Friends that Love

By Arina Divine

Copyright January 2000

"Hello?" Kara said, after taking the phone from her husband, Jonathon. She
knew it would be Tony on the other end.


"Wow, you have good timing, I'm in the bath." Right after she spoke she
wondered if it was ok for her to tell him that with her husband standing
near by. Oh well, she thought, what has been said, has been said.

"MMM, you're naked then." Tony said.

"Yes," she managed to say shyly.

"You can come." They had already discussed that they would hang out
together if he had time between all of the things he needed to get done for
the day.

"Good, I'll be there at around 2:30," Kara said, holding back a sarcastic
reply like, 'Gee thanks, don't sound thrilled or anything.' But she knew he
was anxious to see her, he just isn't usually that eloquent on the phone.

"Ok, I'll see you then, bye."


Sinking into the bath she started to wonder how they had come to this place
in their friendship. She started cataloging her memories. Kara had a very
good memory, especially when it came to emotional milestones in her life.
Sometimes it was a trait of hers that she disliked because it caused her
pain when she couldn't block out the bad memories, but on the other hand she
loved reminiscing about the good times too.

She remembered the first time they met. It was at a meeting for a youth
group they were a part of. She was fifteen and he was seventeen. Tony sat
at the opposite end of a very long table with about ten other people between
he and Kara. He just stared at her throughout the whole meeting. Later
that evening they talked, laughed, and got to know each other without
thinking about what the future may hold in store for them. There was an
instant connection; without knowing it then they committed to being very
good friends for many years to come.

She smiled, when she remembered Tony once told her they had met before that
occasion. He said the first time they met was actually a year before when
she was fourteen and he was sixteen. She was walking through the
neighborhood they lived in. He was out riding his bike and stopped to talk
to her. He wasn't in the habit of stopping to talk to girls that he didn't
know, but he found himself drawn to her and didn't feel inhibited to talk to
her. Not remembering this occasion seemed strange to her. She thought it
was an experience that she would have cataloged carefully in her memory.

"Kara, what are you smiling about?" Jonathon, pulled her out of her


"You were smiling. What is so amusing about our daughter keeping me awake
all night because she was sick?" Jonathon said, annoyance filling his
voice. She knew he had been talking, but she didn't hear a word he said.

"Oh, I was just thinking about mine and Tony's disagreement about how we
met. I've told you about this before." She said, irritation; she wanted to
get back to her thoughts.

"I think I hear Teah calling from her crib. I'll go get her. Enjoy your
memories." Jonathon said.

Returning to her thoughts, Kara remembered how on hot summer nights Tony
sneaked over to her house where she would be sleeping in her back yard. The
first time he came over they moved to the front yard to talk so her parents
wouldn't hear them. When she shivered, he went and got her sleeping bag.
Once he came back with it he tackled her, draping them both under the cover
of the bag. It caught her off guard and it scared her the first time, but
it became a comfort on nights that followed. They would hold and tickle each
other, talk, and share gentle kisses. Eventually they would fall asleep in
each other's arms. In the morning, before it got to light, he would leave
with the unspoken promise that their friendship would always remain intact.

Later, they attended the same college and the same open door policy was
practiced there as well. They always knew that if they needed a friend's
shoulder to cry on they could turn to each other. More often than not it
was Kara running to Tony's side for comfort, but he was willing to give of
himself and she trusted in that. They continued to grow and change.
Sometimes they learned from each other and other times they learned on their
own, but the changes in their separate lives never changed the connection
between them.

After the first year of college their lives went in different directions.
Kara married Jonathon when she was nineteen and Tony married Casey about a
year later. They still trusted that they were close friends. Every six
months or so one would call the other and see how things were going. It was
never difficult for a conversation to pick up and after a few minutes it
would seem like they hadn't been separated for long. The hardest part of
the phone calls came when it was time to say goodbye and they knew they
might not be able to see or hear from each other in a long while.

A few months ago their friendship changed to being in close daily contact
again. The change came when she called him after having the nagging feeling
that she should check in on him and they talked for a couple of hours. At
the end of their talk, Tony said he felt like there was more to talk about
and so he would call her again soon. He had also told her that he was
writing for a popular internet site, so if she wanted to read any of his
work she should visit it.

