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The Slave in the Golden Spider Web
A Blaine Drew Intimate Surrender Original
"How good of you to come to me on Sunday night to test my idea."

"It is my pleasure, Master,"

"Your pleasure, Master, Sir!" Keith reminds her.

"Sorry, yes, of course, Master Sir." Marsha put a red nail to her mouth.
"But, I cannot see you, sir?"

She had come to The Dark Club after Sunday Dinner at his request. Clicking
past the high spiked gates with their penis-corniches, she was already
turned on. The vast black door of the Fitness Club was open.

She had strode in, wearing in a bizarre twist she thought Master would
like, skin-tight black leather pants with flared bolero chaps at the ankle,
set off by golden T-Strap high heels. She wore her mink against the chilly
Bay night, and underneath, a black silk blouse that was already driving her
nipples crazy. She wore gold chain earrings dangling to her neck. A Gold
choker collar.

When she had seen him in the foyer of the black rugged reception area,
silent lit by one spot, he was dressed in a tuxedo. Black with white
ruffled shirt. Impeccable as he brown eyes traveled up The New Master's

"I came Master." Marsha said softly. Her legs felt hot inside her sheer
leather pants.

"Welcome to my Club. Take off your coat."

"Yes, Master." Marsh raised her neck, made her lips pout saucy rich red.
And slung the heavy mink wrapper to her shoulder blades.

"Trail your mink behind you and walk around the foyer for me." Master said.
His voice was edgy, youthful, but sharp a little Bogart, a little Gable,
all authority.

Marsha breathed deeply and walked in a slow circle, she was with her back
to him, swaying her skin-tight leather sheathed ass. She took care to
slowly place one elegant leather sheathed leg ahead of the other to make
her heels catch the light, and bulge her juicy calves and shape her
succulent hard thighs. She was coming around the circle facing him now,
knowing her breasts were thrusting shearly into the silk blouse in two
distinct points, jiggling, unsupported. She adopted an insolent look.

"Excellent presentation, Slave Sha. Come over here and kneel before
me." Marsha walked wickedly closer. She was almost as tall as the tanned
dark-haired solid man in her heels, and she knelt, one knee up, the other
knee to the

"Now, I'm going to put this collar on your neck." He said softly,
unclasping her gold choker and flinging it to the black rug.

From behind his back, Master took a 6 inch wide collar made of two
materials. Half was blackgamma fur, and the other half was black leather
with pointy pyramid spikes on the inside.

Master placed both hands on her shiny dark head, smoothed both hands down
the sides of her head and brought the collar around the back of her neck.
He was businesslike. No caressing at all.

"Oh," Mar cocked her head into the minky side of the collar, trying to
withdraw from the sharp gold pyramids on the other side of the collar.

"Silence! You will hold your head still, whore!" The harsh word jolted her
and SNAP! The collar was closed on her neck. She dare not move her neck for
fear of scratching her pale neck. But she wanted to move her neck into the
mink portion of the collar. She swallowed.

"I have been asked to try a new fitness machine, and I need a model for it.
I thought this would appeal to you, based on your fondness for being on
your hands and knees."

"Thank you Master, Sir." Marsha found it hard to speak. Her pants felt
very hot on her naked legs. Her breasts were rising and falling, filling
with familiar heaviness. This was so kinky.

"You will hold your head up, and crawl on your hands and knees following

He strode away. Marsha was furious. If the office could only see her now.
In expensive Dior leather pants. Silk blouse crawling on her hands and
knees following this arrogant new Master. But he had turned her on so.

She shuffle-crawled into a glass workout studio her knees shuffling on
thick 4 inch carpet.

She saw what looked to be a swing, suspended from the ceiling, shining
splendidly god in a spotlight. It was a swing made of golden chains linked
together to form a golden spider web seat some 4 feet off the floor.
Gleaming spiderweb chains soared to the high skylight ceiling, open to the
stars of the Bay night.

"What is this, Mast..."

"Quiet, haughty whore. This is the Web of Arousal. It is a new product I am
thinking of adding to my private services. Given what you have told me. I
think you are perfect for it. Smart, intelligent, controlled. This is a
workout tool designed to release tension in overworked, stressed women.Now,
from now on you are to give yourself over to me completely. The workout is
administered by a Golden Spider Web Master. I will play that role. Now,
Slave Marsha, rise and sit in the Spider Web."

Marsha tensed on all fours.

"Rise, wanton animal. You are so turned on by this that you are already wet
in those obscene pants, aren't you, Jezebelle? Aren't you?" The voice was

"Yes, Master. It is beautiful. I --"

"Get in the swing, then Slave."

