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"Body Grafitti"
A Blaine Drew Intimate Surrender Original
© 1998. Blaine Drew
Marsha refuses to crawl out, turns crawls back to Master, demanding,
offering hot cunt.

The Master Folds his arms in front of the swinging Golden Spider Web

Shameless Slave Sha -- The Master is pleased by your offering your red
pussy, but it is not yours to offer. It is mine and I will take it when I
feel like it.

Excuse me, Marsha -- but you don't get to want to
be my hot cunt. You are my hot cunt.

My hot tasty, sexy bosslady slut. You need to relinquish control
completely. You need to know your place and people need to know what you

My Exquisite ExecuWhore.

However I am thirsty. Thirsty for you, lusty one.

Hold this wine glass.

The Master needs to taste your wine. Your red lady's wine.

Get up off your knees. The cock is not yours to take.

You must earn the Master's Cock Stroke.

Now, make yourself available. That's it open that filmy black blouse. Pull
back from your proud tits. Good.

Show them to me. Now primp your fine hair. Lick your lips. Let yourself
flower. I love the way your breast meats ripple like fruit on that high rib
cage. I like the line of your ribs. Your soft white belly dome.

Master is pleased...Very nice black panties.

Take them off. Give me a little show. Yesss, that's it play with your
nipples make them long, thick, darting.

But you know, Slave Sha I think they need enhancement. ( Master slips his
into his Tuxedo jacket. He is completely dressed in a tuxedo...white shirt,
white tie. long black satin striped pants).

I'm a writer and I love different mediums. I think your white body is a
splendid erotic page.

I have a tube of black lipstick here. I unscrew the base of the lipstick
cylinder and a long purple gleaming cockhead of lipstick erects out of the
black lacquer tube.

Hold that white titty in your left hand and pucker the nipple with your two


Now, keep holding that wine glass in your right hand, hold the left breast
tip to me. There. I reach up with my left hand..You push your breast into
my left hand and grasping your plump hard titlet in between thumb an
forefinger I pinch it full and with my right hand I start painting it with
the plush purple lipstick around in circles on the round end.

Your knees bend, you totter in your golden 4 inch slingbacks, your red toes
flutter as you feel the creamy head of lipstick paint around your nipple---
hard -- plump almost, yes almost like cockhead. Your left nipple hurts from
the prolonged pinch on its burst nugget.

Now I mark down the side of the left breast with the purple head of
I mark the tender sides with smears of purple lipstick...down into your
cleavage marking drawing smooth creamy sexy purple lines on your white
heaving flesh.

I hold your elegant canvas of flesh firm against the lipstick, slut lady.
My elegant

I write the words "Hot Cunt" in purple on your left breasts and on the top
of your right breast I smear in more purple lipstick the works "FuckBabe".
You see what I am doing-- writing outrageous dirty words on your white body
in lipstick and you are hot with luscious, creamy shame. Your pussy opens
between your lovely shell curve of cunt.

Now, smiling with approval at your right nipple now with the lipstick I'm
pinching it hard and painting creamy purple lip gloss on it...making it
ebony and shining.

On your stomach now I write the words: "Sexpot" "Slut for you"-- your tummy
trembles under the deft, prodding mark-mark--slide-slide of the black
lipstick. I mark you up with the black lewd words writing under your belly
button, "Hot Bitch,"

I pull another black lipstick tube from my pocket, unscrew it and it's red.
My hand touches your hips..scorching fingertips.

Turn your sweet ass, slowly, Hot Cunty Cutie.

Oh Shit, Master.

That's Oh, Shit, master-Sir.

You squeeze your round creamy white thighs together. Gripping the wine
glass in your right hand as your Master, having defiled your white titflesh
with black and purple smears of lipstick marking you with hot little words
of sex, your pussy is just undulating with lust.

Now I write on your right ass cheek..."Piece of Ass," I mark with the red
lipstick cruelly and swirl the red marks on your white flesh as you push
your curvy hot ass to the lipstick tip. I write "Fuck me in the ass" "Ream
Me, Baby" on your left buttock and do some more hard long lipstick strokes
painting you like a bizarre savage.

Down your white thighs I mark x's slashes, long strokes of gleaming
red...painting you in red lipstick "sex paint." I write the words "Do me,"
"Pussy for Hire" "Sexpot" on your inner thighs as you hold them apart.
Trembling at the marking, feeling shame, horror, and fascinated lewd
delight as you see the dirty words written on your white body in purple and

Are you hot, Slave Sha, Muffy precious gem of a woman

Burning, Master, Sir.