As soon as she hung up the phone she logged on to the net to see what was
keeping him busy. She found several of his articles and his work email
address. She read the articles and sent an email to Tony complimenting him
on his work and saying 'thank you' for their talk.

The next day she was surprised to receive an email back. In the past they
had attempted to stay close by writing letters and then using email when it
became available to keep each other informed, but Tony was a very busy man
and usually their writings were far in between. This time it was as though
their schedules clicked as they soon fell into a routine of writing to each
other daily. They were building upon the connection they had already
formed, but there was something new about their friendship this time. Even
though she felt like they knew each other well she also felt like they were
getting to know each other all over again, in many new ways.


Driving to Tony's apartment, Kara felt a nervous excitement about seeing him
so she turned up her radio with music that blasted a beat that filled her
body. Singing to her favorite songs, at the top of her lungs, helped her to
drown out, like a tidal wave, any inhibitions or insecure thoughts.

At first she wasn't sure why she felt so nervous, but then she realized it
might have something to do with the email conversation they had on
Wednesday, three days before.

They had been flirting through emails. They liked to tease each other about
who was sexier or who wanted whom more. At one point the conversation
turned and neither one could tell who was telling the truth and who was just
egging the situation on. She tried to remember who turned the conversation
to a more serious note. She was pretty sure it was Tony when he said
"Actually, I'm tempting you to a tryst when we get together this Saturday."
But then again, her memory in this case was foggy because she still wasn't
sure how much of their conversation was truth. She did remember that they
tossed teases back and forth for a while and then he was the first to call
it off. She was proud of that, because she wouldn't have dreamed of really
saying 'yes', but she liked that she played the game. He had said she was
competitive. Since she didn't see it that way she wondered if it was cruel
of her to feel good about holding out the longest. She couldn't stop
herself from thinking that is was just fun.

Parking the car in front of his apartment, the anxiousness to see him almost
consumed her. She felt the urge to just jump out and run as fast as she
could into his arms, but she also wanted to get herself psyched out, so that
she could fill herself with the power to handle anything that might happen.
She waited until a song that she really liked came on the radio and then
blasted it at full volume. She let herself loose, singing loudly and
beating her head like a heavy metal singer, laughing at the thought of
anyone watching her. When the song was over, she took a deep breath,
imagining herself being filled with confidence as she did so, and got out of
the car.

She walked around to the back of the house, where there was a set of stairs
that led down to a large basement apartment. The door was open, so she
slowly walked in, keeping an eye out for signs of Tony.

It was too quiet she thought. She wondered where Tony might have gone.
Noticing his coat lying on the floor, she knew he must not have gone far.

"Hello." She said, not liking the way her voice echoed into the large

"Hi." Tony quickly appeared from one of the bedrooms. He walked over to
her and gave her a big bear hug. Kara loved his hugs. His arms held her so
tight; she found comfort being close to him. He kept holding her as he
said, "I have to clean up a few things around the apartment and then I was
wondering if we could use your car to go run some errands around town."

"Ok, I'll even let you drive."

The afternoon turned out to be very beautiful. It had been raining when she
was driving to his apartment, but while they were out running errands the
sun came out and dried up any traces that it had rained. At one point Tony
said something about how he was glad that the sun had come out for his day
with Kara. She commented back that the sun had come out because he was with
her. He looked at her and smiled with a twinkle in his eye.

Once, when they were in the car, he reached for her hand and held it. The
gesture surprised her at first, but like when he held her in his arms when
they talked it felt natural and comforting.

Another time she brushed her hand across his stomach as she reached for a
drink he had between his legs. She didn't realize she had done so until he
said, "I like it when you touch me there."

She raised her eyebrows at him and said, "You do, huh?" And then gave him a
quick tickle at his waist.

"We need to just Fuck." He said, with a grin.

"But then what would we fantasize about?" Kara asked, with a nervous laugh.

"Fucking the next time."

"Hmmm, that could be nice."

"Kara, you need to say 'fuck' more." Tony said, changing the subject.

