Moonlight Madness
by Lybbe
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"Why do I always feel so horny when there's a full moon?"

Alexa was sitting by the lake in a wooden deck chair. Her colleague, Dr.
Peter Murphy, was sitting beside her. They had been discussing the day's
dig at the cemetery. They had been hired by the Chippewa people to find
the exact location of an ancient burial ground. Both were reknowned
archeologists. Both taught at the nearby University. And both had given
up their summer vacations to work on this project.

"Gee Alex, I have no idea. Why DO you feel horny when there's a full

"Damned if I know. But I'll tell you Pete, one word from you and we're
going to explore the ancient teachings of the Moon Goddess. I'm worn
out, but I know an good fuck would do me a world of good."

Peter and Alexa went back a long way. They worked well together. They
met when they were undergraduates, studying in Israel. A sense of
loneliness and a common interest in anthropology threw them together
in more ways than one. They became lovers for a short time, but soon
realized they were too much alike to ever make a go of a serious
relationship. Both were driven by their work. Both were too egocentric
to give enough to another.

"Since when did you have to wait for a word from me? You never have
before. Aren't you the one who keeps dropping by in the middle of the
night for 'tension relief?' Isn't that what you call it?" Peter was
laughing. They were lucky to have each other. They were good in bed
together and neither expected any commitment.

Alexa stood up and walked toward the lake. "Look how the moon hits
the water. It's like a pathway to a secret place."

She was wearing khaki shorts and a snow-white sleeveless undershirt.
Her bra-less breasts were clearly defined in the pale light. Working outside
all day in the sun had stained her skin to a glorious shade of tan, and
her blonde hair was bleached almost white.

She turned to face Peter. "How about it Doc? When was the last time you
screwed in the water?" She pulled the shirt up over her head and tossed
it up onto the beach. She cupped her naked breasts in her hands as if
offering them to him. Peter stood up. He didn't move. "My god Alex...the
moonlight makes you glow."

He watched as Alexa removed her shorts. She was standing knee-deep in
the calm lake, and he had no choice but to ditch his clothes and follow
her in.

"Last one under goes down first," she yelled as she dove into the water.

"You're always presenting such interesting challenges. I'd be a fool to
try to win."

"Atta boy Pete. You're with the program." She swam up to him and hooked
her legs around his waist. She clasped her hands behind his neck and
kissed him full on the mouth. "It's not the moon at all. It's you. You
make me so goddam horny. Sometimes I want to ravage you right there in
the cemetery. You have no idea how much I want to do it on a tombstone."

"Probably not a good idea," he whispered. "You'd get us both fired." He
sucked her tongue into his mouth. His hands pulled her ass toward
him...willing her inside him. He wanted to be part of this elusive
woman. He knew better than to push.

Alexa reached her hand down and found his cock. The buoyancy of the
water made it float. She giggled. "No problems standing up nice and
straight out here. The water will never let you down." She pushed him
inside. They became one being. She was mesmerized by the moonlit glow
on the water. He was mesmerized by her inhibition, and by her obvious
need for him.

"You weren't kidding were you...I can't remember the last time you
jumped my bones like this."

"Shut up doc. Get to the good parts. Look at how my tits float in the
water. Doesn't that give you ideas?"

Peter set her back down in the water. The moonlight shining on her
breasts accentuated their whiteness contrasted against her tanned skin.
"You should spend time working topless sweetie. Although I have to
admit, this zebra stripe is very exotic looking." He reached out and
pinched each brown nipple until they stood out proudly from her breasts.
His mouth covered each one in turn, sucking lightly, licking the
surface. The heat from his mouth and the cool of the water provided
sensations never felt on dry land.

He grabbed Alexa's hand and pulled her toward shore. "The water's too
deep here. Come in to shallow water and I'll make you wonder why you
ever let me out of your sight."

Peter sat in the water just off the edge of the beach. His cock was
stiff and molded to his belly. He pulled Alexa on top of him. She
positioned her self over his penis so that it entered her to its full
length. "Oh god, Pete...that's SO good!" She rocked herself slowly on
him, undulating her hips with the rhythmic lapping of the waves on
the shore.

"This is where they did it you know. The original people. They fucked
under the full moon to guarantee a good hunting season. I know they
did. I can feel it. can hear them whisper." Alexa's hair was
wild and wet, and except for the colour, she could have been a wild
forest creature. Her body was tuned to the coupling. All her energy
focused on achieving one goal.

Peter gripped her hips tightly as she rocked on his cock. He tried to
direct her movement, but she was in control. She locked her eyes with
Peter's. "I want you to watch my face when I come. I want you to
describe it for me. I want you to tell me how I look to you."

She stopped talking. Her rocking never stopped. She was sitting
straight up on Peter's cock with her hands gripping his thighs. Her
breathing quickened. A low growling moan came from somewhere in
the back of her throat. The tight muscles of her vagina gripped and
loosened in time with her rocking. She pushed her cunt forward, so her
clit rubbed against her impaler on every downward stroke. Gentle waves
washed over her ass and up to Peter's chest, adding an abrasive quality to
her fuck. "Oh god Peter...oh god oh god oh god oh god oh god!" Peter felt
her inner muscles grip him like a small hand. She threw back her head
and let it go...the moan became a full-throated expression of fulfilled
desire. She became a wild animal howling at the moon. When her spasms
subsided, she fell forward onto Peter's chest and lay quietly trying to
regain her breath. He stroked her hair and kissed her ear. "Feel better
now? I wish I could capture that look of wanton desire forever..."

"Well, my little pagan, that was quite a performance. I wish I was an
artist and could capture the look of your face on canvas. You really
have no idea how beautiful you are."

Alexa smiled. "We're not done yet doctor. That was just a warm-up." She
disengaged herself from his cock and got down on all fours on the
shoreline. Peter aligned himself behind her. His fingers traced a path
from her clit to her ass. She shivered. "More Peter. Don't stop." He
kept stroking her nether parts. His long middle finger entered her slick
opening. "Here. Taste yourself. You taste and smell like sex. You could
stop a war in progress with this smell."

Alexa sucked hungrily at his finger. "Umm..." she mumbled. "Now Peter!
I want you IN me!"

Peter slipped his cock into her waiting orifice. His hands pulled her
hips closer to him. She pushed herself back onto his cock. The waves
were gently lapping up over both of them. They didn't have to work at a
rhythm; it came naturally. They were like dancers, performing an ancient
druid ritual under the moon and stars.

His pace increased. She braced herself in the sand; her hands and knees
disappearing as the waves washed up around her. He could feel his nerve
endings joining force until they were all centered in his groin. He
placed the palm of his right hand on the base of her spine and pressed
his thumb against her puckered opening. "Agghh!! YES! Oh god Peter!
More!!" He pushed his thumb all the way in. She bucked against it as he
threw back his head and howled at the moon. His cock pumped its hot
salty load into her, throbbing in time with her own spasms. They
collapsed in a jumble of arms and legs. The warm lake water washed up
over their backs, cleaning them. Renewing them. Alexa was the first to

"Why do I always feel so horny when there's a full moon?"
Moonlight Madness © Lybbe 1998
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