By G. Gregory

Copyright 2000 - MyErotica

How do you define
An Instant
Of such significance?
What light could shine
With more brilliance?

Is there an answer
To these?
I think not.
Is one necessary?
Checking. . .
Absolutely not.

I knew when you stood
Before me
The first time ever
This was again
Once more
Part of forever.

The spark in your eye
Stifled doubt
Granted permission
Neither could leave
Or escape
The crush of submission.

Magic fell short
Of describing
The rush
Soft kisses spoke
With thundering hush.

Connection was made
Souls once more
Meld as one
Forever starts over
A new promise

I knew in that instant
Of remembrance
And communion.
Being together again
Was our time
For reunion.
Copyright 2000 – MyErotica
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