by Jessica

© 2000

She was coming out of the local grocery store, looking behind her, still
chatting with the clerk, when Joanne walked into someone's chest. "Oof," she
grunted and automatically braced her hand on the object in front of her.
Strong hands grabbed her arms to steady her.

"Hey, you okay?"

"Whoops! Sorry," she giggled, "should watch where I'm going."



They spoke at the same time and then both started laughing. "Well, imagine
running into you after all these years," said Joanne. A quick memory
flashback and she saw herself standing face to face and telling him that she
couldn't see him anymore. She tried to remember why she had broken up with
him, her first boyfriend.

"Yeah, and literally running into me," his quick wit brought forth another
giggle from her. Leonard had always been able to make her laugh.

"How are you? God, how long has it been? What are you doing here? How long
are you home for?" The questions just kept popping out of her, not giving
him a chance to respond. "Okay, Joanne, you can shut up now," she said.

Leonard laughed at her self-talk. "You still talk about yourself in third
person huh?"

Joanne felt her face turn red. "Yeah," she mumbled, "and you can still
embarrass me."

"You always were quick to blush."

She waited for him to release his grip on her arms, since her hand had
fallen away quickly from his chest. When he just stood there staring at her,
she felt another blush creeping up. Stepping to the side, she said,
"We're...um...blocking the doorway." He finally let go of her and also
stepped to the side.

"Sorry Joanne, didn't mean to space out. I just had a flashback of us." The
fond look on his face told her that his memories were more pleasant than
hers had been.

"Yeah, long time ago."

"How long?" he asked.

"Leonard," she said, with a big sigh, "I don't even want to try to remember.
Makes me feel too damn old. Too many things have happened since then."

"Yeah, no kidding." He ran his hand through his short cropped hair. It
looked like a well practiced motion.

Joanne wondered what his answer meant but thought it impolite to ask. His
hair used to be a dark ebony and he had worn it shoulder length, now it was
short and peppered with white. She thought it made him look more handsome
rather than older. The laughter lines around his mouth and eyes hinted that
he enjoyed life and living.

"Your turn for a flashback?" he asked.

She smiled at him and answered, "yeah, I guess so."

They were being bypassed by people who were going in and out of the small
store. Some said 'hello' as they recognized two former hometowners. The
younger kids just looked at them, like they were in the way.

"Do you have time for coffee?" Leonard asked.

Joanne looked at her watch, unnecessarily, since she knew she wasn't doing
anything the rest of the day. "Yeah, sure."

They wandered over to the coffee shop.

"Where you living now?" she asked him.

"Prince Albert. You?"

"Saskatoon," she answered. "What kind of work? Heard you were a pilot for a
while," she continued.

"Yeah, I was for a while, then I got tired of it. Now I have my own
business. And you?"

"Me? I'm still trying to figure out what I wanna be when I grow up," she
laughed depracatingly, "I'm taking my degree in education."

"Education? I thought you were a nurse?" He held the door open for her and
they went in.

"I was. Got tired of that. Too much work, not enough money."

"And you think teaching is going to be any different?" They sat down at a
table and ordered coffee.

"Dunno. But I want to teach adults, not kids."

They continued catching up on each other's lives. She knew that he had three
kids, he showed her their latest school pictures and she showed him her two

"How's Victoria?" asked Joanne, although she knew they were no longer

"We split up a couple years ago." A far away look came into his eyes. Joanne
felt left out.

"Sorry to hear that. Seems to be more common these days. Thomas and I split
up last year."

"I heard about that. After how many years?" he reached over and stroked her
hand in sympathy.

"Nine. It was my decision but he didn't put up too much fuss. Guess we were
both ready to move on."

"Anybody new?" he asked.

"No. I dated a couple times soon after the split but I felt too 'old' and
didn't want to go through the hassle of starting all over again. I'm
enjoying being by myself and spending time with the kids. You?"

