The Envelope, Please

By Kelly Riente

January 2003
Kelly sat on the quiet beach of west Barbados, far away from the activity of
excited tourists. She dug her toes through the hot sand as she stared out
at the beautiful blue waves gently licking the shore. An envelope addressed
to the states lay beside her. She fell back into the soft blanket of
powdery sand and closed her eyes.

She left Wisconsin exactly one year today, a world away and a lifetime ago.
Her fingers lightly traced the envelope's edges. Shaking hands lifted it to
her lips. She smiled softly at the sense of dejavu that instantly washed
over her. A little white envelope, exactly like the one she held at that
moment, changed her life once before. For the first time since her arrival
on this enchanted island, she allowed herself to remember, and to wonder.

* * *

January 2002
She'd been waiting for this day her whole life. Kelly ran to Alan's desk
and threw her arms around his neck.

"You have to help me celebrate," she declared, as she planted an innocent
kiss on his cheek.

Alan was slightly taken aback by her excitement. "Wow, what are we
celebrating?" He spun around in his chair. Kelly's radiance at that moment
left him stunned. He'd seen her shining smile almost everyday, but as he
noticed delighted tears sparkling in her eyes, he saw her in a light he
hadn't before.

"We are celebrating this." Kelly handed him a small folded piece of paper.

Alan's jaw dropped open. "You sold the script!" He exclaimed, staring down
at her check. "What are you going to do with all that money?"

"Plastic surgery or the Caribbean. Haven't decided yet," she laughed,
knowing the choice had been made the day she wrote that story. "I owe you
for providing such delicious inspiration," Kelly emphasized as she ran her
tongue along her lips, "so drinks are on me."

"You do owe me. In fact, I think you should give me half of that check," he
teased her.

"Don't hold your breath on that one."

"Well, then you could at least bring me to the Caribbean with you."

Kelly smiled. "It would be my pleasure."

Alan stared into her blue eyes, wondering if she really would take him to
some exotic paradise. "When do you want to celebrate your newfound
success?" he asked, "and where should we go?"

"This weekend and let me surprise you." Mixed emotions tore at Kelly's

That Saturday, Kelly drove Alan to a quiet, secluded hideaway, far away from
the city lights and busy streets. A shimmering blanket of snow covered the
entire scene, painting a picture so beautiful it seemed surreal. The scent
of pine teased their noses and the only sound came from the crackling fire.
From their spot on the floor in front of the stone fireplace, they watched
the setting sun dance off the frozen lake. The sunset filtering in through
the windows and the firelight at their feet bathed the rustic cabin with a
warm, inviting glow.
They sat in silence, cuddled in a soft blanket. Their eyes traveled from
the fire to the lake to each other. For one night, they forgot all the
reasons why their friendship was wrong and indulged in a moment that felt so
right. Kelly didn't bring Alan to this romantic lodge to seduce him. She
brought him there to say goodbye.
Long after the sun crossed below the horizon and long after the roaring
flames of the fire quieted to steamy coals, Kelly and Alan talked. Even in
her sweetest dreams, Kelly never imagined such a perfect last night with one
of her favorite people. They talked the way they once did, without
reservations or cowardliness. They shared dreams and heartaches, wishes and
regrets. Their bodies tangled together with both surging sexual energies
and the comfort of old friends. All through the night, they laughed; they
touched; they embraced, nothing more and nothing less.

Kelly noticed the eastern sky brightening and a single teardrop slid down
her cheek. She quickly brushed it away before Alan noticed. Her mind
turned to the one airline ticket in her purse, round-trip to Barbados with
an open return. She didn't know when, or even if, she'd be coming back.
She opened her mouth to tell Alan her plans, but as she looked into his
amazing eyes, she changed her mind. He deserved so much more than words.

"You know Kel," Alan interrupted her thoughts, "I still fantasize about
watching you touch yourself. I imagine you thinking of me as you slide one,
two, three fingers in and out, in and out, getting all wet and juicy, all
because of me."

