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I walk through the door into a room that is in shadows. Walking over
and sitting in my favorite chair, I quietly observe the romantic
efforts of my lover, my slave.

He has created a beautiful setting for our loving tonight! Candles
provide a soft illumination, so diametrical to the instruments of
torture placed around the room. I look over and am barely aware of
the table of paddles and whips, so hidden in the shadows. And who
would notice the various hooks and pulleys located in the ceiling and

Letting my eyes get use to the darkness, I notice that he has placed
my favorite ball stretcher and my favorite "ass" toys on the table
near the bench. Such a good slave to know that I am going to work his
ass over tonight.

I slip off my shoes and reach for the glass of wine that he has left
for me and take a sip. Ummmmm! Cool and crisp, I roll it around in
my mouth, savoring the taste, imagining that it is his come Iím

Getting more comfortable in my chair, I call to him. "Slave! Present
yourself to me now!"

Crawling into the room on his hands and knees, he slowly makes his way
over to where I am sitting. Stopping just before me, he leans down
until his lips touch my feet and begin to tongue and suck my toes.
Letting him pleasure himself I sip my wine and run my fingers through
his hair.

Relaxing even more, I part my thighs and encourage him move his
attentions up my legs and to my pussy, letting him lick and suckle my
sweet juices. "Relax babe. We have all night!"

Feeling the texture of his tongue, swirling around my sugarlips is
heaven. My slave has a very talented mouth. "Oh yeah! Keep doing
that!" His tongue darting in and out, in and out of my hot pussy.


"Did I tell you to touch my clit? Are you trying to make me come?
You know the rules and you have just earned yourself a beating!"

SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! Three hard ones on his ass!

It is only one of many faults of my slave. He tries to control me
through my orgasm. And when he tries it and fails he is at my mercy.

Standing up quickly, I grab his hair and pull his head up so that he
is looking me in my face. I want him to see how I feel about his
attempt to control me!

"So you want to make me come? Then let's get you ready to make me

Making him crawl over to the rack, I spank his butt all the way! This
is just a preview of what's to come!

Tying him down, I walk around the table, flicking my whip over his
displayed body. Oh yeah baby, I can tell you're really liking this!
Reaching over I grab my favorite cock ring with straps. Nothing
pleases me more than to have his cock and balls wrapped and tied.
Maybe some jewelry! I want to make my slavebaby pretty!

Sucking on his nipples, making them nice and hard and pointy, I
quickly attach the alligator clips and reveling in his expression of
pain/pleasure I place a kiss upon his mouth.

Before he can recover from the pain of the nipple clips, I grab his
balls and begin squeezing them. My baby is so excited his dick is
twitching. But we have all night and I plan to make good use of it.

"Did I give you permission to make me come, slave? DID I?"

"No, Mistress, No!"

Squeezing harder I ask again, "DID I GIVE YOU PERMISSION?"


"Then why did you try? No, never mind! Donít answer! It doesn't
matter! All that matters now is how shall I punish you!"

"You need something special! Something you won't forget for quite a

Reaching over I grab my penis whip and begin to crack it over his
prostrate body. His eyes grow very large when he recognizes what I am
holding in my hand. He begins to shake his head no, No, NO! But it's
too late! No mercy can be shown otherwise he forgets his station in
life. His life is mine. He is to serve and obey only me!

"So, Kell? Do you still want to make me come?"

Still shaking his head no and pulling at his restraints, I go over to
him and gently caress his brow, gentling him with soft kisses all over
his face. "Shhhhh, baby. You knew the rules when you decided to
break them. Donít make me angry at you!"

I take his hard cock in my hands and begin to milk it. I want it
unbearably hard. I place just the head in my mouth and lick it like
an ice cream.


"Feel good, babe?"

I lift up and quickly bring my hand down, striking his diamond hard
dick with the penis whip!


Once again, I lean down and surround his hot, painfully throbbing cock
with my mouth and begin sucking until I get those pleasure sounds



"Please what baby? Please what?"

"Please Mistress I'll never, NEVER try again!! NEVER!"


Thinking to myself, "Oh baby, yes you will because even though youíre
laying there begging for mercy, you love having you meat beat!"

Looking down into his eyes I see the excitement shining like lasers
out of them, his love for me blazing in its intensity!

Releasing him from his restraints I lead him over to our bed and we
both lay down. Holding him in my arms I direct him to suckle at my
breast. Softly, gently he begins to nuzzle at my nipples. Lightly
sucking on one, then moving to the other.

"Hold and caress me, slave. Let me feel your touch!"

It is the signal that he has been waiting for. Now he is able to
touch me like a lover, running his hands all over my body. Feeling my
breasts, testing my pussy for its wetness, letting his tongue taste
me, enjoying me.

My slavelover has a firm touch. When he touches me I love feeling his
strength in his caress. Yes, babe! Squeeze my ass. Oh yeahhhhhh!

Although I am his Mistress, I love it when he leaves his slavemarks on
my tits. His mouth is sucking and biting my tits! Trying to swallow
them whole. I know that in the morning when I'm getting dress I will
look in the mirror to see and feel his slavemarks on my chest!

Releasing his aching cock and balls from their restraints, I softly
run my hands over them. Ordering him to lay on his back I begin to
suck vigorously on his throbbing member. My slavebaby knows how much
I love to suck cock, so he will control his release until I let him.

Moaning with his pleasure, his hands tangled in my hair, his hips pump
slowly up and down, up and down.

"Oh Mistress! Mistress, I LOVE YOU! ONLY YOU!"

Lifting my head from his tasteful dick, I roll onto my back and pull
him with me.

Softly into his ear I order him, "Fuck me, slave. Make us come!"

Responding as if released from chains, he spreads my legs wide and
takes his huge love tool and rams it inside my hot cunt!

"Ohhhhhhh! Yes! FUCK ME, CRAZY!!!!!"

This is one time when I enjoy being the submissive one. I love the
feel of him in me and on me. I love the feeling I get when his hard
dick stuffs my pussy and stretches it wide to hold him.


In and out, in and out he fucks me like there is no tomorrow! His
hips working like pistons, rubbing against my magic button, I begin to
spank his ass, ordering him to come!


Screaming with joy, I wrap my legs tightly around him, not wanting to
let him go. His spewing cock fills me to overflow with his come and I
laugh with my rapture!

We lay there in our big bed. Him on top of me and still inside me.
Just loving the fact that we are together in the most intimate way.

Carefully he pulls out of me and then reaches for me. His lips cover
mine, his tongue demanding that I open to receive his full kiss.
Tongues touching, his touch quiets the fire that had been raging to a
soft, pleasant glow.

Looking into my eyes he says, ìI love you, Mistress! Forever will I
be your loving slave.î And then eases down to clean my pussy with his

Happy Valentineís Day Baby! From your Mistress!
Copyright © 1998 by Jill Mitchell.
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