"Same. My friends told me to go out, get back into the dating circle. I
tried that, but I don't know if, I wasn't ready or what...but like you, it
felt like too much hassle."

"The only thing I miss is the sex," Joanne blurted out. She had made that
admission to her girlfriends so many times, she hadn't even thought before

Leonard looked at her and burst out laughing. Her face burned. His laughing
settled down and he held his cool hand to her cheek. "Me too, Jo, me too,"
he admitted, calling her by her nickname. "That, and waking up next to

"I kinda like having the whole bed to myself. Nobody to steal the blankets
away from me. But, on those cold January nights, it would be nice to have a
warm body to snuggle up to." She drank the last of her coffee and looked at
her watch again.

"Are you in a hurry?" asked Leonard.

"Um...no. I was just...I didn't want to take too much of your time," she
said, somewhat lamely.

"I'm here on holidays too, Joanne. Gordon has taken the kids fishing and I
don't have anything else planned for the rest of the day."

"Oh. Well, neither do I actually," she admitted.

"Wanna go swimming? I can borrow a boat from James." Leonard leered
playfully at her.

Joanne grinned. "Just like old times huh?"

He arched both eyebrows, "Not quite like old times. You're not a virgin
anymore. I can have my way with you."

"If I let you," she teased back. They had spent one whole summer mercilessly
teasing each other, Joanne refusing to go all the way, wanting to be old
fashioned and saving herself for her husband, and Leonard never giving up
the pursuit. And had Thomas been honored, No, he had complained about her
inexperience, calling her frigid. Joanne had read books and magazines to try
to gain experience but obviously to no avail. Thomas moved in with another
woman one month after the split. Joanne suspected that he had been seeing
other women all the time they had been married.

"Jo? Come in Jo..." Leonard waved his hand in front of her. She blinked her
eyes and returned from the painful past. "Changed your mind?" he asked.

"No. Swimming sounds good. Still remember how to get to 'our' beach?"

"Like I would ever forget the 'beach of endless torment'," he answered. She
laughed at the pained expression on his face.

He paid for the coffee and they agreed to meet at the boat launch in 30
minutes. Joanne drove back to her mother's house, slipped her bathing suit
on, looking at herself critically in the mirror, whispered, "ah, who cares"
and put her shorts and t-shirt over her suit. She was rummaging around the
fridge when her mother walked in.

"Hungry?" asked her mom.

"No. Going swimming with Leonard. Trying to see what I can bring with me if
we get hungry." She answered without taking her head out of the fridge.

"Leonard. You mean Leonard Hardle? Your old boyfriend?" Her mother's voice
rose an octave higher with excitement.

Joanne turned around. "Yes Mom. That Leonard. Do we have any sandwich meat?"

Her mother chuckled and pushed her out of the way. "I always liked 'That
Leonard'," she answered.

"You did? Then how come you were always so hard on him?" Joanne remembered
how her mom would stand at the top of the stairs waiting for her to go
inside. Not even giving them any privacy for a good night kiss. But they had
bypassed that and kissed before they got to Joanne's house.

"I had to make sure he took good care of my little girl." Joanne's mom
bustled around her kitchen efficiently, packing a picnic basket full of
food, including a couple bottles of beer.

Joanne kissed her mom's cheek. "Thanks Mom."

As she was heading down the porch stairs she heard her Mom call a final
warning, "Remember, an hour for the beer to go through the system, no
drinking and driving." Joanne waved as she backed out of the driveway.

Leonard was already waiting when she got to the boat launch. He was sitting
in the boat, laughing and joking with the little kids that were swimming
there. He was always a charmer, Joanne thought, as she greeted him with a
smile. She lifted up the picnic basket, "Mom thought we might get hungry."

"I always liked your mom," he answered.

"Funny. She said the same thing about you." She pushed the boat off and
jumped in.

"Then why did she make my life so difficult around you?"

Joanne laughed and told him what her mother's answer had been.

Leonard was sitting in the back bench, where he could operate the 30 hp
outboard motor. Joanne sat down in the bench before that, facing forward.
With one pull of the starter rope, they were off.