"I want to do something special for you," Kelly whispered. "Will you let

Alan hesitated, unsure of what she was asking.

"Trust me," she insisted.

He nodded. For whatever reason (perhaps the late hour or perhaps a sixth
sense about that moment), Alan felt too emotional to speak. Instead, he
simply ran his fingers through her soft hair.
Kelly slipped off his shoes and socks. With a gentle touch, she massaged
his feet.

"You once told me a good foot rub is better than sex, so why don't you lay
back and let me blow your...uh... mind," her husky voice commanded in a much
more seductive tone than she intended.

"Tell me, Kelly," Alan began, leaning back against the foot of the nearby
bed, "if things were different, if there were no tomorrow, what would you do
to me right now?"

If only you knew, Kelly thought as she placed her body between his legs.
Her lips brushed lightly against his, not really in a kiss, more a simple
closeness. Silky hands traveled up his legs, over his chest and wrapped
around his shoulders. With her head nuzzled against the crook of his neck,
she held tight. When Kelly finally let go, she moved back down. As she
rubbed his feet, she told him in vivid detail exactly what she would do to
him if there were no tomorrow.

Before departing for Barbados, Kelly set her camcorder on a tripod and
filmed herself. She swayed to sexy Latino music as she stripped off her
clothing, teasing the camera, making love to the lens. She squeezed her
nipples. She reached inside her thong and tickled her clit. Forgetting the
camera, she ripped her panties at the seam and tossed them aside. She
spread her legs for him and let him see her dip her fingers into her pussy,
stroking her G-spot. She alternated hands, sucking on one and fondling with
the other; no reservations, no hesitations, no restraints.

Closing her eyes, she pictured Alan, imagined how his hands would feel on
her. Her touch grew harder, more persistent. Her moans grew louder, less
inhibited. Her vagina grew wetter, aroused and very open. She showed the
camera; she showed Alan. As she neared her first orgasm, she opened her
eyes and stared into the lens, letting him see all the emotion in her eyes,
as well as her body. She didn't stop there; multiple orgasms, numerous
poses, unlimited angles. She wanted him to see it all. When her body
tingled and throbbed in a state of spent exhaustion, she smiled, blew him a
kiss and faded to black.

When Alan returned to work on Monday, a carefully sealed package awaited on
his desk. Inside he found three objects –a pink note, a chocolate kiss and
an unmarked video. He unfolded the note and smiled as the scent of her
perfume drifted around him.

"Alan," the note read, "there are those who watch from the shore always
wondering what they're missing. Then there are those who swim with the
sharks and discover a world of beauty and intrigue they never even knew
existed. Its time to get my feet wet. Someday you'll meet me there. Until
then, I wanted to give you something unforgettable. Enjoy the video. PS-
Thank you. You are always in my dreams."

Alan blinked several times. A moment of sadness overcame him, but deep down
he wasn't surprised. Some unexplainable connection told him from the
beginning that when she eventually left, it would be like this. Perhaps she
would return, or maybe just maybe, he really would visit her in some
tropical paradise, even if only in a dream.

* * *

February 2003
From the moment he stepped off the plane, the indescribable beauty of the
island left him breathless.

"Alan, welcome to Barbados." A dark-skinned man with a thick Caribbean
accent and a friendly smile approached with a light slap on his back. "I am
Nell Ramón."

"Alan Cook," he replied, shaking Nell's outstretched hand.

"I certainly hope so," Nell responded with a deep, boisterous laugh.

They talked as they made their way around the small terminal. The
contagious enthusiasm in Nell's voice as he spoke of Kelly quickly melted
away Alan's initial disappointment at her absence.

"Wait ‘til you see her smile," Nell promised. "She glows like the sun, mon.
You two must be very close."

Alan smiled. "And are you two close?" He had to know.