Good. Splendid. You are knowing your place. I have disciplined you with the
soft touch of lipstick on your body and the hard touch of outrageous words
-- Now

Walk up close to Master, and spread your legs, careful not to trip on your
leather pants at your ankles.

Place your left hand behind your back. You should see yourself, the words
"Hot Cunt' on your breast, and "FuckBabe" and the other dirty names
written on your sexy curves surrounded by wild lines of red like Indian Sex

You are so fucking hot.

Turn and show me your cunt, Now ease your legs over the outside of my

Put that free hand behind your back.

Put your wine glass under your pussy.

Now I am going to allow you to cum. Your first cum with master on my hand.

Will you do that for me, Marvelous Marshaaa....?

And I will trail your juicy cunty fruits into the wine glass, as I harvest
your woman's wine.

My manicured fingers pull at your ginger runway of soft hair leading to
your parted delta petals, lustred and oozing.. Down I pluck at your
pusshairs and my finger parts you, I roll a finger down your right cunty
petal, stroking pulling on the roll of peeled back lab, stroking, coaxing

Your thighs are banded steel with tension you nervously paw the thick rug
with your high heeled toes. Paw Paw, twist, twist, so fucking hot. So
juicily sexy.

Your breasts are on a level with my masked face and as my five left fingers
part your right pusslabs back, stroking down, sweeping drips of Marsha
Merlot into the wine glass, my mouth lips onto your left nipple. Tasting
the lipstick.

I eat on to your left nipple, as my right fingers now part back your left
labia, sweeping more of your sweet liquids into the wine glass... It is
clear, sparkling and the aroma is sharp, intoxicating.

Your head is flung back your left hand is smoothing on your high
ass...rubbing, pinching yourself as your cunt is taken and parted by my 10
fingers...5 fingers on either cunt wall sweep, swirl and feather
down....pussy massaging, sweeping sexy Marsha cunt nectar into the wine

Slowly the wine glass begins to fill with your juice and my fingers go
deeper, pulling you apart and my teeth fasten down on your left nipple
while my tongue flips it hard, my teeth bite and pressure.

My right thumb moves under your swollen underbelly of clit and thumbs up it
flipping off the top..

You thrust down on me with a grunt.

My mouth leaves the nipple nips your left breast...and fastens on the right
nipple, biting DOWN. Now tongue lashing it.

You smell my thick satin hair. You cannot stand it.

Please Master Sir, Please, May I come.

May I please you?

I twist your clit clockwise, I twist it counterclock wise. I knuckle the
underbelly of your clit, my right hand scooping down your bleeding
a slow dripping sheet of lady come into the wine glass you are holding
beneath your cunt gap, catching every drop.

Grind down on my hand while I pinch your clit, and COME, WILD SLAVE.

"UUNNNNNnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnOhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Master..." You twist your head
as I pinch your clit harder, harder, harder. Pull on it, making it longer,
fatter, firmer like a little dick...In your vestible all walls are hard on
my left fist working in you, knuckling as my other hand pulls and pinches
your lady penis. Your thighs tighten on my hands and

The big fire eats you oooze down, about to lose the glass....I
capture it...about a 1/4 inch full of clear Marshaodonnay.

Your hand goes around my neck holding on as your tremble in orgasm arch,
lipsticked belly quivering with spasms. I feel your steely satin wet cunt
walls mold to my fingers, hands and wrists as both hands finger and twist
your clit and stroke you.

You rest your head on my cock, feeling the lump under your chin.

Now I will taste you.

I take the wine glass from your hand and raise it to my lips.

I inhale your lusty bouquet. I stand and you slip to the floor the red and
purple lewd words "Hot Cunt," "Fuck me in the Ass," and long red, purple
and black smears of lipstick coating you back, thighs and ass gleam in the
soft light.

I sip your wine from your cunt.

It is sweet.

Your cunt pleases me.

Your taste intriques me.

Now go.

I will send for you, comely Slave.

I cannot get enough
The End

© 1998, Blaine Drew. All rights reserved. May not be passed on or
reproduced in any way form without consent of the author.

Copyright © 1998 All Rights Reserved.
No part may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by
any electronic means, including photocopying, recording or by
any information and retrieval system, without the written
permission of the author.

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