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Close your eyes......feel the hot sun beating down on your naked flesh, see
the palm trees and white sand.... warm tropical nights....Cancun. A slight
breeze caresses the palms. The bungalow we've rented for the week sits on
the edge of a cove far away from the noisy crowds, the water lapping the
edge of the beach mesmerizes.... stimulates.....excites. Alone under the
stars, the full moon casts shadows through the heavy vegetation......our
bodies entwine as we move slowly to the hypnotic sounds of sensual, very
erotic Carribean music. My hands encircle your waist, I pull you
close.....your hands caress the back of my head, fingers running through
my thick dark hair as I take you in my arms...lips meet, sparks cascade
through my soft and sensual is your kiss, our bodies
react......The swell of your breasts through the light summer dress you're
wearing heightens my desire for you.... rays from the bright moonlight
above escape the unpenetrable web of dense tropical growth highlighting
your face.....I'm caught short, captivated by your beauty. My breathing
slows, I can feel the blood pulse through my veins as I long to touch your
voluptuous body.... heart races. Wearing no bra in this tropical paradise,
your nipples harden at the touch of the soft cloth. I slide my hands up
your slim waist following the sensual curves of your body to your full
breasts. Their warmth excites me as I gently massage and caress them
through the thin cloth. Your nipples respond as your breasts swell at my
touch. Your lips part as a soft sound eminates deep from within your
throat...your eyes close. Head thrown back you sway in the warm carribean
night as your hips move in a gently thrusting motion desperately seeking
the pleasure that your body now craves......reaching back I release the
straps of your dress and it slides from your shoulders fluttering like a
feather to the ground......

Copyright © 1997 JoeP. Comments welcomed -
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