She smiled into the breeze, enjoying the way it cooled off her skin and
ruffled her hair. Leonard tapped her shoulder. When she looked back, he was
tapping the bench in front of him and beckoning her with his head. She
grinned and climbed over, straddling the benchseat like he was and snuggled
into him. He pulled her right against him and she could feel his body heat
on her back. She closed her eyes and once again memories of so many similar
boat rides floated behind her eyes.

His hand came up and teased her nipple to hardness. She looked down and
watched his hand move back and forth. She pushed her bottom closer to him
and rested her head on his chest. Leonard leaned over and kissed her neck,
moving along up to her ear. "It's been a long time," he said. She pulled her
head back and looked at him. His ebony eyes looked back at her. He gave her
a quick kiss then turned his attention back to watching where he was going
but his hand kept up the teasing and caressing of her breast.

They rounded the last curve of land and there was 'their' beach. Other
people came here but since it was so out of the way, it was often empty,
like it was today. Leonard brought the boat coasting onto the soft sand. He
wrapped both his arms around her, neither of them moved as they both got
lost in the past.

"You were the first boy I kissed and felt this tingling and wetness between
my legs. I would start to tingle just from your fingers stroking my palm.
Nobody has had that kind of effect on me since," Joanne spoke quietly.

Leonard tightened his hold around her and she could feel his erection
growing. "You were the only girlfriend I ever had that I never had sex with
and yet, I always feel like I spent the most time making love to you. Why
did we break up?"

Joanne stiffened against him. She had been trying to remember the reason
since that first instant outside the store. "It was stupid," she answered.

"You broke up with me," he said in a slightly accusatory tone.

"Yeah. I was young and full of dreams. I didn't want to settle down with a
local boy, wanted to go and see the world," she admitted. "I'm sorry," she

Leonard chuckled softly. "It's okay, Jo. You don't have to apologize. Like
you said, we were young." He shifted his weight and before Joanne knew what
was happening, he had lifted her up and was holding her over the side of the
boat. "And because..."

Joanne screamed and wrapped her arms around his neck but Leonard just
stepped into the water and waded in deeper, "I am going to do...this..." And
although she kicked and screamed at him not to, he threw her in the water.

She came up sputtering, trying to catch her breath because the water was so
cold and yelled, "Holy shhhhhiiiiiittttttttt!" Leonard stood there, hands on
his hips, smug grin on his face. She scooped water with both her hands and
splashed him. "You jerk!" she laughed. He yelled in shock and dove for her.
Joanne tried running away, which was ridiculous since the water dragged her
down. She felt her legs being grabbed and took a big gulp of air just before
she went under.

She opened her eyes and found Leonard looking at her. The water made his
eyes look so much bigger, and his hair flowed out from him in a small fan.
She gave him a water grin. He came closer and then she felt his warm lips on
hers. Their lips sealed together and their tongues got caught up in the
dance. She felt like her lungs were going to burst but it was so quiet and
serene down here. Then she remembered what they used to do and she breathed
in a tiny bit. The pressure in her lungs eased up and then she felt it
tightening again as Leonard breathed in her air.

They surfaced, lips still locked tightly together, still gazing into each
others' eyes. They continued kissing. Leonard's hands were roaming under her
t-shirt, squeezing her breasts and slipping into the waistband of her shorts
to squeeze her bottom. Joanne was doing the same to him. Their lip seal
broke when Joanne giggled because of Leonard's groans of frustration at
being met with the slippery smooth fabric of a bathing suit in all her
delectable body parts.

"Serves you right for throwing me in still dressed," she taunted as they
waded back into the shallows, holding hands.

Leonard's response was to trace a circular pattern on her palm with his
thumb which sent a shiver down her entire body. He watched her closely.
"Still?" he asked. Joanne simply nodded. Leonard continued to tease her palm
while other parts of her body responded.

