By Mink

Copyright October 1999

I stared out my narrow window, watching the clouds wisp by, as I
listened to the engines roar. He was meeting me at the airport! I’d
never seen Bill in person, we had only written words to each other,
and exchanged photos. I didn’t even know what his voice sounded
like. It was a long flight, from Chicago to Melbourne, giving me more
time than I wanted to dwell on all my insecurities. What if he doesn’t
like what he sees? What if he’s disappointed? What if? I was making
myself more nervous with each passing mile. I didn’t worry about being
disappointed with him, I knew I couldn’t be. Bill’s personality, sweetness,
and sex appeal leaped off the screen and into my heart, every time I’d read
his words. Just the thought of his words, stirred the woman in my body,
making me all the more apprehensive about our long awaited encounter.

The plane is landing! Oh my God! Panic and excitement fill my thoughts.
What do I say? What do I do? Then, as the plane reached the gate, I calmed
myself with the thought that I am, who I am, I can’t change that, and he
accepts the real me. I walk down the ramp, searching for his familiar face
in the crowd. I see him, and he spots me at the same time, our eyes meet and
we exchange smiles. The first thought through my mind was ... those eyes . . .
that smile . . . I never dreamed that they would be so disarming. They are his
best assets! I felt naked, no computer to hide myself behind this time.

We walked toward each other, I said “Bill?”

He replied “Mink?”

Then we embraced in a long meaningful hug. So many times we’ve written
hugs to each other, wishing we could touch, and now this hug expressed
all the longing we had felt for this simple gesture of affection.

Bill was beautiful, slender, tall, dark, and handsome too. His pictures
never captured the beauty of his eyes, or the raw sex appeal that oozed
from his pores, but I knew they were there. Then he spoke, his voice
was deep and comforting, his accent melted my bones.

We spent the evening talking, laughing, eating, and drinking. Bill was
the perfect gentleman, I felt comfortable and truly enjoyed his company.
We joked and chatted about anything and everything. Except, we skirted
around the subject of sex, avoiding it, as if we dared not discuss what we
were so proficient at with words . . . but, it was there . . . and we both
knew it.

His home was well kept, with an orderly military influence. I could see
his computer, on it’s table, it appeared to be the most lived in area
of the house, and the center of his daily activities. Bill turned another
light on, escorted me in, and offered me another drink. I accepted,
even though I was already slightly intoxicated, I wanted to feel
uninhibited. We sat on the couch, laughing about things we had written,
and where it had taken place. I crossed my legs toward him, so he could
see the shape of my long legs, which was one of my best features. This
time, our cyber sex chats were the topic of discussion. I was already aroused,
and had been since the airport, but the subject we had avoided before, set off
a flood of fantasies and desires I knew I couldn’t control.

I looked down at my drink, knowing the thoughts and feeling I was
experiencing had probably made me blush. Bill moved closer to me, put
his arm around me, and slowly lifted my chin towards his face. I looked in
to his eyes, and I got lost in those green pools of jade, that seemed to
absorb my soul. He gently kissed my forehead, I closed my eyes to savor
every sensation, then his lips moved down, and he kissed my eye lids.
My heart leaped, as his lips brushed down my cheek, seeking my full
waiting lips, which were already parted, anticipating his kiss. His lips met
mine, our mouths became one, and my tongue sought to dance with his. Our
kisses became deeper, more desperate, our desires mounted, and we knew we
wanted to physically recreate our words.

Our bodies moved closer as we embraced each other tighter, my breasts
pressing against his chest, forcing my cleavage to spill over the front
of my V necked sweater. My skirt had ridden up my thighs, and the top of
my hose was exposed on one leg, showing the seams where the garters
attached. My heart raced as he edged me down on the couch, half on top of
me, still engulfed in a passionate kiss. I could feel his already hard manhood
push into my leg, and I was flushed with an excited craving.

Bill’s hands begin to roam down my back and up my sides, taking an
inventory of each and every curve he had imagined was there. My hands
ran down his chest, across to his sides, and up his back, every caress was
exactly as I had imagined it would feel. One arm was half under me, his
other hand still browsing my form, moving to my shoulder, and slowly
toward my breast. When he felt the form of my breast, the breath caught
in my chest, and I let out a soft moan. He could trace the outline of my
hardening nipple, now pronounced, regardless of it’s coverings.

He kissed my neck, as his fingers followed the neckline of my sweater,
and he could feel the softness of my skin. Putting his hand on the skin
exposed by my neckline, he ran his hand down the front of my body,
touching my cleavage, running over my stomach, past my navel, and
stopping to caress my hip. Noticing the height of my skirt, he ran his hand
down the outside of my leg, to my knee, and then up the inside of my thigh,
stopping at the end of the hose, to tease me.