Marsh rose unsteady in her heels grasped one square gold chain-linked
"web" on her right and another on her left. The links felt cold and strong
on her soft manicured fingers.

"Quickly, proud bitch. Pull yourself up and wiggle your bottom onto the
seat. It will swing a little at first."

"Yes." Mar was biting her lower lip. Terribly turned on by the bizarre
golden chain links on either side of her she pulled, pushed of the rug with
her high heeled toes and plopped rather ungracefully into the chain-linked
seat that cut firmly, bumplely, biting into her leather-clad ass.

"It's very uncomfortable if you ask me, Master."

"I didn't. Not another word, pussy." He said curtly. He stepped forward and
reaching up by her right hand suspended high to her right he fastened a
chain cuff! Then before she knew what was happening, he grabbed her left
arm and cuffed that, suspending her, swelling out her breasts flush to her
sheer blouse.


"Now, Slave Marsha, we will begin your training. Just a little tonight
with this wonderful new tool. You really are a slut, you know. Meeting me
like this with work tomorrow. A dark, capitvating slut. Your nipples are
very pebbly in your blouse. They need air."

With that Master reached out a white gloved hand and slowly ran his white
glove over her forehead, down her straight nose and around her lips.

"A proud face. I like that. Are the chains cutting into your ass, Ms.

"A little, Master."

He grabbed a breast and squeezed her right nipple hard. Slowly twisting it.

"Ooooooo..Ow! That hurts!"

"The chains will be cutting a pattern into your bare bottom next, dark
darling." Master said.

"Now, please understand, Countess Marsha you sass and you will be
punished. You may gasp and cry out. But I want no words. You speak only
when spoken to. You are now becoming my property. A woman I own. If I tell
you to fuck somebody you fuck him or her. If I tell you to suck my cock you
suck it. If I tell you to go to a business meeting without panties, you
will. Do you understand? Nod your head. I like your eyes. They are very
expressive. They show spirit. Good."

"Now, let us begin."

The Master moved his white gloved hand up to the opening in her black silk
blouse and ran a soft velvety white finger down between her collarbone.

Marsha hung her head and watched it dissappear into her dark cleavage and
one-by-one the hand slowly opened the buttons. She looked up into his dark
tanned black-masked face. Brown eyes the color of fresh turned earth met
hers. She breathed in deeply to thrust her chest up to him. The buttons
were open past her breasts now and he was pulling the silk slowly,
lusciously out of the upper leather curve of her skin-tight pants.

He took both hands and slowly spread the blouse open in a Vee and her bare
breasts quivered, hung and shown in the light.

"Excellent. Proud, red uptilted nipples. Long, too."

Mar's leather bound pussy began to ooze sex sauce. She breathed in
and out deeply, licked her lips challenged his face with her eyes.

"Touch them, Master, with your mouth!" Sha whispered.

Keith's face tightened his appreciative eyes hardened and he took his left
hand and pinched her left nipple, harder harder, harder. Reaching for a
length of gold chain the rubbed her right nipple hard with the cold gold
chain link!

"Oh! No! OoOO!"

"Sluts do not command the Master, Countess Marsha." Keith continued to
pinch as Marsha's pretty face contorted in pain and distress. "If you
understand that you will not be hurt as much."

Her left nipple was throbbing. Her unruly clit was swelling her sheath.
Sha was soooo turned on.

"Good. I'd much prefer to do this." Then he lowered his elegant shaven face
and perfectly waved thick head of hair and fit his mouth over the swollen
left nipple.

"Oooooooooommmmmmm...oh." Marsh wriggled in the swaying web pushing her
needy tit to the wet male lips on her popped nipple. Meantime, the Master
was touching her right nipple with a soft mink glove (when had he changed?)

"It is time to inspect your womanhood, Slave. Pull yourself up on the
chains so
I can lower your pants."

"Oh, no." Marsha was flustered as his insolent face rose from her left
nipple, leaving it bathed in spit and stabbing in the air, dripping.

"Don't worry, I will help you." He touched a wheel beside the golden web
where beautiful Marsha St. John sat suspended by her two blacksilk clad
arms and she felt pain up and own her arms as she was lifted by the
crank-crank of the
chain.. her ass rose slightly off the chain seat, her breasts thrust out
and danced in the V of her open-to-the-waist blouse -- like a 16th century

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh....Oh God! It's hurting. My arms! PLEASE." Marsha shook
her head as the Spider Web was slowly crucifying her in his relentless
hauling up of her body. She pawed the air with her spike heels flashing in
the single spotlight.