They separated to unload the boat, after another long passionate kiss.
Joanne spread the blanket on the sand and put the picnic basket and towels
nearby while Leonard pulled the boat onto shore a few more feet. She walked
back to the boat, stripping off her t-shirt as she went. Leonard watched her
approach. "Okay, now take off the shorts..." he urged.

Joanne smiled at him as she draped her shirt over the edge of the boat so it
could dry. "Take it off for me," she teased, but she undid the button and
zipper and slipped it off, draping it next to her t-shirt.

Leonard hooked a finger under her strap and pulled her towards him. He
continued pulling it down until her breast was exposed. His warm mouth
engulfed her cold flesh as he suckled. Her head rolled back and she moaned
as his actions sent a fire of need straight to her sex. She held his head to
her breast and stumbled back until she was resting against the boat. Her
legs trembled with weakness. He pulled down her other strap and cupped her
breast, his thumb prodding her nipple to increased hardness.

She pulled his head up and kissed him hard, pressing her body against his.
He nudged her legs apart with his knee, lifted her left leg up and pushed
his groin into hers. The force nearly knocked her into the boat and she
grabbed the edge with both hands. Joanne started to smile but the smile
faded abruptly when she met Leonards' gaze.

He looked like he wanted to devour her. The passion and lust in his eyes
almost scared her, it was so intense. She swallowed nervously and pushed him
away. "The boat is digging into my legs," she whispered.

Leonard turned away from her, towards the water, raking his hand over his
hair. Joanne watched closely as she pulled her bathing suit back on and
noticed that his hands were shaking, then she looked closer and his entire
body was vibrating. She touched his back lightly. "Leonard? Are you okay?"

When he turned around, the laughter was back in his eyes and he smiled.
"Yeah. I'm sorry about that. Did I hurt you?"

Joanne twisted around and looked at the back of her legs. The red marks were
already fading. "I think I'll live," she answered.

He kissed her gently. "Guess it's been too damn long for both of us," he

"You hungry?" she asked.

"Starving! But for something else not food," he answered teasingly, but he
let her lead him to the blanket and the picnic basket.

She wasn't hungry either so she just pulled out the beer. They sat down and
sipped in silence. Leonard turned towards her and took her hand in his.


"Do you remember the last time we came here?"

Memories flickered through her mind until the right one fell into the slot.
"Yeah, I do. I...um...broke up with you the next day."

"Did you know you were going to break up with me when we came here?" He
looked into her eyes, searching for answers from years ago.

Joanne looked away. "Yes," she whispered.

He lightly grasped her chin and brought her eyes back to his. "Is that why
you let me go farther than ever before?"

She could only nod as all the memories of those tumultuous teenage emotions
flooded her being.

"Why?" he continued.

"Because I was giving you as much of myself that I could and I guess...I
don't know," she sighed in exasperation. "It was a long time ago Leonard. I
suppose I was saying good-bye as well."

"Did you love me?"

Joanne looked at him. "Did you love me?" she answered.

He set down his beer, took hers and set it aside. Then he pushed her down on
her back and he rested on his elbow, hovering over her. His fingers caressed
her face as he gazed into her eyes. "Joanne. I loved you the first time I
heard you laugh. You didn't even know I was alive because I was 4 years
older than you, I was 16 and you were 12. I waited and waited, biding my
time, hanging around your friends even though they were younger than me and
finally you noticed me."

Joanne could only stare at him. Her heart was beating furiously, in
excitement and shock.

"I joked around with you. Doing all kinds of goofy things just so I could
hear your laugh. I didn't realize it before but now I remember back to all
the times I heard a care-free infectious laugh, my head would always swivel
around, looking for you."

"I had no idea," she managed to squeak out.

"So, to answer your question. Yes, I did love you and I think I still do."
He kissed the tip of her nose. "Now, are you going to answer mine?"

