Corrupting Rosie
by Mickey Kline


Corrupting Rosie © 1999 Mickey Kline. All Rights Reserved.
Do not reproduce or distribute without the expressed
written consent of the author.


Rose opened the door to the waiting room to welcome her 3 o'clock. Her
receptionist was nursing a red spot on her knee through a hole in her nylon.

"Looks like I'm going to have to start giving you hazardous duty pay," Rose said.

"No, I'm just clumsy. I tripped over my own feet," said Bobbie. "I'm okay."

"All right, then, you must be Susie," Rose said, turning to the frightened
blond sitting in the far corner behind a People magazine,
here for her first session.

Susie forced a smile and hurried past the receptionist.
"Now, what brings you in?" Rose asked once they had settled in her office.
"I can't seem to control my mind."
"Many of us wish we could concentrate better. What, specifically, do you
have difficulty doing?"
"I can't stop hurting people. I just caused an accident on the Beltway."
"What makes you think you're responsible?"
"I gave a guy driving one of those SUVs a flat tire because he zoomed by
me talking on the phone and cut me off. He swerved into the next lane and
sideswiped a woman in a Lexus."
"You gave him a flat tire?"
"Yea, I knew it was dangerous, and I did it anyway, like I wanted him to crash."
"Yes, but what makes you think you caused his flat tire?"
"I got over behind the Lexus and concentrated on it until it exploded."
"I see. Have you been responsible for any other accidents?"
"I tripped your receptionist."
"How did you do that?"
"She was being rude, so I made her catch her heel on the carpet when she
got up from her desk."
"You did this without touching her?"
"I did it from where I was sitting when you came out to get me."

Bobbie had been discourteous to other patients, Rose remembered. But
what was she thinking?
"Do you always do things to get even with people?"
"No, I gave my waitress an orgasm at lunch today. I was hoping she was
into chicks, and would invite me over to return the favor, but I guess she's
"But she let you give her an orgasm?"
"She didn't let me, I just did it. She didn't know who was doing it."
"You did it with your mind?"
"You don't expect me to believe this, do you?"
"You saw your receptionist."
"I saw her nursing a carpet burn on her knee, but believing that you're
somehow responsible is another matter. Who put you up to this?"

Rose began to laugh at the absurdity. She took a breath and was about to
chuckle again when something made her gasp. She felt as if her nipple was
being pinched. Before she had time to react, the pressure eased. If she had
been in bed with her eyes closed, she might have thought her lover was
rolling her nipple between his thumb and forefinger. But she was fully
Rather well dressed in fact, in a red vest and matching slacks. She
looked good in red, especially in this vest, which was tastefully cut, but
barely able to confine the swell of her picturesque breasts.
Suzie, on the other hand, was wearing a revealing white tank top, short
black nylon shorts and sandles with heels. Her legs probably attracted men
when she pranced around in that type of an outfit. She was actually pretty,
now that Rose was gaining her confidence and she'd begun to relax.

"Do you have any other unusual abilities?" Rose asked.

Susie smiled, and Rose felt lips surrounding her right breast, just as
surely as if she was lying naked in bed with a man, who's tongue was teasing,
sucking and nibbling on her puckered tip. Oh my, she thought to herself, it
felt devine. Suzie's breasts were not as large as Rose's, but even as she
studied the girl, she felt the sensation of a hand taking hold of her pony
tail and gently pulling her head back as the phantom mouth moved up her neck.
What mouth?!

She tried to go on and ignore it, but she was breathing a little faster
now, and flushing, and Susie was looking at her with a knowing smile. Susie
was no longer the timid little blond who had been trying to hide in the
corner of the waiting room, her vacant blue eyes were now more luminous,
flashing, certainly mischievous, maybe even laughing. Rose made a more
forceful attempt to control herself. The poor thing had come in for help,
regardless of how she now appeared, and Rose was determined to give it to her.

"How long have you felt you had the ability to do these things to other
"I've always had it. I didn't realize other people didn't until I was in
grade school," she answered, and as she spoke, Rose's bewitching arousal
began to subside.

