Erotic Poetry of the Celestial Muse

© 2000 Sabrina Smith Moses


Your musky odor
animal scent
makes me hungry
makes me crave
your taste
to savor
with tongue
& teeth
eagerly nibbling
damp body
every inch of you
nothing is left
but a smile

© 2000 Sabrina Smith Moses


How easily you forget everything
As I enfold you in my breastsÉ
(A moon goddess can make you disremember
everything if you surrender to her gifts)
Nuzzling in the curve of my bosom
your mouth seeks to wipe away
all your trespasses in moist kisses...
Your lips against my nipples suckling
tranquil in the rapture of the moment...

(No past, no future
just here & now)
Kneading with desperate fingers
you seek to capture a part
of my essence in your handsÉ
(This is how I make you numb, make you sigh
disremembering who you are)

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Sabrina Smith Moses is a published author of erotica stories and poetry. She is also the author of all the stories located at AdultSexTales.

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Bella Luna and blUe sUn are the two voices of Sabrina Smith Moses, each distinct and yet completing the whole of the artist herself. Bella Luna pours out her passion with vivid imagery and haunting emotion while blUe sUn drives through the heart and explodes with passionate reality. Each voice painting scenery that will last long after the last poem is read.
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