by Mickey Kline
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I was surprised when I heard a shriek as I stepped outside the fitness
center. It had been raining off and on all day, and for three of the five
days I'd been on the island. When it looked like it was letting up, I
had made my way over to the hot tub to work out a kink. The indoor
courts had been full, but the clay courts outside were empty. So was
the pool and the viewing deck above it.

The cry had come from the whirlpool, where I glanced in time to see
three female forms lower themselves up to their chins in the churning
water. Three pairs of anxious eyes peered above the deck as I moved
toward them.

I stopped when I got close enough to see I had them trapped. One had
on a what passes for a woman's undershirt, but the fact that neither of
the other two had anything on their shoulders suggested they might be
naked. Some jeans and a t-shirt lay in a pile on the far side of the tub.
On my side were a pair of one piece bathing suits, the kind the resort's
life guards wore. I guess they didn't figure anyone would be coming
out in the rain.

"Didn't mean to bother you. I hurt my calf playing tennis on Monday
and doctor's orders are that I get hydrotherapy for at least twenty minutes
a day until it quits hurting."

Mostly bull shit, of course. I had strained it playing tennis, but the only
orders I had gotten were from my cock, which insisted that I hang around
until I either coaxed them out or got shut down.

"Tell you what, I'll just sit at this end and leave you alone."

True, I couldn't see them, but only because they were bunched together
just around the curve of the kidney- shaped tub. Their naked bodies were
touching, and my cock was getting hard.

I put my folded towel down above a jet and sat on it, dangling my leg over
the side, letting the hot water massage my calf. Normally, I would have
gotten in, but the view was better where I was.

The blond was the first to get brave. She let the water carry her to the
middle of the tub, feeling protected by her t-shirt. When she raised up,
though, I could see her tits as clearly as if she'd been naked. They were
impressive, but it was her eyes that got to me.

She had flashing blue eyes, big, open, honest, expressive eyes, the kind
that let you know when she was happy, or pissed off. Or curious. Or
about to come. My ex had eyes like that, eyes that could make you for
get she had just come home three hours late.

She and I had reserved the room before we split up. I know I cheated
first, I know I deserved it, but she cheated more. The big blow-up came
when she accused me of "sniffing around that almond-scented Asian
cooze," that lived in the condo across the hall.

Like an idiot, I said, "How do you know she uses almond- scented

Sheila had blushed, then recovered and said, "We talk."

Never one to quit while I'm ahead, I said, "Yea, but I bet it's tough to hear
with your head between her thighs."

If Sheila would have stuck to eating pussy, I wouldn't have complained.
Hell, I would have encouraged it if I could have helped. But she insisted
on fucking men, too.

And here was my chance to get even, to spend a rainy afternoon fucking
three dazzling delights.

The blond was floating like she was sitting in a chair in the middle of the
pool. I couldn't quite see her pussy for the bubbles. Her hair was wet where
the ends touched the water just above her shoulders, and her cheeks were
bright pink.

"Better be careful. Looks like you're overheating," I said, meaning they
had been in the water too long, but even as I said it, I had to wonder if
maybe, three girls alone in a hot tub? Nah.

"We were just ... testing the jets," said the blond.

"Gisele!" the other two said in unison.

"Well," she started meekly, but there was nothing she could say to get
the cat back in the bag.

Unbelievable. The other two recovered quickly and began to flirt.

"Yea, Joellen and I were," said the coy brunette. "Gisele got jealous and
had to join us, even though she wasn't dressed for it."

"You must be swimmers," I said, knowing I had to tread carefully. Of
course I wanted to watch them play some more, but I didn't want to scare
them off asking if they would. "Broad shoulders," I explained.

I got two yeses. Joellen, the mousy one, blinked.

"What stroke?"

"Freestyle," said the brunette.

"Backstroke," Joellen said hoarsely.

"Breastroke," Gisele boasted.

The brunette giggled.

"Breaststroke, huh? Do you practice on your friends?"

"No, only on myself."

All three giggled. The first two were no longer glued to the side, and
didn't realize the blinds drawn in the window to their right allowed
me to see their reflection clearly. But Gisele had my attention. Her
indulgent smile kept revealing the tip of her saucy, pink tongue, and
I could think of nothing I'd rather do than watch it burrow into the
forbidden fruit of either of her friends.

"Do you swim at school?" I asked.


"Where at?"

"We go to Robard," Gisele answered.

Ah, rich chicks, but college made them at least eighteen. Unless they
were lying.

"Really. What's your major?"


"Hmm, what are you taking next semester?"

