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Seduction © Lynne den Hartog 1999. All Rights Reserved.
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As I got off the plane the heat hit me full in the face. Having just come
from the freezing cold of a European winter I wasn't exactly dressed for a
temperature of 85 degrees. I slipped out of my thick jumper and pushed it
into my travelling bag. After clearing customs I looked around for a taxi
to take me to the cabin that I'd hired for ten days. I noticed the
diversity of architecture in the buildings of the main street of P. and
listened to the Spanish speaking voices around me. I wondered if they were
really as excited as they sounded? I'd chosen Puerto Rico as my destination
after seeing a travel program about it on the BBC, and it really appealed
to me. It was the first time I had been on holiday without my husband and
kids since I'd been married, and I was feeling a little apprehensive,
especially as it was the first time that I'd ever been out of Europe. If it
hadn't been for the legacy I'd received from my great aunt our finances
would never have allowed it.

In fact my husband hadn't been keen on the idea, saying we could use the
money much better for some new household goods, but for once I'd been
adamant. This would probably be the last chance I would have of seeing
something of the world, and all my life I'd been putting home and family
first. There was another reason too, I wanted to have some time on my own
to think about my marriage. My husband had never been very romantic, but
these days he hardly seemed to notice me, and I was fed up of being taken
for granted. He'd been taken by surprise by my determination to make this
trip, and eventually had accepted my decision, but I knew he wasn't
pleased about it.

A taxi stopped for me and the driver helped me in with my bag. He spoke
excellent English, and I realized that he was flirting with me. When I
told him my destination he even asked what a beautiful woman was doing on
holiday without a man beside her! Hmmm, not the type of comment that you
would get from a typical Dutch taxi driver who would probably be too
worried about getting a slap in the face! But I wasn't offended, in fact I
was quite flattered. It was a long time since anyone had called me a
beautiful woman, and although I realized that it was just a game to him I
didn't let that spoil my enjoyment of the compliment.

When we arrived I made sure to give him a big tip and was rewarded by a
huge grin and the hope that I would have a great time. I got out my key,
and inspected the cabin that was to be my home for the next ten days. It
wasn't very big, but it looked clean and comfortable enough. After putting
my clothes in the cupboards I popped out to get some groceries and when I
got back I made myself a couple of sandwiches and then decided to try out
the shower as I felt hot and sticky. It was strong and powerful, so much
so that I was tempted to use it for other purposes than just to get clean,
but I didn't have the energy. Iin fact as soon as I'd dried myself off and
slipped between the crisp clean sheets I slept for three solid hours.

By the time I woke up the sun was already sinking below the horizon and,
dressing quickly in cut off jeans and a halter top, I made my way down to
the deserted beach to catch the last moments of the impressive sun-set. It
was a beautiful sight. The sky was glowing with every possible shade of red
and orange and, sitting cross-legged on the sand, I drank in every moment
of it. I was so engrossed that it was a shock to suddenly hear a voice
behind me. Turning I found myself looking into the most beautiful eyes I
have ever seen in a man - the reflection of the dying sunset giving them an
added mysterious gleam. He had been speaking in Spanish and probably
noticed my puzzled look as he switched to an accented English.

"Beautiful isn't it?" His voice was dark and sensuous and sent shivers up
my spine. Looking more closely I realized that he was a lot younger than
me, twenty years younger at least I guessed, but immediately I felt a
strange attraction to him. He wasn't handsome in the classical sense of the
word, but there was something about him that took my breath away. I didn't
know what it was, but I could suddenly feel my heart beating in my throat,
and found myself at a loss for words.

"Would it be an imposition if I asked to sit here?" I shook my head and he
crouched down on the sand beside me, staring at the sun which had now
almost completely sunk into the sea. It was a magical moment, neither of
us speaking but joined in our thoughts by the beauty of nature.

But all too soon it was over, and turning to the stranger I said "Do you
come here often?"

It wasn't until the words were out of my mouth that I realized how stupid
they sounded, but he just smiled, and said "I've come here every evening
since I arrived." I was surprised as I'd assumed that he was a local, but
it turned out that he too was on holiday as he actually lived near San Juan
about 200 kilometers away. He explained that he was a student and was
taking advantage of the peace and quiet to do some studying for his finals
year. He told me that his name was Amador, but when I told him that it was
a beautiful name he shrugged his shoulders, and said it was just
embarrassing. In answer to my questioning look he grinned and said "You
see, Amador means 'lover' in Spanish."