"Ah, to know her is to love her," Nell answered with a wink. "Her wish is
my command."

"So you are her..." Alan started. He still had to know.

"Assistant," Nell interrupted, bowing at the waist.

Alan's imagination ran wild as they drove along the ocean in Nell's rustic
jeep. He thought back to their last night together, locked away in that
simple log cabin, the image of her lips wrapped around his penis, her tongue
sliding along his balls. For a full year he'd held onto that memory. Not a
day passed without her crossing his mind in some small fashion. If he had
known that night was goodbye, he would have ravaged her body with all the
suppressed hunger of years denial. He would have tattooed her mind with the
same kind of delicious memories she left with him. He would have touched
her heart, body and soul, whatever it took to make her want to stay.

Nell drove past all the wealthy tourists and bathing beauties until they
reached a more remote, slightly residential part of the island. Here
luscious greens and shady palm trees lined the waters. Alan breathed in the
tropical ocean breeze. As he looked around in awe at this amazing new
world, he knew he'd made the right decision.
A month ago when he received the round-trip airline ticket in the mail, he
wasn't sure he should come. The ticket, which was completely refundable,
came alone in the little white envelope –no note, no explanation, no
invitation. He knew it was from Kelly, a small part of him had been waiting
a long time for that envelope, yet he hesitated. He didn't know anything
about her new life –where she lived, what she did, who she'd met. What
would he be getting into? He struggled back and forth, but deep down he
knew these would be the most incredible two weeks of his life and he'd be an
absolute fool to live with the regret of not going. So he took a deep
breath, boarded the plane and found himself lost in paradise.

Nell stopped the jeep. "Enjoy your stay in Barbados, Alan. It was a
pleasure to meet you," Nell said, extending a hand.

"Aren't you coming?" Alan asked, his nervousness starting to surface.
Nell laughed. "No, mon. Kelly will meet you," he replied, pointing towards
the shoreline, roughly 100 feet away.

Alan thanked him, grabbed his bag and slowly made his way to the ocean. One
woman strolled along the otherwise deserted beach. She carried her sandals
in one hand and her long blonde hair blew in the gentle wind. A delicate
white sundress cut short and low showed off her perfectly tanned legs. Alan
stared at the beauty, recognizing Kelly but amazed at how much she'd changed
in only one year. She looked natural and relaxed and radiant and
deliriously happy. He could see the laughter shining in her eyes even from
this distance.

Sensing his eyes on her, Kelly turned around and caught his eye. Her mouth
hung open for a moment before an excited yelp escaped her. She ran to him.
As fast as her feet would carry her, she flew into his waiting arms.

The following days moved at the tranquil pace of an exotic island. Kelly
showed him places too beautiful for words. She revealed her simple life –a
writer for the Barbados tourism department, a studio condo facing the ocean,
none of the frills and luxuries found so necessary in the states. She
traded her car for a motorbike. She traded her television for a camera.
She traded her stilettos for sandals. And most importantly, she traded her
tears for laughter. Kelly welcomed Alan into her new world as if he had always
been a part of it.

"Am I still in your dreams?" Alan asked one night as they lay on the sandy
shore, flat on their backs watching the sunset turn the sky into shades of
violet he'd never before seen.

"You are my dream," she whispered.

"When are you coming home?" he wanted to know.

Kelly kissed him. "I am home." His heart knew she was right.
"Tomorrow I want to take you somewhere special."

"I can't wait," he responded. "Everything with you is special."

The next morning, the front door of Kelly's condo burst open during
breakfast and in walked the most striking woman Alan ever laid eyes on. Her
big blue eyes matched Kelly's, as did the length of her shiny black hair
stretching midway down her back. Bronzed, flawless skin curved in the most
delicious formation a man could imagine. Long legs carried her 5'8 figure
with strength and grace as she swayed into the room. Large, full breasts
accented a tiny waist and her smile, her perfect smile, lit up more than the

Kelly squealed in delight and rushed to throw her arms around this amazon
beauty. Something in the way the two girls clung to each other created
powerful pictures in Alan's imagination; their bodies pressed together with
such genuine excitement. He couldn't help himself.

