Cooking Pears Upside Down

Melt butter, brown sugar,
a splash of brandy and walnuts
in the bottom of two pammed pans.
Place pear halves,
bottom side or outside up
according to your desire,
cherries optional.

Top with spice cake mix
and bake per box directions.
Set one layer atop the other (gentle).
Frost sides with heavy whipping cream
flavored with a smidge of cinnamon
and another brandy splash.

Serve with leftover brandy,
one slice, two forks between you,
or if you can shower later
use only your fingers
as you toast the Goddess.

Ahh, pears.

Gary Blankenship is a retired federal managers whose new avocation is writing prose and poetry. His work has appeared on Writer's Hood, Clean Sheets, Electric Wine, and Sensitive Poetry. He won the ENE Dark Fantasy contest and his short story placed fourth in the Preditors & Editors 1999 Reader's Poll. He loves to talk about writing as much as write and to play writing games. He spends too much time in workshops.
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