"Leonard. You were the first boy to ever kiss me. You were the first boy
that ever touched my breasts. You were the first boy that could make me
blush just from rubbing your finger against my palm. You were the only boy
that made me want to go all the way. Seeing your face when I told you we
were breaking up made me want to take all the words back and ask you to
marry me. Does that mean I loved you? Yes, I guess I did but I was too
stubborn and pig headed. I have always wondered what making love to you
would be like. I have always searched for a man that could excite me with
just a kiss and have never found him. You have always had a piece of my
heart." She stroked his face and lips lightly.

"And from the look on your face, you want to say 'now shut up and make love
to me so I can stop wondering'." He grinned at her.

"YES!" she answered. Laughing, she pulled him down on her.

The laughter died in her throat as Leonard took possession of her mouth. His
tongue swirled and danced with hers. He thrust in and out of her mouth, an
erotic simulation of things to come. She grabbed his hair in both hands,
wanting to be, needing to be closer to him. She pressed her body against
his, spreading her thighs, wrapping a leg around him.

Leonard settled between her legs, thrusting his hips and squeezing her
breast. Their kissing was frenzied and Joanne felt like she was a teenager
again. She broke the kiss and pulled his head up. "How long have we waited?"
she asked.

"You're absolutely right," Leonard agreed, as once again their thoughts
mirrored each others'. He stood up and pulled Joanne up with him. Face to
face, he slipped off her bathing suit and she took off his t-shirt and his
swimming trunks. He stepped back a foot and they gazed hungrily at the
other's nakedness. Joanne felt an invisible string pulling her forward and
she was in his arms. His hands roamed her body, squeezing, pinching,
caressing, exploring as he kissed her face hungrily.

They sank back down onto the blanket, lying side by side. Joanne caressed
his leg with her foot, one hand holding his head to hers as her tongue
penetrated his mouth in short thrusts. She grasped and kneaded the firm
muscles of his buttocks, pressing herself into him.

Leonard lifted her leg and placed it high over his hip, he dipped down and
teased her sex with his hardness, making her whimper with need. Joanne
rotated her hips and flexed her pelvis in an attempt to get him inside her.
Leonard chuckled and pulled away from her. He pushed her onto her back and
covered her with his body, his legs on the outside pushing hers together.
Resting on his forearms, he looked into her eyes as he made slow thrusts
into the tight slippery apex her legs created. His actions were driving her
insane with desire and lust.

"Leonard..." she groaned.

He just smiled in response. Then he bent down and nibbled, starting from her
ear, along her neck where he sucked hard and then moved down along her
collarbone. He brought his legs inside hers and spread her wide apart.
Joanne's thigh muscles relaxed completely when he took her nipple in his
mouth and created the spark that burned along her stomach down to her womb
and exploded in shards of lust. Joanne shuddered and moaned loudly, her hips
gyrating to their own rhythm of need.

"Now, Leonard, now," she panted.

He raised himself up on his arms. Both of them watched as he slipped inside
her. They stayed motionless for a few seconds, connected as closely as
humanly possible and gazed into each other's eyes. They were actually here,
together, making love. It wasn't a dream.

"Beautiful," he whispered.

Joanne grabbed handfuls of hair and brought his head down for a hot,
breathtaking kiss which was her way of agreeing with him. They started
rocking and thrusting to the beat within their souls. The beat of their
hearts increased and their actions obeyed the set pace. The delicious
friction was creating little shivers throughout her body. She pulled
Leonard's head away from hers, breaking the kiss. Their eyes locked as their
bodies crested the heights of orgasm. "Leonard," she screamed as her body
arched, her hands grasped his buttocks and held him to her. She barely felt
the bite on her shoulder as Leonard shuddered and groaned out her name.

Their bodies continued to emit small tremours and whimpers and groans. When
Leonard raised his head and kissed the tip of her nose, he said, "I love
you, Jo."

"I love you too, Leonard," she replied as she stroked his damp spiky hair.

He rolled off her and then pulled her towards him so they lay spooned
together. He pulled the blanket over them and they fell into an emotionally
and physically exhaustive sleep.
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