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The young man decided he'd ring the bell once more before giving
up, but as he raised his hand to push the button, the door
suddenly swung open. The woman inside was tying the belt of her
robe. She was slightly out of breath and her face looked deeply
flushed. She seemed annoyed at first, until she finally realized
who he was and why he was there.

"Oh, it's you," she said. "You got here sooner than I expected.
I don't have the money ready. Come on in for a second while I
get my purse." He waited just inside the door, still holding
onto the flat, square box. "Why don't you bring that in here,"
she called out from the kitchen. "Just set it on the table." She
was rifling through her purse but didn't seem to be able to find
what she was looking for. "Could you open it up? I love the
smell of hot pizza."

The young man pulled the box out of the insulating cover, and
opened it. She stopped for a moment and took a deep breath. Then
the annoyed look returned to her face. "Those are mushrooms,"
she said accusingly. "I ordered pepperoni."

"Oh, uh, I'm sorry, ma'am," he said. "I don't check the orders.
I just deliver 'em. But I can go back and get you another one.
No charge. And you can keep this one."

"No charge?" she repeated. "I should say not! First, you
interrupt my ... my ... work ... that I was doing upstairs. And
then you bring the wrong damned pizza."

"I said I was sorry. It's not my fault."

She looked him up and down. "How old are you, young man?"

"Huh? Me? I- I'm 18, ma'am."

"Yes, 18. Very nice." she said as though talking to herself. "Do
you have a name?"

"Gerald. Why?"

She ignored his question. "Do you want to know what I was doing
when you rang the bell, Gerald?" He shook his head "no," but she
went on. "I was upstairs using my vibrator. Do you know what a
vibrator is, Gerald?" He shook his head first one way, then the
other. "It's something horny women like me use sometimes, and I
was THIS close to giving myself quite a satisfying orgasm. Then
you kept ringing that damned bell." Again he stammered with his

She stepped closer to him, her expression softening. "Actually,"
she said in a low voice. "I do like mushrooms. Why don't you
pick one off the top, Gerald, and let me try it?"

He looked confused, but he plucked a mushroom off the pizza and
held it up. She grasped his wrist with both hands, and guided
the hot mushroom to her mouth. Plucking it from him with her
teeth, she slowly chewed it, all the while staring up into his
face. Then she began to lick the sauce from his fingers.

"Ooh," he gasped. "I think I should be going, ma'am." But she
held onto his wrist tightly. He was much bigger than she, and
obviously stronger, but he didn't try to break her grip.

"Let me give you one now, Gerald," she said. She maintained her
grip on his wrist with one hand, and with the other she picked a
mushroom off the top of the pizza and held it in front of his

"I don't really like mushrooms much," he protested, but she
pressed it to his lips anyway, slipping it into his mouth. As he
chewed it, she let her fingers linger on his lips.

"There. Now, that wasn't so bad, was it? Maybe you just THOUGHT
you didn't like mushrooms." He swallowed and nodded. "Maybe you
might like to try something else new today..." She paused. "Do
you know what I have on under my robe, Gerald?" she asked, as
she began to untie the belt. He shook his head. "Nothing.
Nothing at all," she said as she let the robe fall open.

Gerald's eyes grew wide. "How old do you think I am, Gerald?" He
shook his head again, and shrugged his shoulders. "Old enough to
be you mother. Not bad, though, huh?" He backed up, but she
stepped forward, staying close to him. "Have you ever been with
a girl, Gerald? Do you have a girlfriend?"

"I- I'm going steady with someone," he managed to stammer out.
"But we- we don't- she doesn't..."

"She doesn't let you, does she, Gerald? She's a NICE girl, isn't
she? You're both so sweet and innocent." She tightened her grip
on his wrist and drew his hand closer to her. "Have you ever
felt a woman's breasts like this?" She pressed his hand to her
chest. She moaned to herself as she guided his rough hand across
both her breasts. "Do you feel how hard my nipples are?"

"Uh- uh huh," he answered in a hoarse whisper.

Then she moved his hand lower, down past her belly. "And you've
probably never felt anything like THIS before, have you?" Using
one hand to open her nether lips, she used the other to press
his hand into the moist folds of her sex. "Move your fingers
around a bit. You'll get an interesting reaction."

He did as she said, and she let out a sharp gasp. Her eyelids
fluttered. "Yes! That's the spot. Do that some more." She panted
like a puppy. He began to rub her more vigorously, staring
raptly at her reactions to even slight movements of his fingers.

Suddenly, she stopped him, pushing his hand away. Still panting,
she said, "Now, taste you fingers, Gerald." He grimaced at her,
but she smiled back at him. "Don't worry. It's not poison. It
won't hurt you." Slowly, reluctantly, he lifted his hand. He
looked at his fingers curiously, then lightly licked them. He
smacked his lips, then licked his fingers again. "See," she
said. "It's not so bad. Just like tasting that mushroom." Then
she twisted her lips into a truly wicked grin. "Now, I think
you're ready to try the main course."

She reached up to his broad shoulders and pressed down. He
yielded to her pressure, falling to his knees, as she scooted
herself up onto the counter. Then she clenched her fingers into
his hair and pulled him closer, pressing his face between her
thighs. "Use your tongue like you used your fingers, Gerald.
Yes! That's right!" She threw her head back, gasping and moaning
loudly as the young man explored her with his mouth.

"Gerald!" she panted after several minutes. "Put your cock in me

"But, ma'am-"

"Just do it, dammit!"

"Yes, ma'am." He stood and unzipped his pants.

She stared hungrily as he pulled out his virgin cock. Without
waiting for any more protests from him, she pulled him to her
and guided him inside her. "Ram that prick in me, Gerald. Ram it
in hard. Deep!" She continued to shout increasingly incoherent
instructions at him, as he began his rhythmic thrusting. "Yes!
Deep! Hard! Ram it! Fuck!"

Suddenly Gerald tensed. He groaned and grunted as he came deep
within her. She looked at him with wild eyes, and pulled his
head to her, kissing his face all over.

At last he managed to pull himself away from her. "I really
gotta get back to the store," he said, as he tried to make
himself presentable. "Ms. Shaw is gonna have a fit, I'm so

The woman hopped off the counter. She reached into the pocket of
her robe and pulled out a small wad of bills. "What do you know?
I had the money with me the whole time." She handed Gerald more
than double the cost of the pizza. "There's a little extra for
you, young man. And don't worry about your manager. I'll call
her and say your car stalled and you couldn't get it started

"Uh, gee, thanks," he said folding the bills into his pocket.
"And I'll be back with that pepperoni pizza you wanted as soon
as I can, ma'am."

She smiled and patted his face lightly. "You really are innocent
aren't you? I ordered mushroom in the first place." Shaking his
head, he hurried to the door. As he opened it to leave, she
called out to him, "But Gerald... When you get off work, if
you'd like to deliver a sausage to me, I'll be here."

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All rights reserved. Do not reproduce in any form
without written permission of author.

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