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wet with lust
touch yourself
feel your heat
meet your need
your fingers are wet
taste the honey
my cock is hard
its head throbbing
precum dripping
mixing with oil
my hand glides
over my stiff shaft
stroking, massaging
thinking of you
how you would taste
your pussy glistens
in the dim light
my heart pounding
orgasm building
wanting your touch
reach out to you
pull you close
mouth on yours
lips on fire
tongues exploring
breasts firm
nipples hard
areola swollen
breathing quickens
short and rapid
deep sighs
gasping passion
wet trail
down to your button
lips spread
hot and flush
juices flow
taste lingers
you guide me in
your pussy wanting
muscles contract
engulfing my hardness
hips swaying
you feel my heat
deep within
you can't hold back
exploding with ferver
I meet your need
release my hot seed
mouth on yours
I hold you tight
love me babe
stay the night

Copyright © 1997 JoeP. Comments welcomed -
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