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I woke up last night in the middle of a hot wet dream. My
cock was hard and thick, precum dripping from my swollen mushroom shaped
head. My hand easily slid up and down the length of my throbbing shaft
slick with my sticky seed. We were lying naked on a big beach blanket under
the hot summer sun on a secluded one else around, just the two
of us. You were lying on your stomach soaking up the sensual rays of the
hot sun as they penetrated your oiled skin. I caressed your naked body,
rubbing you as my fingers seductively massaged your firm muscles. I traced
my hands down the expanse of your voluptuous body, over your firm ass, down
your long sexy legs, and back up to your inner thighs to the spot where you
craved attention. As my fingers gently slide over your wet lips, the cream
from your wet sex mixes with the tanning oil and I easily slide deep inside
your wanting pussy. Your hips begin to grind into the soft beach sand as I
rub against your hardening clit. I search for that very special spot at the
top of your wet cunt, its rough texture lets me know I've found your g-spot
and I eagerly massage it sending your body into waves of pleasure. Your
hips move furiously now as you get up on your knees and thrust hard against
my fingers as I enter you even deeper. The smell of your wet sex arouses me
to the point where I need to be inside you. Up on my knees now, I take your
slim hips in my hands as you take my thick cock in your hand and guide me
inside your dripping sex. The feel of your tight slippery cunt muscles
milking my hard shaft sends bolts of electricity through my body. My
swollen balls slam against your ass cheeks as I thrust my swollen cock
deeper and deeper inside you. My fingers find your swollen clit and I
massage it with my cum soaked fingers sending you into one orgasm after
another. You shove your hard firm ass back at me as I pound you hard with
my thick cock......god baby your pussy feels so good.....fuck me hard. I
want to suck your hard nipples, feel your wet mouth on mine, your tongue
deep inside me. I slowly take my hugh wet cock from your hot cunt, taking
it in my hand I rub my swollen head alll over your ass, inside you ass hole
as you finger your swollen cunt, sliding your fingers easily deep inside
your wet sex as my slippery cock head slightly enters your tight ass. I
tease your ass with my cock but you moan for my cock to be inside your
pussy. You roll over on your back and take my hard shaft in your hands as I
massage your full firm breasts. Your nipples and areola are swollen and
flush, breasts rising and falling with your heavy breathing. I roll and
squeeze your nipples with my fingers as you take my thick cock and guide it
inside your tight pussy......oooohhhhhhh baby that feels so good...I lower
my face to yours and take your mouth in mine....your tongue eagerly
explores my mouth.....oh god babe I can't get enough of you......I want to
fill you full of my hot cum......squeeze my shaft with your cunt muscles
baby.....oh yes, like that....that feels ssoooo good....I'm so close to
cumming babe, fuck me hard.....your hips thrust upwards to meet my hard
cock as I drive deep inside you....your head rolls from side to side, eyes
wide with lust....your firm breasts bounce seductively with the motion of
your after stream of your hot wet cream pours from you hot
slit covering my engorged cock....your body spasms with orgasm after orgasm
as I shoot my hot seed deep inside your cunt, you scream as my hot cum
slams into the back walls of your gushing cunt.....exhausted, I lower my
body onto yours.... as you wrap your arms around me I kiss you softly and
we lay entangled arm in arm until the cool breeze of the early evening
marks the end of a beautiful day..................

Copyright © 1997 JoeP. Comments welcomed -

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