?" Looking directly in his eyes I ask this very important
question. "Have I gone too far Jay? Or do you want me to continue?"

Jay’s eyes became almost completely black as his pupils dilated even
more. There was just a circle of color around the enlarged pupils
hinting at the color of his eyes. The muscles of his arms and neck
bulge and strain, oh so nicely, as he fights within himself to come
up with the right answer. Closing his eyes briefly his Adam’s apple
bobs up and down as he swallows, then whispers, "Please."

"What do you want Jay?"

"Show me Cyn. Show me" The latter was said after a slight pause as
he draws out my name in that sexy pleading way I like.

Accepting this as his submission to me, I assume a kneeling position
between his knees. Tilting my head back, arching my back, I position
the bottle above my open mouth just in time to catch the first long
stream of chocolate. My aim is not so good and most of the syrup
ends up running down my chin.

I continue to squirt the dark brown liquid into my mouth, moaning
each time it trickled from my tongue down the back of my throat.
Meanwhile, a steady flow of syrup winds its way down my neck, in
between my breasts to my navel.

"Mhm" I say as a finish a mouthful of chocolate. "That was delicious."

"Some dripped from your lips," Jay says thickly, as his eyes follows the
syrupy trail down my body.

"Clean me up?"

"Yes" he sighs.

"Where should we start?"

"From the bottom."

The stream of syrup ends just above my pubic hairline, so I present
this part of my body to his mouth. On the way my abdomen brushes
the head of his penis and it receives a thin coating of syrup. Making
his tongue as flat and wide as possible, Jay licks up my body, while I
move down his. Stopping at my navel Jay dips his tongue inside to
retrieve a bit of chocolate. He pauses between my breasts detouring
to sample each nipple. Finally reaching my lips, we kiss deeply sharing
the collected chocolate between us.

"Thank you," I say pulling away slowly.

With shallow breaths Jay pumps his pelvis to get my attention.

"Wha - Oh yes. You need a little cleaning up yourself don’t you?"

Reaching between us I grab a hold of his chocolate tipped erection.

"Chocolate covered nuts - one of life’s greatest treats."

Looking directly into his eyes. I slide back down Jay’s body past his
growing erection to his scrotum. Cupping first one and then both
orbs with my tongue, I lave the strawberry-like texture of each.
Making sure to pay extra attention to the junction in back of the
testes leading to his arms. A long low groan escapes from Jay as the
muscles of his rear tighten in response to this caress. But my he is
being a good boy for keeping still otherwise.

I proceed to very meticulously lick the syrup from his shaft. Reaching
the head of his penis I dipped my tongue into the opening and was
rewarded with copious leakage of pre-ejaculate.

"Mhm. I go for chocolate and get cream as well."

"You’re torturing me" Jay groans out.

"Torture? Not at all. This is torture."

With that I stretched across Jay, almost getting on all fours, to pluck
an ice cube from the bucket of now melting ice. Taking the cube
between my lips, I suck on it briefly before letting half of it protrude
from my mouth. Leaning over Jay’s face I allowed three drops of icy
cold water to drip on his lips. He caught the first two on the tip of his
tongue, but the third landed to the left of his mouth and ran down
his cheek. Leaning forward I transferred the remains of the cube to
his mouth. I pulled away before Jay could engage me in a way too
tempting kiss.

Reaching for another cube, I keep this one between my lips and
proceeded to circle Jay’s left nipple with it. At the first touch of the
icy cube Jay gasps, his body straining towards me. Before going onto
the next nipple, I suck the ice into my mouth, and holding it in my
cheek, lave Jay’s "tortured" nipple with my tongue. I did the same
to his right nipple, feeding him the ice when I was through.

The third cube I used to trace down the middle of his chest. I did not
get very far as the ice melted before I could reach my target. The fourth
cube made it to just above Jay’s pubic hairline.

"Okay, I see the difference," Jay croaks out.

"Do you really?"

"Oh yeah. I-," Jay gasps as I enclose his hot steely member in my icy
cold mouth, taking him deep within my throat. I slowly eased my
head back until only the tip of his phallus was still in my mouth. I
think at this point Jay could not tolerate any more of my play.
Why he called me the naughtiest names and shouted that he was
coming. Releasing his swollen member, I sit back.

"Oh no you are not stopping now."

I did not answer him. Humming to myself I got up from the bed,
gathered the now empty items and head off to the kitchen.

Midnight Snack © 1996-2000 kahtt. All Rights Reserved. Do not
reproduce or redistribute in any form whatsoever without express
written consent from the author. Used by permission of the author,
kahtt. Artwork (Chocolate by Cabannes & Ryman
) provided by Art.Com.

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