"Oh" I said, and to my horror I found I was blushing. He must have thought
me a complete idiot, but how was he to know the directions that my
thoughts had been taking ever since I had looked up and seen the dark
figure standing over me. Actually I hoped fervently that he didn't suspect.
In fact I had deliberately avoided looking directly into his face since
that first moment, as I was afraid my feelings could be read in my eyes.
But who was I kidding? He probably thought of me like he would one of his
mother's friends (and suddenly memories of The Graduate flashed into my
mind. Just call me Mrs Robinson I thought!) I was surprised that he wasn't
already making a move to leave, but he actually seemed to be enjoying our
conversation, and then I realized that he was asking me whether I would
like to join him for a drink in the little cafeteria which was part of the
cabin complex. I agreed eagerly and as we walked back together along the
beach I was aware of the proximity of our bodies. It was almost as if he
generated a heat which overpowered the warmth of the tropical night.

We had to pass my cabin on the way to the bar, and on impulse I said
"Look, I'm not really dressed for an evening out, would you mind having a
drink here instead?" Somehow I expected him to say no, and he did
hesitate for a moment, but then he nodded his head and followed me into my
cabin. Luckily I'd got in a couple of beers and a bottle of the local
liqueur, so I did actually have something to offer him. (Actually I had
quite a lot I'd like to offer him, but I doubted if he would be

I switched on the radio, tuned in to a music station and then poured the
drinks. At first the conversation was a little awkward, but after a while
(and a couple of glasses of alcohol) we seemed to become more comfortable
with each other. As we talked I couldn't resist touching him occasionally
on his hand, and I even let my hand rest on his leg for a moment. As he
didn't run I began to get bolder, and asked if he minded moving from the
kitchen chairs we were sitting on to a more comfortable seat. He agreed and
soon we were sitting close together on the settee. So far I had been making
all the moves, but he hadn't objected to anything I had done so far, and a
small flame of hope began to burn deep inside me that he was not completely
indifferent. But I was afraid of making my advances too obvious just in
case it repulsed him. I had noticed that the alcohol was relaxing him, and
he began to talk about himself. He told me he still lived with his parents.
It seemed that was quite normal in Latin countries but it surprised me.

"Um, don't answer me if I'm embarrassing you, but you can't have much
privacy when you want to take your girlfriend back to your place."

The silence that greeted my remark made me think I had been too intrusive,
and I noticed that he was blushing. I decided to change the subject, but
realized that he was now answering me, and I was astonished by what he

"I've never had a girlfriend to take back."

I thought I hadn't heard him properly. I realized that he was shy, but
surely there were girls in this country who wouldn't be discouraged by

He was an attractive man, and from what I'd seen of his personality I
couldn't understand his never having been out with a girl. Then another
thought struck me, perhaps he was a homosexual? So much for my seduction
attempts if he was! But, no, he was speaking again.

"Things don't seem to work out. Girls just seem to see me as a friend."

"Well, they must be fools then!" It was out before I could stop myself.
Now it was obvious how I felt, and it was my turn to blush. I felt his eyes
on my face and looking up I experienced the same drowning sensation I had
felt before.

"Do you find me attractive then?" he asked. I almost laughed at the
surprise in his voice and decided to be completely honest with him. It
would have one of two results, either he would stand up and run,
or......... Well, the "or" was what I was hoping for.

"Yes, I do find you attractive. Very attractive. In fact if I was a few
years younger or you a few years older, I probably wouldn't be able to keep
my hands off you!" (thinking I could hardly keep my hands off him as it

He swallowed, and I saw he was having difficulty getting his next sentence
out. I had a sinking feeling in my stomach that he was about to bid me
farewell and flee from this crazy old lady, but I almost fell over
backwards at his next words.

"Why should age make any difference? I mean......... I find you very
attractive too." I couldn't believe my ears. Suddenly my fantasy had taken
a step nearer towards becoming reality, and, plucking up all my courage, I

"Does that mean you'd like to sleep with me?"