Then the movement stopped and while she twisted held her own lithe weight
on her arms, Master moved in. She smelled his spicey musky face, felt his
mink glove slip in her pants right above her mound and below her scalloped
white belly, her rib cage showing, and she felt his right hand -- in
leather and spiked metal studs on the fingers worked into her leather pants
from behind, loosening them.

She felt pointy bulldog spikes in her plush
bottom and she thrust forward to get away from the metallic authority.

His white ruffled tuxedo shirt brushed her swollen breasts, teasing the
nipples as he grinned at her and worked the leather pants loose from her
ass with his spike-palmed glove, scratching her ass, while his mink glove
pushed down between her wiggling sexy thighs flush to her naked pussy.
Lovely fur on her pussy, hard pointy spikes on her ass and then with a grip
he was easing the leather pants down around her white shelf of ass.

"Lift your hips, wet bitch!" He rasped. "I want to see your pussy."

Prideful Marsha's arms summoned strength, she raised herself and wriggled
her ass
for him as the spiked glove and the mink glove peeled away the leather from
her ladyhood that was opening up, hungry for him. Wet and hungry.

"No panties. I love that. You are such a courtesan, Countess. My sex toy."

'Yes, Master. Yours, Sir." Sha's bottom was twisting on the edge of the
swaying cold chain seat. Her breasts dancing in the air. Her pussy was
squinching in anticipation wringing out Marsha juice.

Quickly after the leather pants were down to her mid thighs he reached for
the floor lever and relaxed the Golden Web with a low whirring, lowering
his beautiful captive.

Marsha squealed as the cold gold chain web seat cut in criss-cross
patterns on her naked ass.

"OOOOo....that is cold, Master."

With that Master walked around her until he was behind her. Marsha looked
behind her at her masked mentor. Then she felt the hard bull dog studs of
his "mailed hand glove," running gently under her blouse to the base of her
nape of neck and down her back bone he raked the pointy bull dog studs,
scratching arousing her
shoulder blades. She twisted her high heels around in the air,curled her
red toes. Arched her back.

He was shimmying the stud glove hard on her back now down on her high shelf
of white ass meat. Then he SPANKED.

Studs nipping flesh!

"OwwwwWWW!" Marsha jumped her ass forward in pain. Licked her lips.

"Sluts are silent, Miss Ice." Master Keith said. God, his voice was like
molten steel.

Now his other soft, gloved hand, mink clad fingers were soothing down her
right inbetween the shoulder blades. Down the middle of her back. Slowly he
twisted the Spider Web Swing and watched her arch her back and shimmy on
the mink glove.

Marsha shivered, felt the mink glove soothing and arousing her naked skin.
it was down on her ass where he had spanked.

"Oh Yesss....Master, Please." Mar smoldered.

"Are you wet, Slave Marsha?" He solemnly whispered.

"Yes, Master. My pussy is trickling." Marsha murmured. Her arms were
chained and hung high. Her breasts were full and down thrusting. Nips

"Tell me when you want me to taste you. To see if you are worthy of the
Master's cock."

"Yes, Master. Now. I am ready now."

The hard spike-palmed glove crept up her belly and cupped her right breast.

"Ahhhh...Noooo...." Her right nipple was being gripped between his chain
mail thumb and brass-studded index finger. He was pinching the red nugget
with the brutal point. Just enough right at the pleasure-pain point!

She keened over her pretty face shaking her disheveled head..."Oh, noooo,
please forgive me Master."

"Such an eager hotty. If your executives could only see you now. So you
understand, no demands? That is the lesson for tonight. Only obedience."

The mink glove crept from behind her, soothing her ass and up to her left
breast cupping it in his minky glove. She pushed her left breast. Clinched
her pussy. As the pain continued in her right nipple and the unholy
softness of the mink pleasured her
left nipple. The two pressures made her spread her legs. The leather
leggings were down to her knees. She hung on her hands, arching her neck
Her whole body was tensing.

Suddenly the hands withdrew behind her, the Master walked around and knelt
between her legs. He sniffed her pussy.

"You reek of sex, wanton one." He inhaled her. Marsh flexed her pussy
lips making her red glistening canyons rub together.

He brought the studded glove hand to her low lips. He touched her outer
lips with the studded tipped index finger of the glove.

The stud was sharp on her outer lab.

Then Master stripped off the other glove and brought his hot bare hand to
her gaping cunt.