I gasped, and I know this time my moan was louder. With one arm still
around him, my free hand explored the firm muscles of his chest, I slipped
my fingers between the buttons of his shirt, and my fingers flirted with
the skin they could reach. I started unbuttoning his shirt, opening
several of them, I placed my hand in the center of his chest, and felt
his heart pounding in unison with my own. I could feel the heat of his
skin, as I ran my fingers through the curled hairs, moving my way over to
his nipple, my fingers teasing the little nub. My hand followed the pattern
of his hair down to his stomach, and I drank in the softness and smell of
his skin.

I had to touch more, I could no longer control what I wanted from him,
and my hand moved to his thigh. I moved my touch to the inside of his
thigh, and traveled up it’s full length, cupping his crotch in my hand. I
positioned my hand to move it up the side of his groin, I could feel
his hardness bulging in the center, demanding attention, and his arousal
only excited me more.

I ran my hand down the other side, I could hear his breath stop in his
throat, and I responded by moving back up the center, feeling the full
length of his restricted erection. I ran my palm over his stiffened area,
moving side to side, forwards and back, while drumming my fingers on
the densest parts. I stopped, and felt for his shape with my fingers, then
I grabbed at the distinctive outline. Bill moaned softly at my touch, I
could feel his cock growing and throbbing with each squeeze of my
tightening grip.

He pulled me to my feet, and we began pulling off each others outer
clothing, tossing them every where, out of our way. Before I knew it, I
was standing there in a full ivory nylon slip, clinging to all my curves,
I knew it was his favorite garment, and his response delighted me. His
form was magnificent, just as I had pictured it, his boxers were tented
by the persistence of his manhood, and the contours of his body electrified
me. He brought me back into his arms, and held me close, the firmness of
his body pressing against mine made me swoon, his hands roaming and
caressing me through the slip. I pressed back with my body, swaying my
hips, teasing at the skin peeking through the opening of his boxers, and
sliding the fabric of my slip in to him. Another moan, louder this time, was
that him or me?

Talking my hand, he led the way to his bedroom, I anxiously followed,
watching and admiring his ass as he walked in front of me. Reaching his
bed, he turned to me, taking my neck in his hands, he ran his fingers
down to caress the straps of my slip off my shoulders. I let the gown fall
to the floor around my feet, exposing my large breasts and erect nipples,
I was left wearing only a garter belt and hose.

I reached for him, and slipped my thumbs in to the sides of his boxers,
tugging them down the sides of his hips, while his erection hampered my
efforts. Once freed, his magnificent cock bobbed in front of me, erect,
thick, with a slight curve upwards . . . he was huge . . . and I was
eager to handle all of him. Stepping towards me, he slipped his hands around
me, pulling me close, our naked bodies touching, and his hard cock was
pressing against my swollen mound, I was engulfed in a hunger I had
never known.

Feverishly his hands traveled my body, caressing my ample tits, kneading
them through his fingers, bending he kissed and suckled my nipples.
Again I moaned, as his fingers danced down finding my wet pussy, my
hardened clit eagerly awaiting his touch, gently his fingers probed my tunnel,
retrieving the juices to spread over my button, and lubricate his incredible caress.
With just the mere touch of his hand, I felt ready to explode, my passions heightened
by his acts of seduction.

I stepped back, placing both of my hands on his chest, I kissed his
lips and my tongue darted in to his mouth. I Kissed his neck, my hands
mapping the surface of his chest, and gently pinched his nipples. I kissed
the center of his chest, and ran my tongue through his soft hair teasingly,
as I sought to taste his nipple . . . kissing, licking, and suckling one . . .
then the other. My hand moved to grope his manhood, I ran one finger
up the underside, from the base to its head, and pinched out another drop
of his dew. I placed my hand around his throbbing hard wand, and began to

Slowly, I lowered by body, while kissing down his stomach, his scent
intoxicated me making me ache all the more, I was kneeling now, and his
cock twitched before my lips. My tongue licked up from the base of his
massiveness, stopping only to circle the rim under his engorged head,
running back down the underside, flicking over his ridge to the base.
My lips closed over the head, tasting the drops produced by his passion,
my tongue teased at the opening, before I pushed my mouth down to cover
his full length. I felt insatiable, stroking with one hand, while my mouth
traveled up and down the length of his shaft, my tongue flicking the
rim of his head with every retreat, and my other hand caressed his ever
tightening balls, oh how I hungered to swallow him whole. Holding my
head against him, his cock grew and throbbed in my mouth, I could feel his
pleasure increasing, and I was totally enthralled with making love to
his dick.