"English Comp, Biology, American History and French."

The other two, Johanna being the cute brunette, had similar schedules.
They sounded ligit, but those were freshman classes. Were they 21?

"Well rounded," I said, admiring Joellen's tits, which were now floating,
her nipples visibly distended. "I know a little French. Would you like to
get together later for a drink on the Poop Deck and practice?"

I specifically picked the resort bar because I knew the bar tender. He
wouldn't serve underage staff.

"Can't," Gisele said, disappointed. "But she can. Our boss."

I heard a board creak behind me. When I turned, it appeared as if directly
from the ocean, a long-boned, straight-haired goddess was approaching.
She walked up close enough to see what was going on, but didn't act
judgmental. She was braless. When she stopped, she clasped her hands
behind her back in a way that projected her fleshy points, emphasizing their youthful upward tilt. As she took in the scene, I could see her nipples
raising under her "staff" t- shirt. Her name tag said Gina.

"We're going to open again at four if it doesn't rain anymore," she said in
a thick, hot, sticky voice that returned my thoughts to her mouth.

"Okay," answered her charges.

She smiled down at me, her soft eyes warming me seductively. Then she
turned and walked away, gracefully, like a ballerina, with her toes pointed
slightly outward.

"She takes her job more seriously than we do," said Johanna.

"She has to, she needs the money," said Gisele.

"Are you lifeguards?" I asked.

"Yea," said Gisele, pulling herself out but laying down on her stomach, her
sweet, heart-shaped ass framing her lovely face from where I sat. "Pray for

"Ooh," Johanna blurted out, moving sideways, away from one of the jets.
"Much more of that and I might not stop."

Joellen hadn't said anything since Gina had left and her expression
suggested she was in no big hurry to move. Not only that, but she
had lifted herself out of the water until her boobs were above the
deck. Her arms blocked my view, but the tops were jiggling from the
water bubbling up below them.

Johanna saw where I was looking and leaned back to see where on
Joellen's body the jet was hitting. Johanna didn't cover her boobs,
giving me a lovely view, but it was Gisele I was interested in. Joellen
looked helpless.

"Joellen, are you coming?" Gisele asked.

Joellen swallowed, closed her eyes, opened them again, and finally said,
"No," in a hoarse voice.

Johanna and Gisele cracked up. Joellen turned away from the jet. She
scrunched up her shoulders, put her arms over her tits, her hands
between her legs and shivered. She joined in the laughter, reluctantly
at first, but when they began splashing each other, she held her own.
I had reason to believe she had lied.

The rain hadn't come back and the sun was peeking through the clouds.
The fun was just about over.

"What will you give me if I give you some privacy to get dressed?"
I asked, acting like a gentleman even though my cock was throbbing.

"We'll line you up with Gina," said Gisele, boldly sitting up, peeling off
her undershirt and ringing the water out of it.

I was hypnotized by the rise and fall of her boobs as she went about the
task, their bouncy abundance and proud, youthful fitness. I wanted to
lick each drop of water off the velvety sheen of their crimson tips, cup
them with my hands, press them together and knife my prick into the
shallow space between them. Her nipples were huge.

She tossed the wet top at me. I had been so mesmerized by her
performance, I didn't see it coming until I had barely enough time to
close my eyes before it covered my face. She picked up the dry top
lying on her jeans and put it on. Her tits strained against the soft cotton
like a pair of melons.

She did the same with her panties, but facing away, protecting her pristine
muff from my probing gaze. All I could see was her glorious ass. When
she stood up, she slipped her finger through one of the leg holes of her
underwear and twirled it around while I stared.

I shook my head clear, realizing that Joellen and Johanna had put their
suits back on while my attention had been elsewhere.

"We're too young for you," Gisele said, breaking the spell. It might have
been another way of saying we're too rich for you, but it was courteous
and polite.

"And she's not?"

"No, she had to sit out last year to work. She had a full ride, but she
didn't have time, with swimming and tutoring to make enough money
to get by."

"How well do you know her?"

"Well enough to know she wouldn't say, she likes to watch.' She'd say,
she likes to observe,' but not that well. She was a last minute replacement.
Leslie decided to go screw her way across Europe with her boyfriend instead
of coming back here."

"Boy, you know how to turn it on, don't you? What are you trying to do,
make me come in my pants?"

She giggled in her self-assured way, but didn't answer.

"I guess that means you haven't slept with her," I said, trying to give a
little of it back.

"I'll never tell," she said coyly. "I know she's one of those hot-blooded
Italians. Gina Bellissima. Ask for her."