"I can't. It's not in my nature."

"How do you know it isn't in your nature?"

"Because it doesn't come naturally. When I say that word it doesn't sound
right coming out of my mouth." She felt like being defiant and she really
didn't understand why some people liked to swear.

"Oh, but it does sound good coming out of mine. Fuck, fuck.fuck." Tony
said with a laugh.

She just laughed in return, feeling relieved that their talk about fucking
each other hadn't gotten serious, but at the same time wishing it had gone

They returned to his apartment; sitting on the couch to relax and talk, Tony
put his arm behind Kara's neck so she could lean her head back on it, but he
wasn't comfortable so he asked her if she wanted to lie down. Before she
could answer, he was laying back on the couch with his head propped up on
one end and beckoning her to snuggle into his arms. A quiet lull came over

Finally, Kara broke the silence, "How much of what we talked about on
Wednesday was truth?"

"Oh, about 85%." He replied. She was silent, not knowing how to respond.

"Suppose we did make love to each other," He went on, in a soft voice, "we
have fun sharing ourselves with each other and we become closer friends.
But then when you go home to Johnathon and Casey comes home to me, let's say
you show Johnathon some things that you learned from me and I do the same
with Casey. Then they might find out and they would be hurt. Our marriages
might end or suffer greatly. I don't think either one of us wants that to
happen." As he spoke he softly stroked his fingers through Kara's hair and
she listened intently.

Kara was still for a long time before she spoke. "I guess the way I saw our
talk on Wednesday is that it was all in fun. I didn't think, not even once,
that we would actually go through with it. I mean I have wondered what it
would be like, and we've talked about that before. But, like you say,
acting upon our fantasies could ruin our marriages as well as our

They talked a while longer about trivial things until she realized that it
was getting late, so the time to say goodbye had come.

He walked her out to her car. She leaned against the door, and Tony to
pressed himself against her whole body to give her a deep hug. As he hugged
her he said, "I love you."

Reassurance filled her as she returned the sentiment, pulling out of his
arms a little, she said, "I had fun today."

"Me too. Are you cold?" Tony asked.
"A little." She admitted with a smile. She wasn't sure if she was shaking
from being cold or from nervousness, but if it was nervousness she wasn't
about to admit it to him. Besides, what did she have to be nervous about,
they had decided against making love to each other, she thought.

"Well, I've got to go, so you can get warm in your car." He said and then
leaned down and kissed Kara gently.

Prickles went up her spine. "Ok," she whispered, "Bye."

He opened her door for her and she got in. Tony lingered a bit, started to
say something, but gave her a wink instead, and then slowly shut the door.

She leaned back into the seat of her car. Feeling euphoric as she thought
about her day with Tony, she couldn't bring herself to put her key in the
ignition. She could see Tony in her rear view mirror, standing on the
sidewalk, he didn't seem to be making any moves to leave either. Closing
her eyes, she sighed and tried to will herself to drive away. Then there
was a tap at the window.

She looked up to see Tony opening her door and before she could ask him what
was going on he was scooping her up in his arms and carrying her into his
apartment. She didn't protest. He laid her down on the floor and whispered
that he would be right back. Her mind was whirling. This was what she
wanted, but it was also what they had decided against. She resolved to just
enjoy the moment with him and face the repercussions later. He came back
with his sleeping bag and draped it over them.

"Woah, de ja vu." Kara said, and they chuckled. It broke some of the

"Are you warm?"

"Yeah." She barely responded. The shivers had disappeared, and a calm
feeling had replaced her nervousness. It was like the calm before a storm.

He told her that he could feel her heart pounding in her stomach, but she
only briefly heard what he said because he started softly kissing her aching
and tender lips.

"Now my heart is pounding in mine. Your lips are so soft, sensual." He

She held her lips close to his, their hot breath mingling. He kissed her
again, this time a little more eager. She bit and sucked his lip. A
burning that was in her bosom moved down to her belly.

He started to kiss her full and hard. As his tongue lingered and tickled
her lips he ever so slightly rocked his hips against her. Now the burning
moved into her labia. She took his tongue into her mouth. It was sweet and
soft, it felt like he knew her likes and dislikes already. His kiss, his
touch, it was everything she had craved and imagined.