"You're back," Kelly exclaimed. "He's here. You have to meet him."

Kelly took the woman's hand and led her to the table. "I'd like you to meet
my best friend in the world, Julie Mason. Julie," Kelly added, kissing
Alan's cheek, "this is Alan."

Following the introductions, Alan learned that Julie wasn't native to the
island, as he had presumed. She'd known Kelly years before Alan. Fate
stepped in and two childhood friends found each other in this magical land.

"I'm taking Alan to Serenity Springs this afternoon," Kelly said after
awhile. "You have to join us."

Julie promised to catch up with them by evening.

As it turned out, Serenity Springs wasn't actually springs at all, but an
incredible waterfall hidden within a private cove. Thick woodlands
encircled the cove. Sunlight flooded the water, warming it with an alluring

"You didn't tell me to bring a swimsuit," Alan scolded Kelly.

"I know," she responded with a wink.

Alan watched as Kelly stripped down to her bra and panties. She brushed
against him seductively before diving into the water.

"Yeah, baby!" Alan stripped down and followed.

He caught up to her under the trickling waterfall. She lost her footing and
grabbed for him. They both fell beneath the inviting surface. Alan's hands
inadvertently graced her breasts. He lingered on her silky skin a moment
too long to call it an accident. Kelly emerged from the water, glistening
as the sunlight sparkled off the droplets. She smoothed her hair out of her
eyes and in doing so arched her body in a very sensuous angle. Alan sucked
in a deep breath as he watched her.

"You know, Alan," Kelly whispered in his ear, "rules don't apply in this
world." She took his hand. Lacing her fingers over his, she placed his
palm against her thigh and slowly slid it upwards. He wrapped his arm
around her waist. He felt her stomach muscles tighten as he drew her near.

With a deep breath, Kelly again slipped beneath the surface. She pulled his
briefs aside and, completely under the water, with one long motion swept her
tongue from behind his balls to the base of his shaft and up over the tip.
She emerged for air, went down and did it again, this time holding his sack
in her mouth for a moment. And again, but instead of stopping at the tip,
she ran her lips back down.

Alan stood there stunned, knowing exactly what he wanted to do but unsure of
what he would do. This time when Kelly came up to the surface, they weren't

Julie placed a finger to her lips to encourage Alan's silence as she snuck
up behind Kelly. Julie pressed against Kelly's back, forcing Kelly to lean
into Alan. Gliding her hands from Kelly's shoulders down her arms, Julie
whispered huskily to her in a voice too low for Alan to hear. Kelly giggled
softly and spun around to embrace her friend.

The three of them splashed playfully in the water, teasing and flirting as
if no time had passed for Kelly and Alan and as if Alan and Julie were old
friends. Alan couldn't take his eyes off these women. Together they made
an incredible, beautiful combination. There was something undeniably erotic
in the way they interacted with each other, in their words, in their
movements, in their touches. Alan's dirty mind reeled with all kinds of
pleasurable images. He wondered exactly how close those two really were.

As if reading his mind, Kelly approached Alan from the front. Julie
approached from behind. The two women sandwiched him in a tantalizing web
of bodies. Julie reached her arms all the way around Alan so they rested on
Kelly's ass. Kelly slowly fingered the hairs on Alan's chest, enjoying the
feel of his erection pulsating against her thigh. After a moment, Kelly led
them both through the waterfall to a small inlet on the other side. Here a
comfortable ledge dangled just above the water and several large, flat rocks
provided a dry refuge.

