Summer Fun
by Karly Ross
Summer Fun © 1998 Karly Ross. All Rights Reserved.
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It had been the hottest summer I could ever remember, day after
day of unbearable heat with barely a palpable breeze. The grass in
the yard was burnt to a crisp. The flowers had long since died.
The air seemed to weigh down our bodies as we languished on the
couch in front of two or three fans. We were all miserable, but
Ranger, my 12-year-old stepson was especially miserable. His
overactive, preadolescent body had a hard time sitting still and the
weather was cramping his on-the-go style. But there weren't any
real solutions to dealing with the heat. Air conditioning was too
costly, the pool was too far away from our little, country house, and
a vacation to the North Pole just wasn't viable.

On one particularly brutal afternoon, Ranger saw a commercial for
the latest, high-tech water guns. They were purported to shoot
over twenty feet and hold several pounds of water. He wouldn't
rest until he had one. His argument being, we could all get these
giant soaking machines and be cool at last. It was obvious we
weren't going to hear the end of it.

It wasn't long before we were the proud owners of three gigantic
water guns equipped with shoulder straps. Soon we were chasing
each other around the yard, screaming, laughing, and drenched
from head to foot. It was a great time, but I couldn't help noticing
my husband's blue eyes fixed on my damp form. I wondered what
Seth found so interesting on my sopping body. I looked down and
realized my nipples were poking hard and fast against my T-shirt.
In all the excitement of the water gun fight, I had failed to notice
the effect the ice-cold tap water was having on my body. I bit my
lip and quickly excused myself before Ranger noticed my
predicament as well. I left Seth to explain why I had left just when
we seemed to be having the best time of the summer.

Seth padded into the bathroom a few minutes later. I looked up at
him from where I stood towel drying my hair. Even soaking wet, I
couldn't help but notice how incredibly handsome he was standing
there with a puddle forming around his feet. His long brown hair
fell in damp strands around his face. I smiled as he started to strip
off the clothes that hugged his long, lean body. I watched as the
muscles flexed and twitched in his arms and chest as he lifted the
wet shirt over his head. I longed to wrap my arms around his waist
and toy with him for hours. I ached to seduce him, knowing it
wouldn't be hard, the bulge in his boxers a tell-tale sign of his own
needs. Unfortunately, Ranger was already impatient with us for
hogging up the bathroom and for taking time away from the video
games we promised to play with him.

I knew there was no chance of tormenting Seth, at least not until
Ranger was asleep for the evening. A long sigh escaped my lips as
Seth kissed me on the nose and headed out of the bathroom
wrapped in a fuzzy blue towel. "Later, babe." He said over his
shoulder. Yeah, tell that to my cunt, I wanted to say. Instead I
went back to toweling my hair and settled for fantasizing about the
"later" Seth had alluded to before heading upstairs.

When we laid in bed that evening, Seth mentioned the fun we had
that afternoon with the water guns. "Yeah, it was a good time. I'm
sorry my nipples ended the fun. I just didn't want to give the kid
too much of a show." I said, poking Seth in the ribs.

"No, save the shows for me, hot stuff." He said as he pulled me
into an intimate embrace. "A show just for me. An incredibly
beautiful woman in a wet T-shirt, every man's dream come true."
He began to toy with my breasts. Thank goodness for men of their
word, I thought as I gave into Seth's seductions, letting him make
good on his promise to satisfy my sexual hunger.
The next afternoon seemed even hotter than the day before. The
thermometer read 97 even after the sun began to descend in the
sky. I tried laying in the hammock to take advantage of the shade
falling from the old oak tree in the backyard. It seemed futile. I
couldn't even concentrate on the steamy Black Lace novel I was
reading. I was already hot, but not in the ways I had hoped I would
be. I rolled over and turned on the radio, hoping to find another

When I looked up, Seth was leaning against the side of the house.
I wasn't sure how long he had been standing there. He smiled at
me. It was a smile I recognized, the one that said, "Want to play?"
It was enticing, irresistible, completely seductive. I was glad Ranger was
at a friend's for the afternoon. Seth's look had sex written all over it, and
planned to take advantage of it.

"I see that look of yours. What are you planning?" I asked.

"Me? Planning? You must be mistaken, lovely lady," he said,
producing two of the water guns from behind the shrubs next to the
house. "I was merely considering watering the plants." He tried to
look coy.

"Oh, the dead ones?" I asked. "I think you are going to have to do
better than that, Seth." I slid out of the hammock and walked over
to him. Before I could even get my water gun out of his hand he
had hit me square in the left breast with a cold spray of water. I
squealed with surprise.