"Unnnnnnnnnnn GOD!" Marsha groaned, upthrusted her cunt on to hot male

In his finger plunged, dolloping her. Thick, authoritative. Now up up her
slit. His other bare fingers on the hand were cloying,
exploring making her quaking inner walls scrounge and twist.

He found her ShaClit and caught it between thumb and bareforefinger.

"OHHHHHHHHhhhhh. Shit! YES." Sexy Sha whipped her head, thrust her hips,
humped pussy on bare finger. Delicious hard prod.

"No...No cumming. Until I do." Master said. He rolled her juicy hard
nub, making her ShaClit erect fatter, thicker longer.

"You clit is very hard, beautiful whore." He whispered.

Then he withdrew his hand and tasted her as he would a fine caviar.
Watching her pleading, gleaming eyes.

"You are a hot, dark one. I have chosen well." He said.

"Please Master. May I come?" Marsha licked her lips. "Anything I will do

"Hold your cum until I fuck you." He said and moved his hand to his black
silk pants and unzipped his zip, and grasping himself, pulled out his
rampant erection. He pushed her leather pants farther down to the straps of
her gleaming golden heels moved dick to puss.

"Crab wide, baby." He muttered

He moved his flesh whip quickly to her pussy and brought the thick dark red
along her naked right thigh, honeying home. Touching dick to her rambling
neat kinky hairs and he slid his heavy hard along the outside of her oozing
silk red
slash...glistening with lusty wine.

"Spread wide, hot bitch." He rasped. "No noise."

Marsha grunted, worked her knees wide, swinging on her arms and keened
breathily as her MasterLover's 2 inch wide glans touched her pusshairs,
went to the
dangle drool of her outer flesh puffs and then --

"UN!GOD! OH YES!" She grunted as he thrust in hard, wide and quick!

Up and into her he thrust as she swung back in the Golden Spider Web Swing.
weight of him just thick, deep luscious manmeat wedging wickedly deep up
into her vestibule. Her cunt molded to cock like a living glove.

Instinctively she clamped her naked knees to his silk suited hips. He
leaned his masked face forward to kiss her red lips for the first time as
and sleeked his dry cock into her sizzling love mouth of a pussy swallowing
his cock.

Greedily she tasted his lips, running her lips over his mouth and now his
hard tongue was in her mouth and he was thrusting back and forth, dancing
cock deep up into her making her clinch and cloy. She was ready close. Clit
tingling. Swelling. She felt awash in pleasure. The chain seat cutting
cruelly into her sleek bare ass, actually spreading her asshole. Master's
cock splitting her in and out in and out.

Then he pulled out of her.

"Whaaa....Whaaa.. More..." Marsha...balanced swinging, bereft of cock.

The master, holding his gleaming erection, reached up, unclasped her hands
and lefted her off the swing. She tried to run her arms up around him, rub
herself to his evening clothes.

"On the floor. All fours. Hold your ass high, elegant courtesan."

Marsha most ungracefully scrambled to the floor. Dripping fuckjuice. Pussy

Her ass was high...The leather pants clinging to her ankles.

The Master knelt behind her bare white ass and moved his wet dick between
her red puss and rammed in, splitting her.

He spanked her right buttock. Thrust IN. Reached around with his chain mail
glove to finger her clit. And kept up a thick thrusting of flesh,

He grunted.

"Splendid tight hot chute! Beautiful. Clinch me, sweet slut. Bring me."

"Ohhhhhhhh yessss. Fuck me Master. Please Fuck me." Marsha rubbed her tits
into the black posh carpet as the wonderful cock split her big. Way big.
Way apart.

Then he was withdrawing and she heard his roar....and hot spatters of heavy
thick hot sexwax hit her ass...while his bare left hand moved back into her
wet pussy and pinched her high hard clit hard...harder...pinching, rolling

"CUM NOW, SEX BITCH!" She heard him her body tensed
up...imploded...flush...muscles tightening and she froze in cum -- rolling
in pleasure that rocked up her body.

The next thing she knew Master's bare lefthand was massaging his cum
into her ass.

"Now, you see the rewards of obedience. Pain if you are prideful and
demanding. Pleasure if you do exactly as Master says."

"Oh Yes. Master."

"Now crawl out of here, so I can see your naked ass, gleaming with my cum,
your golden high heels flashing, and maybe I will call you again."

"Please Master. See your Slave again." She looked back up, gratefully at

The End.
© 1998 Blaine Drew. All Rights Reserved.

Copyright © 1998 All Rights Reserved.
No part may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by
any electronic means, including photocopying, recording or by
any information and retrieval system, without the written
permission of the author.

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