Passion Goes On

By Arina Divine

Two years ago. I'm pretty sure it was then that our connection was
completed. I think it was the weekend that Scott picked me up at the
airport, after my trip to New York, that the last of my inhibitions fell

I remember how heads turned when he scooped me up in his arms and my skirt
rode up so that my ass cheeks were showing. I giggled as he twirled me
around and I tried to pull my skirt back down.

Sitting in the cab I couldn't wait until I could have him all alone. I
slinked down in the seat until my skirt was high up on my thighs and he
could see that I wasn't wearing any panties. I saw his eyes bulge and his
smile grow with anticipation. I just smiled back and sat in that position
for a while. I loved to tease him, still do, but that day I knew the power
of my tease would be strong. We hadn't seen each other for over two weeks.
I'd never masturbated in public before and I thought it might be interesting
to try in a cab.

I watched his face grow flush and his hands twitch as if he wanted to touch
my pussy himself, but he wasn't sure how I'd react.

Slowly I drew one finger over my nether lips and my clit. I loved teasing
myself as well. I put my finger in my mouth and sucked on it as I gazed
into his eyes.

Out of the corner of my eye I could see the cabby looking in his rear view
mirror. My stomach jumped when I realized he could tell exactly what was
going on. Inhibition was thrown out the window when Scott licked his lips
and slithered one hand in between my thighs, just above my knees.

I decided I wanted it to be my show and my show alone, so I pushed his hand
away and said, "Nuh-uh, no touching ‘til later." I half smiled as I slipped
two fingers into my wet cunt. The cab driver shifted in his seat. I could
tell he was trying to get a better view. I just chuckled at his unfulfilled

While I plunged my fingers in and out with one hand I pressed on my clit
with the other. I never took my eyes off of Scott. I gasped and prodded
myself to come for him. I knew I was going to have to push my orgasm to
come quickly, or I wouldn't have time before we got to our apartment. I
wanted him to touch me then, fuck me then, right there in that cab. I'd
missed his loving hands on my body, but I loved the look on his face,
illuminated only by the street lamps.

It was a look that begged me to let him touch me, but also a look that was
enraptured by my display of self-loving. I think he fell in love with me
all over again that day. I think he could see that my mantle of inhibition
had fallen away with my business trip behind me.

"Oh baby, yes…fuck, you're beautiful," he said. His words filled me. I
came with my eyes locked on his and his hands holding my head in preparation
to kiss me. He waited until I caught my breath, then he kissed me like
tomorrow would never come.

I melted with his arms around me, our lips locked together. I was home. I
was with Scott and the fire that sizzled inside was only the beginning.
Soon it would be a raging inferno as our bodies intermingled and we became
one once again.

I nuzzled into his arms, continuing to feel the burning desire for his hands
to caress me. I wanted his lips to explore my whole body with their acid
like kiss. I sighed as my body relaxed into his. I noticed the cab driver
was still intently looking on. I smiled.

"I thought I could handle being away from you for three weeks, but I really
missed you," I cooed.

"I know, sexy, but we are together again and we're going to have fun making
up for lost time."

"Oh, what shall we do this weekend?" I asked, tickling his sides as I

"First off, having you near is making it really hard for me to keep my
composure," Scott whispered in my ear through gritted teeth.

I smiled, from the compliment and from the tickle I felt in my ear from his
whispered breathes. The tickle traveled inside, followed down my spine and
shot around my sides to my belly.

His fingers reached under my loosely hanging shirt and played in the hollow
of my belly button.

I moaned.

His blue eyes sparkled with delight. He continued to walk his fingers up to
my breasts, ignoring the fact that the cabby was still trying to watch.

Just then the cab pulled up in front of our apartment building. Scott
tossed the cabby his pay, grabbed my hand and helped me out of the car. "We
're only a few paces from ecstasy now."

We practically ran to our apartment. Once there, he struggled to unlock the
door. I ran the fingers of one hand through the hair at the base of his
neck and my other hand reached into his shirt. We laughed at ourselves for
acting like children breaking into a candy store.

Finally he unlocked the door and pulled me inside, walking backwards toward
our bedroom with my delicate hands in his. He didn't even take the time to
turn on any lights.

I followed, trusting him to keep me from bumping into anything. I wanted to
tell him about my trip, but our need to love and pleasure each other was
more important than talking. We couldn't wait any longer to renew our
connection through our sensual bodies.

My pussy was on fire. I felt like begging him to go down on me first, but
suddenly the urgency in me turned into a desire for that night to go on and

As if he could read my mind, he gently lowered me to our bed, "Don't worry,
I'm not going anywhere. You'll receive all that you want and more."

Sighing deeply, I relaxed into the bed when he pressed his body on top of
mine and kissed me softy. I slithered my tongue across his lips, tickling
them, teasing them and urging him to kiss me harder. Passion burned our
lips like flames from a fire reaching for the sky.