She talked a little bit about school, and how hard it had been to make
friends because her classmates thought she was bizarre. Rose took notes, but
her mind was bouncing back and forth between the dazzling sensation, and
wondering what question she should ask next. Suddenly, a creamy heat was
spreading like molten lava between her labial lips, and she realized that
Suzie had stopped talking.

Suzie, on the other hand was, was enjoying herself, inviting Rose with
her eyes to sit back and enjoy her sensual telepathy. Her nipples were
pressing insolently against her thin cotton top. She recrossed her legs with
liquid ease and slipped her middle finger under the hem of her shorts,
stroking the top of her thigh with the back of a pearl-white nail. She
watched Rose's obvious confusion with her tongue twisting playfully in her
mouth. Rose had no defense against her erotic assault.

Get a grip, she told herself, digging her fingernails into the arm of her
chair, but her body told her a finger was stroking her clit. A question,
quickly, she thought, but in her mind, she could already hear the whisper of
her panties sliding down her thighs. She looked down at her pad to collect
her thoughts. She scanned her notes until her eyes locked on the word

"Tell me a little more about your family," she managed. The teasing
seemed to diminish. For the moment, she was saved.
"Oh, there's not much to tell, I was an only child, I spent a lot of time
reading, I didn't ... have any ... friends," Suzie told her, but the rhythm
of her words had a mesmeric quality. She realized that she was concentrating
on the sounds more than the content, gazing intently at Suzie's quick,
cat-like tongue darting playfully between her lips, wondering how it would
feel to have it orbiting her areolae.

But she couldn't, for god's sake, have sex with a client, under any
circumstances, and she wouldn't. She wasn't. Or was she? She was drenched.
Then, if she hadn't been looking down at her crotch and seeing nothing
there, she would have sworn she was being entered by a large, pulsating

"What's happening to me?" she gasps.
"I'm giving you a mind fuck so you'll know I'm for real," Susie giggled.

It was all she could do to keep from squirming, moaning gasping and
fucking it back. There she was, swirling rapidly into ecstasy, her
blossoming confusion heightening her arousal. She felt her resistance
melting along with her ability to think, and see. She wanted this girl's
hands on her breasts, her soft, feverish mouth glued to her clit, her
fingertips pressed against her ass, their pussies and tits rubbing against
each other. She wanted to come all over her face.

There was no stopping it now. It descended upon her like a lava flow,
swallowing her up and making her crazy. She gave herself up to it, letting
go, dazzled by its brilliance and white hot heat. Trembling from head to
foot, her remaining modesty disappeared and she flung her head back. She
moaned, turning from side to side, gasping as she felt her orgasm building.
She let herself ride the wave of fierce passion until it exploded between
her legs. And all the while wondering not how Suzie is doing it, but why
won't she come over and put her out of her misery. Surely if she could do
this with her mind, she could be devastating with her lips, fingers and

Rose could not resist slowly pulling her skirt up, her panties were gone.
Her cunt was clearly aroused, her lips swollen, but there was no tongue in
it, no finger on her clit, but that didn't stop the sensation that there had
been. Rose closed her eyes for a few seconds to savor her feathery contentment
and drift back to earth. When she opened them again, Suzie was gone. She
gathered herself and stepped out of her office. All was quiet. Bobbie
looked up and appeared surprised to see her looking disheveled.

"Is everything all right Dr. Kemp?"
"Yes, Bobbie, everything is fine. I think I'll go out for a cigarette."
"I didn't know you smoked."
"Neither did I, but I'm sure I'll find one somewhere. I might even go
have a drink."
"But you can't, your 3 o'clock is here," Bobbie said, trying not to move
her lips or speak loud enough for anyone else to hear.
Rose turned, dumbfounded. Her gaze was met by a reticent redhead.
"Are you Susie?" Rose asked.

Corrupting Rosie © 1999 Mickey Kline. All Rights Reserved.
Do not reproduce or distribute without the expressed
written consent of the author.
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