ENE is an adult site which features authors of erotica and romance. Co-owned by karya a. kahtt and Nina N. Noire, with Katrina Devlin as CEO (Chairperson of Erotic Oratory), JZ Sharpe as Resident Book Reviewer and Debora Myers, Contributing Columnist - Erratic, Neurotic, Erotic - an organization for people with: Erratic behaviors brought on by Neurotic tendencies of a highly Erotic mind.
ENE was started by kahtt and Nina in February 1998 to showcase the unknown authors of erotica and romance lurking in cyberspace. Many of the authors showcased on ENE are members of the Erotica Readers & Writers Association and EroticRomance. ENE is a free eromantica site and submissions are selected via featured contests as well as author submissions. Contests are held roughly ever four months and have a specific theme. Read the results of ENE's latest contest!

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