She needed to have him closer to her and she was amazed at how fast the
passion took over when she let her tongue come out and lick his lips.

He put one hand behind her head, holding it gently while he dived his face,
with days worth of stubble, into her neck. She couldn't hold back a giggle;
she loved to be kissed there.

Spreading her fingers on his back, she held fast to him, encouraging him to
keep doing his magic work on her. She felt like she couldn't hold him tight
enough, even though she was having trouble breathing from the pressure of
him on top of her.

As if he sensed her feelings, he sat up and started unbuttoning her shirt,
keeping his eyes on her and smiling slightly.

She pulled his shirt off of him and laughed when their arms got tangled up
with each other as they fought to get the other person's shirt off first.
Then she arched her back so that he could get to the clasp on her bra.

Pulling her bra off, he looked at her with awe. There was a soft moonlight
coming through the window, just enough to accentuate her soft curves.

"You are just as I imagined." He said softly, immersing his face in the
bend of her right breast, licking the underside and following the curve
until it went down her side and to her waist. He blew softly on her waist
and stomach, causing her to shudder. She was losing what little control she
had and soon she wouldn't be able to deny him anything.

She began to fight for a position of supremacy as she grabbed him and pushed
him on his back to the floor. How she had longed to touch him, never
knowing that she would find the courage to do it.

Letting her fingers wander down his shoulders and into the silky soft hair
on his chest, she pulled gently on it, watching him shudder from her touch.
She took his boxers and pants off slow and methodically. Glancing up to
smile at him, she then caressed the tips of her fingers lightly between his
thighs, just giving him a small taste of what she could give him.

"Your touch drives me wild," he said. "I love it when you tease me, but
since this is the first time we have acted on our desires I want to show you
how good it can be with me." He took back control by rolling her back to
the floor. Staying next to her, he took off her pants, revealing her black
lace panties underneath. "It's not fair if only one of us is naked." He
said, with a mischievous grin and then slipped her panties off next.

He covered her body with his, molding it to him, making them one. She had
no way of fighting her way back on top, so she dug her nails into his back,
goading him on, as he massaged himself against her, their salty sweat
mixing. He pressed his burning lips into her breasts. She tilted her head
back, exposing her neck to him so that he could trace an acid trail of
kisses into her skin. He trailed his tongue down to her belly and then she
lost all chances of gaining control when his tongue started to work its
magic within her heat.

The stirrings and shakings in her body were taking over, making her weak.
Her arms fell limp to her sides. He held them tight and continued to weave
a spell on her that was carrying her away to his world of enchantment.

Her breathing became heavy and uneven. Along with her spasms a groan
escaped from the deep recesses of her bosom.

Putting her small hands on his face, she pulled him back up to her
possessively. "Do you want me?" She asked, already knowing the answer, but
wanting to hear him to tell her anyway.

"Yes. Goddess, let me take you," he answered wryly.

"You already have me."

He opened her legs gently, wanting to take this moment slow, wanting to make
this moment one that they would remember and savor. He slipped inside of
her moist and beckoning lips. He loved her, worshipped her, and burned
within her. Now they had connected themselves in another world, a world
where they only knew each other.

Kara looked up to see Tony tapping at her window. She rolled it down.

"What?" She said, coming out of her daze.

"Is something wrong with your car?"

"Ummm.No. I just wasn't quite ready to leave yet."

"Are you ok?" He asked, with real concern in his voice.

"Yes," came her reply, after a moment to decide how she wanted to respond.

"Ok, well, I'll see you then," he said, with reluctance, then he waved
goodbye and left.

She put in her key, started her car and slowly drove away. On the way home
she played the encounter over and over in her mind. Was it real? Did it
happen or had she just been playing out a fantasy in her mind? Maybe they
had been together in deeper ways than she could imagine that day after all.
It seemed so real, but she didn't dare acknowledge it, if it was real,
because she knew it would be better if their night of passion remained a
Friends That Love
By Arina Divine
Copyright January 2000
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