Autumn Reflections

by Gary Blankenship

Autumn Reflections is a chapbook of 32 poems written in the year 2000 by Gary Blankenship. Autumn Reflections is available for purchase through Santiam Publishing for $6, which includes shipping and handling. Legal tender to 2518 NE Fruitland, Bremerton, WA 98310.
From The Author:
"I am pleased with how the book looks and its contents. The title reflects the advanced age of this old dawg and the primary theme of the poems selected for your enjoyment. I owe a special thanks to Mary Hazen-Stearns and Ryfkah Horiwitz, who were my guests in September and October, and Judy Thompson, a fellow editor at WDS Writer's Block, for their assistance in editing and Ryfkah for her stirring introduction."
About The Author:
Gary Blankenship is a retired federal managers whose new avocation is writing poetry. His work has appeared on Writer's Hood, Clean Sheets, Electric Wine, Scarlet Letters, and ENE among others. He won ENE's Dark Fantasy contest earlier this year and his short story placed fourth in the Preditors & Editors 1999 Reader's Poll. He is an editor (frog-herder) at WDS Writer's Block and managing editor for the InterBoard Poetry Competition. He loves to talk about writing as much as write and to play writing games. He spends too much time in workshops.

Get a taste of Gary's work:

Don't Look Too Close
Fruit Cocktail
When It Rains, It Pours Black Pepper
Visit Gary Blankenship's Homestead.
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