Kelly took Julie to the ledge. Alan watched as the two women kissed. And
not just any kiss either. Their lips touched, gentle and firm, as they
locked together in an almost loving manner. Alan's raging hard-on grew even
more eager as that gentle kiss turned into hungry aggression. Tongues
overflowed in the two women's mouths. Hands explored and squeezed -faces,
backs, thighs, tits... no region left unprobed.

Alan moaned. Videos, pictures, stories, nothing did justice to the
unbelievable turn on of seeing two women actually fucking right before his
eyes, close enough to touch. Kelly turned at the sound of his voice and
smiled at his obvious pleasure. She broke free from Julie's incessant kiss,
trailed a hand from Julie's jaw down to her pussy, gave her a quick
promising stroke and approached Alan.

Kelly guided Alan to one of the large rocks. He leaned back as she ran her
mouth along his cock. She climbed on top of him and shoved a stiffened
nipple between his teeth. He sucked, hard, and she cried out in pained
ecstasy. She placed his hands on the inside of her thighs. Leaning into
him, pressing and rubbing against his seething body, Kelly whispered in his
ear. "Do you want to watch?"

He grabbed a fistful of hair and kissed her, biting her lip with passion
he'd only dreamt about. "Yes," he breathed as his tongue groped the inside
of her mouth.

Kelly lingered with Alan for a moment, searching his body with her hands.
She massaged his dick with her breasts. She wetted the tip of his cock with
her tongue and tasted his balls with her mouth. Then she rejoined Julie on
the adjoining ledge.

The two women looked amazing together; Julie's dark hair and bronzed skin
against Kelly's sun-kissed locks and golden tones. But their eyes, their
bright, powerful eyes, matching in intensity and hypnosis, entranced Alan
with their emotion. He couldn't look away. Kelly locked in on his gaze and
for maybe the first time in all the years he'd known her, he realized that
her feelings toward him were more than sexual. For them to have gotten this
far, to be intimate enough to not only indulge fantasies but to share in
them, a word hasn't been invented yet to describe their relationship.
Lovers –no; Friendship –perhaps but with something more, something horny and
erotic, yet intimate and respectable. Perhaps they were simply close
friends, the type of friendship Kelly seemed to share with Julie, something
unique only to them and understandable only by them.

When Kelly and Julie made love, it wasn't the Playboy-type raunchy sex men
invent in their penis-driven brains. They didn't shove a dildo in each
other's asses and dive straight for the pussy. The interaction they showed
Alan was much more gripping, much more emotional and tender and genuine.
They weren't posing for orchestrated pictures or being directed for a video.
They simply enjoyed each other and intertwined their bodies naturally.

The two women faced each other. They took turns caressing and kissing.
Kelly trailed kisses along Julie's earlobe; Julie trailed kisses down
Kelly's neckline. Julie wrapped her arms around Kelly and unhooked her bra.
She tossed it aside. Kelly slid her hands up Julie's stomach, reaching
for the front clasp of her bra. Kelly slid the straps off Julie's shoulders
and the fabric fell to the ground. Simultaneously, they combed their
fingers down the length of their hair, looking like a solarized reflection
as they moved together. Hands fell off the other's long tresses to their
asses. Julie squeezed. Kelly arched, their breasts meshing together.

Kelly locked her hands firmly on Julie and oozed down to her knees, groping
Julie as she went and ripping off both their panties. Julie followed. The
blonde babe with her completely shaven vagina braced herself against the
slick rocky wall as the gorgeous brunette with her tiny hairline pussy eased
between her legs. Julie's long fingernails stroked Kelly's inner thighs
while she leaned back into Kelly's arms. Silky black waves nestled against
Kelly's pale tits. On their backs and facing Alan, the women appeared lost
in each other.