He didn't speak, but slowly he began to nod his head. I had realized by
now that he was not going to make the first move and that I had now taken
on the role of seductress, but at least I knew now that my advances
wouldn't be repulsed. I reached out and touched his cheek and moving closer
I placed my mouth on his. Gently I pushed my tongue against his lips and
his mouth opened to accept it. I sensed that this was the first time he had
ever French kissed and looking down I realized that he was already hard.
Taking his hand I led him into the bedroom and slowly began to remove his
clothes. I noticed he was trembling and I murmured reassuring words into
his ear. "Don't be nervous. Just follow my lead. I'm going to show you how
wonderful sex can be and teach you how to give the most pleasure possible
to a woman."

I ran my fingers over his young body feeling his muscles tense under my
touch. "Would you like to see me naked?" I asked. He nodded and I began to
do a striptease to the strains of the music on the radio. He couldn't take
his eyes off my body and when I was standing dressed only in my underwear
(black lace panties and bra) I saw his hand move almost involuntarily to
his cock and he began to stroke himself. "Wo lover" I said "You don't have
to do that this time. That's my job!" and moving towards him I took him in
my hand and began to stroke him gently until his breath was coming in huge
heaves and I knew that if I didn't stop soon he would come in my hand.

That wasn't what I wanted, so I stopped and asked him "Could you undo my
bra please?" Strangely enough this seemed to embarrass him more than what I
had been doing so far but he reached around my back and, using both hands,
he undid the clip so that my bra fell to the floor revealing my C cup
breasts. He just stood there and stared at me, so I took his hand and
placed it on my right breast moulding his fingers around my nipple. He
began to roll it between his fingertips and thumb and I moaned softly. He
was obviously learning and his other hand reached out for my left breast
and mirrored his efforts. I pressed myself against him, until our pelvises
were grinding into each other and kissed him again hard on the mouth. This
time his tongue entered my mouth first and I could feel the passion and
desperation of it.

I knew that if I let him he would enter me and have his orgasm within
seconds, but I wanted to teach him well, so took his hands in mine and led
him to the bed. I was enjoying looking at his body ready for its first
experience with a woman, but I wanted him to know how to make a woman
enjoy herself too, so I told him to watch what I was doing. I took my
breast and brought my nipple to my mouth. Languidly I licked all around it
before taking it in my mouth and sucking on it gently. I noticed that he
was again touching himself, and although I enjoyed watching himself
pleasure himself I shook my head slightly, and, almost guiltily, he
stopped what he was doing.

I then moved my hand between my legs and moistened my middle finger by
pressing it gently into myself and began to slide it along the side of my
clit, making sure that he had a good view of what I was doing.
Occasionally I would stop what I was doing to run my hands along my body,
lingering on my stomach and the inside of my thighs, caressing my nipples
and then returning to my clit. He was engrossed in the show I was giving
him, and suddenly moved towards me. His hands began to follow my lead and
his mouth closed over my nipple. Oh my God, that felt so good. He was a
good pupil, and I knew it wouldn't be long before I came. Then I felt him
pushing against me and taking him in my hand I guided him into me. For a
second he almost lost it and began to pump into me so quickly that I knew
he couldn't help but come in a few seconds 'Slower, darling, you want to
make this last don't you?" I didn't think he would have the will-power but
slowly his movements slowed down and I kissed him gently on the lips as I
began to enjoy the feelings of our intertwined bodies.

I encouraged him to finger my clit whilst he moved in me. I gently squeezed
his balls to hold him back until I too was on the brink, and then said
"Yes, now, I'm going to cum." His movements quickened and his whole body
was trembling as, with a gasp, he came deep inside my body, and I joined
him in his climax.

Afterwards we lay side beside on the bed, both of us enjoying the
aftermath of sex. He kissed my ear and whispered into it "Thank you amor,
for teaching me this lesson."

" I still have a lot of new and wonderful things to teach you, Amador. This
was just the first lesson. What do you feel about completing the course?"

A broad grin lit up his face as he said,"I think this will be one course I
shall really enjoy."

Seduction © Lynne den Hartog 1999. All Rights Reserved.
Do not reproduce or distribute without the expressed
written consent of the author.

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