Then she bent down, gave me a full kiss on the lips and walked away.
Joellen and Johanna followed her.

I wanted all three of them. I wanted to hold each one while the other two
made her come, twitching and screaming. But before I could collect myself,
up walked Gina with a glass in each hand. Even with clothes on, she was as
beautiful as the image of a naked Geisha imprinted on an iris blossom,
swimming nude in the calm sea at sunset.

"Mai-Tais. Gisele bought them. Well, I bought them, but she gave me the
money. She said you were in pain," Gina explained, handing me one.

I couldn't keep from laughing. I was, but not the obvious. My nuts were
aching, and I knew Gisele knew it.

"What?" Gina asked.

I shook my head and took a sip. She had dark, Mediterranean features,
but except for her name, she could have been an Arab, or even Persian.

"What were you guys doing back here?" she asked.

"Just talking. And I was soaking my calf."

"What about?"

I could have told her they were getting themselves off with the jets, but that
would be no way to thank them for sending me Gina. And I did want her.
And I was desperately horny. So I took a chance.

"Gisele said she'd never slept with you."

"What makes you think she would have?"

"She didn't seem offended when I asked."

"What makes you think I would?"

"I didn't, I was just trying to get back at her. She's a serious tease."
What the hell, I thought. "But isn't that every woman's fantasy?
A lover that knows exactly what to do."

She shook her head and took a sip of her drink. Then she looked at
me again.

"I'll tell you what made me think of it," I said boldly. "It's your eyes,
those seductive, Gypsy, all-knowing eyes." She looked at her drink.
"Tell me the truth." She looked up. "Have you ever kissed a woman?"


"On the lips, full, like you meant it."

She didn't answer. She finished off her drink.

"Have you ever ... masturbate a woman?"

She looked at me like I was stroking her clit and she didn't want me
to stop. I put my hand on her knee and slowly caressed my was to the
hem of her shorts.

"Oh shit," she whispered. "Gisele must have known I was horny."

That changed everything.

"You know what they were doing when I came out? They were getting
off on the jets."

"You saw them?"

"I saw Joellen."

"I've always ..." she started, but then stopped herself with a wish-I-
wouldn't-have-said-that giggle.

"Now's your chance," I said, looking up. The skies were threatening. "It's
gonna rain again."

When I looked back, she was slipping off her shorts and panties. She had a
bushy brown muff. She climbed into the Jacuzzi in front of me, a knee on
the bench on either side of my foot, and hugged the wall.

"I shouldn't be doing this. What if Gisele comes back out?"

"She'll probably join you. Now, tell me the truth. Have you ever eaten

"Don't talk like that. You hardly know me."

"Yea, but think of it, a woman in bed with you, on top of you, bending over
you, caressing you with her mouth, flicking her tongue back and forth over
your clit. You'd think you died and went to heaven."

"Stop it!"

"Are you telling me that if Gisele came back out here and had you sit up here
like I am, you wouldn't let her nibble away at your sensitive nub, give you
the ultimate sexual thrill?"

"Oh, shit."

"You would, you'd love it, and you'd do it to her, wouldn't you?"


She squealed and shuddered, looking up at me, gasping for breath.

She grabbed my heel and forced my big toe up into her cunt. She rode it
up and down, not enough to let it slip out, not enough to move out of
range of the jet.

I pulled my shorts aside and let my cock spring out. I didn't even have
to ask. She took me into her mouth until my cock was tickling her larynx.
At the same instant she began to lift up, it started to rain. Quickly, her head
was bobbing up and down like the drops of water splashing into the tub.

It was as if her mouth had been formed to give pleasure, the wet, satiny
brush of her tongue, the rain drops plastering her hair against the sides
of her concave cheeks.

"Yea, baby, suck it. Suck it like you'd suck Gisele's clit," I growled, so
turned on I had no idea what I'd say next. "Oh yea, baby, shit, you're good.
Suck it, yea, baby, suck it. Oh shit! Careful. Nowwwww."

She backed off and jacked me off, letting my jism cover her neck and chin,
smiling at me, watching me with those Gypsy eyes the whole time. Then
she went off one last time, moaning, "Yes, yes, yes," each time she jammed
my toe into her snatch.

When I came to my senses, I realized Gisele was behind me, laughing.
She leaned down and kissed us both. Gina didn't resist.

"Never thought about doing it that way," Gisele said. Then she stood up
and walked away.

"Shit!" Gina gasped one more time, then pressed her face against my thigh.

I had a feeling it wouldn't be the last kiss they'd share.
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