"You'll pay for that one, lover." I pumped the gun and fired a
round straight at Seth's crotch. "Two can play this game." We
exchanged cold streams of water, Seth's aimed at my breasts, mine
at his member. The powerful spray splashed roughly against our
clothes. Soon my dark nipples were visible through the white
T-shirt that covered my braless breasts. Seth flashed a lascivious
smile which told me he had more in store than just a water gun
fight. He eyed my breasts hungrily as he continued to hit them
with forceful sprays from his water gun.

It was easy to imagine the water gun as an extension of Seth's own
sexuality. I was turned on as I imagined the water as a spray of
semen from a mammoth-sized penis. The thought made my
panties wet with more than just water. Streams of orgasmic juices
seemed to splash over my chest as I placed my gun on the ground
and began to rub the wet fabric that covered my ample bosom.
Seth licked his lips and continued to shoot his "load" against my
awakening flesh. The damp, translucent fabric framed my dark
nipples as I caressed, cupped, and toyed with my breasts.

"Now this is the kind of show I was picturing last night."

"You ain't seen nothing yet, lover." I said as I peeled the heavy wet
shirt over my head. "It won't be long before those shorts look like
a tent." I giggled, eyeing the bulge growing between Seth's legs.

"That's my plan."

"I knew you had a plan." I whispered, inching closer to where Seth
was standing. A hot, sultry song began to ooze from the radio. My
body began to move in time to the music, hips swirling, hands
traveling over the curves of my body. I began to mimic the
seductive strip tease dances Seth loved to watch. I slid down my
shorts and panties and stood naked in front of Seth. He sprayed
my exposed body with a long, hard stream of water. I pounded
against my skin. It teased and tantalized my breasts and inched its
way between my legs, splashing against my clit. I spread my legs
and enjoyed it hitting my slit.

My face slipped into a frown as the water emptied from Seth's
water gun in one final blast that ended in a trickle. My body was
on fire, a fire begging to be extinguished. Seth laughed, "Oh poor
baby, what's wrong?" He came and stood in front of me, his body
almost touching mine. "You seem troubled," an irrepressible smile
danced across his face.

A frown turned to a pout as Seth began his own torment. He stood
there so close but not quite touching me. The balance of power
had shifted. It seemed like an eternity before he lifted his hands to
my breasts. A moan escaped from deep within my throat. I closed
my eyes and gave myself over to him.

I felt his cock press hard against me through the thin fabric of his
shorts; the sensation make me tremble. His lips moved over my
body with an urgent kisses. I surrendered to his powerful embrace
as his arms wrapped around me and drew my body hard against
him. I could feel his cock pressing against me as I reached down
and pulled it out of Seth's shorts. His member was completely
erect. The veins protruded on the long, thick shaft as I stroked it
with my fingers.

Seth pulled a towel from the clothesline and spread it out on the
ground by his feet. I knelt before him and took the head of his
penis into my mouth. I rolled my tongue over the tip, tasting the
delicious drop that had formed there. My mouth watered as I took
as much of Seth's huge prick as I could. I felt it hit against the
back of my throat as I relaxed the muscles and took in just a bit
more of his cock. I stroked the base of his shaft as Seth thrust in
and out. His fingers entwined in my hair as he held my head
firmly with his hands.

Seth began to stroke his cock as it slipped from my lips. My
fingers ran over the soft flesh of his balls as I watched his fingers
work up and down the glistening shaft. He pushed me back
against the towel; hovering over me, his cock pointed aggressively
at my cunt. Slowly he lowered himself down to where I laid on the
towel. He slid his cock across my belly and down over my mound.
He separated my pussy lips with his fingers and rubbed his prick
against my wet slit. I moaned as he entered me with just the tip
and then slowly thrust the long expanse inside my vagina, filling
me up. His thrusts came harder and harder and with it, my moans
became louder and louder until they echoed in the narrow valley
around our house. I felt my cunt began to clamp down on Seth's
cock as my body began to spasm with climax. The bucking motion of
my hips sparked Seth's own release; his hot juices shot inside my hungry
pussy, prolonging my orgasm.

When it was over, we laid side by side on the towel with the sun
pouring down on our bodies. The heat of the day and the heat of
sex had made our flesh bead with sweat. Seth pulled the third
water gun from behind a bush and we took turns spraying each
other with cool streams of water. "Who knew a child's toy would
lead to some of the hottest sex of our lives," I said as we slipped
inside the house to enjoy the rest of the lazy afternoon. "Who
-The End-
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