He pushed his tongue into my mouth, kissing me with a power that threatened
my resolve to take this slow. One hand slithered up the inside of my thigh,
pushing my skirt up slowly, as if he wanted to tease me on purpose. I
shuddered and trembled from the delicious sensations his hand rose up in my

I scooted down, pushing my pussy closer to his exploring hand. As I did so
he pulled his hand away. Scott gently drew his fingers up and down my
thighs, in circles on my belly, coming close to my nether lips and then
withdrawing them when I tried to move my clit closer.

"Please…how can you stand to wait any longer?" I unzipped his pants and
jerked them off of him, boxers and all. His erection stood tall and ready
for me to love. I put my hand around the base of his cock and rubbed it up
to the tip then back down, slowly. I repeated that slow movement several
times and then let my hand come to a rest at the base of his crown. I used
my thumb to massage his most sensitive spot, right below the T.

He rolled off of me. I took that as my opportunity to take control of the
situation. I wanted to give it all to him. I positioned myself between his
legs, bent over his rod and licked one hot trail up it. He moaned and
clutched at my hair.

"Oh, I missed you," I said, right before I took his pole in my mouth. I
looked up at him while I sucked on his throbbing rod. His eyes looked like
they were filled with flames. He almost looked like he could be the devil,
but I knew he was burning up with desire for me.
"Fuck, baby, fuck…you better stop that or I'm going to come without you."
His hands pulled at my shirt.

I sat up, took my shirt off and wriggled out of my skirt. My bosom burned
like I had just drank a very hot mocha-chino. I took off his shirt. It was
like I had never seen his chest before. I couldn't wait to lick it, taste
it, and savor it. And wait I didn't. I planted kisses all over his body,
varying from hard to soft and from dry to wet.

I soon found his mouth waiting for mine. Our tongues collided as we moved
closer to our release of passion. I stretched my body out over his and
rolled my hips against him, my clit rubbing over the tip of his cock.

"Yes, Kara, come for me baby."

I continued to kiss his neck and nibble on his shoulders. I know he felt my
hot breath in his ears when I whispered dirty words into them. "Fuck me…My
cunt is on fire for you…I want your cock…Tell me how much you missed my

"Fuck, baby I missed your pussy more than life itself. I want to make love
to you and fuck your cunt."

"Oh yeah, say cunt again!"

"Cunt." He drew the word out in one long breath.

"Fuck! I'm coming!" I came as I pushed and rotated my clit on the edge of
his dick. I closed my eyes and arched my back, then smothered my face in his

"Keep your eyes open, baby, look at me."

"Unh." I couldn't look at him; the power of my orgasm was too intense.
Lightening bolts passed through me, starting at my toes and ending as they
shot out the crown of my head.

As the last wave of ecstasy was about to leave my body I slipped his cock
into my dark cavern and fucked him with vigor. He moaned and sighed as I
pushed my hips down on him as hard as I could.

"Yes, sexy. Do it!" He pinched my nipples lightly. I felt electric coils
spin in my breasts that sent sparks through out my whole body.

"Damn, I can't push hard enough, fuck me Scott. Please fuck me."

He took his cue quickly and helped me lay back on the bed. He re-entered me
with my legs wrapped around his waist, pushing in slow and hard when his
dick met the back of my hole.
"Harder! Faster damnit!"

He slammed into me and my head hit the headboard. "Shit! Are you ok?"

"Yes! Oh Yes! Give it to me!"

"Damn, what's… got… into you… girl?" He asked, between breaths and

"Nothing…I just… missed…you."

He came with full force, pushing himself deep into my depths. I felt his
hot juice flood my being and connect our souls. The universe smiled upon us
as our most intimate skins rubbed together. I imagined there were tiny
sparks of light in my pussy every time his cock rubbed or twitched.

Our breathing returning to normal, he slowly withdrew from me as I squeezed
my legs against his waist. I didn't want to let him go. He rolled to the
side of me and I snuggled into his arms. "What's next on the agenda for my
welcome home party?" I giggled.

"Let's order some food, because I'm sure you're hungry, and then we'll see."
Scott said, while twiddling his forefinger and thumb on my nipple.

"Did you miss me?"

"Not as much as you apparently missed me."

"Well! How rude!" I hadn't known whether to laugh or not.

"Well, I was able to actually get some writing done and a decent amount of
sleep." He chuckled.

"True. You're forgiven." I kissed his cheek. "Can we go dancing tonight?"

"See? You just got back and already you want to go play some more."

"I know, but I have all of this energy and I don't know what to do with it."

"I can think of some things," he said slyly as he slipped his hand between
my thighs.

"I'm sure you can…O.K. we'll stay in tonight, but can we go tomorrow?"

He laughed. "Yes, of course, lover."
Passion Goes On © 2001 Arina Divine. All Rights Reserved. Do not reproduce or redistribute without the expressed written consent of the author.
Arina Divine has been writing erotica for a little over a year and a half. She has crafted the ability to convery deeply personal feelings, as if her stories really happened. But she'll never tell if that's true...Read more of her stories on her website, Devine Pleasures.
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