Submission Guidelines

ENE submissions are mainly obtained through quarterly themed contests. The author retains all rights to their work. Please read and follow all the instructions below to help us present and process your submission in a timely manner.

A. What We Want

  1. We are looking for stories and poems within the themes we present. Stories must be sensual, provocative with strong characterization and plot.
  2. ENE does not accept works containing: extreme violence, bestiality, incest, non-consensual sex; underage characters (persons under 18), and misogynistic themes.
  3. We accept simultaneous submissions and reprints. Please be sure to note such submissions in your cover letter.
  4. Our focus is short fiction, therefore we prefer stories between 1000 - 5000 words. Submissions outside of this range will be considered for our featured authors section.
  5. Authors will be asked to attest to the originality of the work submitted and that no part has been borrowed or copied from another work.
  6. Stories can be published under a pseudonym, but a valid e-mail address must be given for correspondance between ENE and authors.
  7. Authors wishing to publish short stories, a mini-series or poems outside of our themed contest should submit a cover letter, correct e-mail address and bio along with their work. ENE considers such entries for the Feature page.

B. Payment

ENE's main purpose is to showcase authors of erotica who are unknown as well as established. However, in most cases contest winners receive gift certificates from Amazon.Com, CDNOW or donated prizes.

C. How To Submit

  1. All stories must be submitted via e-mail. The subject line should be

    ENE Contest Name: Your story title

  2. Single space the story, and double space between paragraphs.
  3. Important: The text should be plain text format in the body of your email message, not an attachment! No indents, italics, boldface, or special formatting. Submissions which are not properly formatted will not be read.
  4. Don't send us your story until you have thoroughly proofread it. Submissions which do not meet at least minimum standards for correct spelling and grammar will be rejected, unless it is a case of obvious artistic license.
  5. Poems submitted which require special formatting such as indentation and italics should be indicated by enclosing the word or words in asterisks, underscores, square brackets, etc. Please tell us in your intro message if you are using special formatting. This rule applies only to poetry!

Contact Us

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B. Advertising with us
If you wish to advertise with us contact kahtt for information. Please include the title, URL of the site and name of the contact person.
C. Books for review
If you would like your romance or erotica novel reviewed, contact G. Russell with "ENE Review: Novel Title" in the subject line. Include a brief description and information on where the novel can be purchased. Please be advised that it may take up to six weeks for the review to get posted.

karya a. kahtt, Editor

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