Julie spread her legs for Alan's eager eyes and Kelly's insistent fingers.
Kelly reached between Julie's legs, stretching her skin to open her even
more. With one hand, Kelly slowly teased Julie's outer lips, sometimes
brushing lightly against her clit. Kelly rubbed the palm of her other hand
over Julie's nipples in quick, circular motions, first one, then the other,
arousing them to hardened, bright red points. Julie tensed and arched. Her
wetness dripped onto Kelly's fingertips. Kelly pressed firmly against
Julie's clit, up and down, smoothing her juices everywhere and encouraging

Kelly plunged her middle finger straight into Julie's hot pussy, bent it
slightly and pulled slowly out. As Kelly grazed Julie's most sensitive
region, it had a clear effect. A few more similar strokes, gentle yet firm,
patient yet persistent, left Julie breathless. They reveled in the feel of
each other's soft skin beneath their fingers as their hands traveled over
every region of their bodies. Kelly bent her head forward and Julie tilted
her head back so their tongues could taste their lips. In between kisses,
they spoke softly and Alan could only imagine what tender filth was being

Julie's entire body convulsed. She suddenly flipped around and slipped one
arm under each of Kelly's legs. A dripping wet tongue dove into Kelly's
vulva –in and out, around and around, first a soft tongue, then a hard one,
and soft again. With a stiffened tongue, Julie flicked at Kelly's clit.
Julie freed one of her arms and ran it atop Kelly's breasts. Reaching out
to the waterfall, Julie filled her cupped hand with icy liquid. Trickling
the water over Kelly's tits, Julie lapped up the droplets that trailed down
Kelly's waist.
Kelly moaned and panted, hot and throbbing. Julie gave Kelly's exposed clit
a quick suck by pulling it quickly into her mouth and releasing. While
Kelly's hips bucked in orgasm, Julie rolled her tongue into a tube and slid
it up and down, providing Kelly's clitoris with its own special fuck. Julie
used her right hand to move two fingers into to Kelly and her left hand to
touch herself. Aggressively Julie prodded those sacred G-spots until the
two girls exploded into wild, unleashed orgasm.

Kelly pinned Julie's arms against her sides and pulled her up, running a
tongue along the length of her front from her nose to her pussy. Without
ever moving from her position flat on her back, Kelly guided Julie to a
spread-eagle kneeling position directing over her face. Julie stared down
with unmistakable excitement as she watched Kelly eat her out. At one
point, Julie neared orgasm again and lost her balance. She fell forward
onto her hands and Kelly fingered the sensitive region near her ass, sending
Julie into a series of unstoppable orgasms.

Alan couldn't help but be in awe at the patient way the women explored one
another, unhurried and unselfish, searching every crevice for a new
response. His erection stretched beyond its limits, aching for a release,
and he silently willed Kelly to come to him. She obeyed.

Kelly gazed at Alan with an unbridled expression. She crawled on all fours
seductively to his rock. Her soft hand reached up to his face in a small,
gentle caress.

"I want to taste you," Kelly whispered into Alan's ear as she removed his
briefs. Then she followed through on her words with her lips vacuuming
around his shaft, bringing him almost to explosion, just enough to roll a
little juice over her lips.

"Fuck me, Alan. Take me from behind and slam your cock into me, and don't
stop," she commanded further.

Julie lay nearby on her back. Kelly positioned herself on all fours
dangling over Julie's body. Alan eased behind Kelly and did exactly as he
was told. He grabbed her hips, shoved his cock inside her pussy and rocked.
Fierce, powerful, Alan's ecstasy drove him to total abandonment. Kelly
loved being the center of that moment, sharing her body and her heart with
two of the most incredible people she'd ever known. Everyone has one truly
memorable, truly outstanding sexual moment, and this would forever be hers.
The Envelope Please © 2001 Kelly Riente. All Rights Reserved. Do not reproduce or redistribute without the expressed written consent of the author.
Kelly Riente, a sassy girl from the Midwest, started writing erotic fiction to explore all the delicious regions of the uninhibited imagination. Her most recent publication credit is in Playgirl Magazine, and she is currently working on a series of short stories about a television newsroom.
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