Reaching down, he brought me to my feet, sat me on his bed, and laid me
on my back, he bent over me kissing my tits, licking my nipples, and
kissing his way down my body. He pushed my legs apart, to see my
pronounced blood gorged outer lips, spreading them he exposed my erect
pink button, which he bent to kiss. An electric bolt traveled through my loins
as his tongue softly licked the wetness of my pussy, his tongue made circles
around my clit, his lips covered my cunt with unyielding lust, licking, and
sucking. A few of his fingers slipped into my vagina, moving in and out, a
little more forceful with each entry. I could hold out no longer, I grabbed at
his head, my back arched, my body tightened, and I jerked uncontrollably
as I reached the point of orgasmic bliss.

Breathless, I pulled him to me, on top of me, my pussy still throbbing
from my orgasm, I wanted to feel his cock deep inside. He climbed up my
body, his elbows came to rest at each side of my head, my legs still
spread, his hard relentless cock fondled and pushed against my clit,
his hips in a motion that mimicked fucking, sliding up and down my
hardened button and wet pussy. My body seemed on fire, I felt the surging
waves of orgasm take me again, and a shudder of pleasure swept through
my body.

His lips came down on my mouth, my lips and tongue returning his
passionate kiss, lifting his hips higher, his dick pushed and teased at
the opening to my cunt, I found myself squirming at the anticipation of
his entry, and my hands pulled at his waist. A directed push, his head
slipping past my inner lips, another push, his cock entered my hot
moist canal, and a rush of incredible pleasure flushed over me, a deeper
push, and my pussy swallowed all of him. His cock, thick, hard, throbbing,
disappeared into my body, his size stretched and pulled my cunt in
sensational directions.

Pumping, thrusting, my inner lips grasping at his dick with every
outward motion, I was his completely, anything and everything this man
wanted I would give. I began whispering into Bill’s ear, telling him how
massive, rigid, and astonishing his cock felt inside me, begging him to thrust
deeper and harder into my pussy. He responded, orchestrating such
intense pleasures in me that it caused me to lose control, I felt crazed, my
body hungering to eat his. He whispered back, that Mink was unbelievably
soft, inside and out. His words heightened my responses, as I nibbled his
ear, my tongue licking at its opening, I was softly biting at his neck,
shoulder, arm, my hips pushing back and rolling to ride his cock with
each inward thrust.

Our moans were deafening, our bodies never parting, we rolled over
putting me on top of him, freeing me to ride his manhood. I sat up, bracing
myself against his beautiful chest, I could feel all of him pulse inside me,
filling the deepest end of my tunnel, my hips instinctively swayed moving
and pushing his hardness against my inner walls. My thighs lifted me
off his body, then dropped me back down on him, sliding the full length of
his shaft, fucking him harder and deeper with each return. I leaned
forward, placing my hands on the bed, dangling my tits in his face, his mouth
latched on to a nipple, I could feel his vibrating moans and his breath
ignite my skin. My hips began to pump and roll, my back arching and
then rounding, rocking back and forth as his cock plunged in and out of my
tight canal.

My body reacted as his cock seemed to stiffen more with each bounce,
our bodies were covered in a thin mist of perspiration. He reached up,
grabbing my ass with both hands, his hips push up to meet my downward
moves, forcing his cock into me by thrusting upwards, pulling and
rocking my ass on his extended erection, fucking me deeper and harder.
His pace increased, faster, deeper, harder, I could feel his cock throbbing,
once again I felt the wave of orgasm mount through my body, this time I
screamed out in pleasure.

My body arched, jerked, he could feel my pussy twitching around his
dick with each wave of ecstasy I experienced. This sent him over the edge,
he moaned loudly as his body tightened, his cock pulsated, I could feel
his explosion happening inside me, shooting out his sperm once, twice, a
third, a fourth time, sending forceful streams of cum deep into my body.
I kept my pace, his cum dripping and spurting down my inner thighs with
each new entrance, his dick covered in the white cream, now pooling at the
base of his manhood.

Slowing my motions to a stop, I looked down at the puddle between my
legs, my hand massaged at the thick white cum, scooping up some on my
fingers, I brought it to my mouth, and sucked his cream off of them, I kicked
my lips, looked into his eyes, and smiled. Then I collapsed on top of him,
both of us gasping for air, he put his arms around me, and I slipped my
hands under his shoulders, we laid there in each others arms,
recuperating. I rolled off him, on to my side, we cuddled next to each
other, holding each other, we talked, kissed and snuggled, falling into
a blissful deep sleep.

We made love day and night during my week with Bill, we acted like
newlyweds that couldn’t get enough of each other, exhausting us both by
the end of my stay. I only get to visit Bill once a year, in between
our sex life is fueled by cyber sex chats and e-mails, every year I visit
him is more erotic than the time before.
Copyright October 1999 by Mink
All rights reserved. Not to be reproduced
without written permission from the author.
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