Passion's Kiss Copyright © 1998 by Gina R. Denlinger.
All rights reserved. No part may be reproduced or transmitted in
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the author.
Passion's Kiss
The first time you kissed me,
I felt it to my core.
How sweet you taste up on my lips,
I daringly beg for more.

To feel the sweet surrender,
within your arms I will find.
Breath to breath; lips to lips,
our tongues are entwined..

I feel your touch, a fire,
a burning to my soul.
The torturous addictive desire,
warring for control.

I feel your kiss demanding,
it's mission to enthrall.
Not to take a little,
but to have it all.

Oh, yes lover kiss me,
never shall this end.
More, more, I beg of thee,
kiss me; kiss me... again.
© 1998 Gina R. Denlinger
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