Need Copyright © 1998 by Gale Storm. All Rights Reserved. Do not reproduce
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by Gale Storm
Last night you stirred my soul along with my libido. Your fiery
kisses traveled from my lips to my tender neck as you caressed each breast, cupping
them in your hands. You gently suckled my engorged nipples as I moaned for
the pure need of your touch, the need of this release that I anticipated. I
ran my fingers through your long dark hair as you knelt before my moist and aching

With your hands around my hips you looked up at me with your big
brown eyes, full of mischief and desire. I stood looking down upon you stroking
your hair feeling in total awe of your masculine beauty, your youth and this
very moment.

Your tongue began its work licking and sucking with so much command
of my body, I threw my head back as my back arched still clinging to your
beautiful hair. Gently you slid one, then two, then three fingers into me causing my
head to reel with pleasure. You continued the gentle lapping and licking of my
clitoris, while thrusting your fingers inside of me. With no warning I let out a
guttural sound totally alien to my being before this moment.

Gently you pushed me back into the chair as I reclined, legs spread
open for you. My eyes met yours in a moment of raw passion where words were not
needed nor wanted. You continued your artful lunges, licks, lapping and
sucking while probing me with your fingers.

I gasped, shuttered and called out your name all at once as you
massaged a place I did not even know existed as you continued sucking my clit.
I was panting like a woman in childbirth as the contractions spreading through my
uterus and vagina propelled juices and yet my vagina quivered in waves that I
hoped would never stop.

As the orgasm continued you pulled my bottom to the edge of the
chair and slide your hardness into me. I tightened around you with your every
thrust knowing you felt every spasm against your throbbing organ. You pulled my
face to yours with your large but gentle hands, lips to lips your kiss melted me.
I smelt my scent on your fingers and instinctively began to suck them one at
time. Your thrust quickened, deepened and you became so hard I wrapped my legs
around you and my arms around your neck, nuzzling my head against your
chest I cried out your name over and over in ecstasy.

I heard your audible sounds of pleasure as you thrust deeper and
deeper into me. I felt the head of your penis expand and as you exploded inside of
me I clung to you pushing my pelvis harder against you. I needed it all. I
needed all of you.

We sat entwined, touching, kissing, passion satiated. I whispered
my love in your ear and you lead me to the bed where we rested together, skin
touching skin. I felt my pussy still pulsating as our breathing gradually returned to

I propped myself upon one elbow to watch you. I smiled because you
had dozed off. My eyes took in all of your gorgeousness. Even though those
big brown eyes which were closed were outlined by long black lashes, a boyish
yet manly face, the face of a god. Your lips were reddened from your lustful
friction, your long straight hair disheveled.

My smile faded as I watched you in slumber. Thoughts ran through my
mind that I had pushed far away. How could this Adonis want me, a woman old
enough to be his mother? Yet, I knew you did not think of me in this way.
No one could fake that desire. A tear slipped down my cheek as I realized that
in all of these years of mine, no one had ever made love to me the way this man had
tonight. I had never felt so fulfilled yet still aching for him all the more. My need
of him overwhelmed me.

Awaking you by gently caressing your balls and placing your
semi-erect cock into my mouth, I began to lick it clean, tasting you, tasting me. The
heady taste of us stirred my desire all the more. As you opened your eyes your hands
reached out caressing my back with gentle stroking and kneading. Engaged in your growing
cock, I jumped when you sat up quickly and bit me on my exposed and elevated ass

He was laughing hard but managed to say, "Just checking," with a
straight face.

I smiled at him and lowered my mouth back to his hardness listening to his breathing quicken.
I knew I would be doing a little checking for myself as ideas blossomed in my mind...
Copyright © 1998 by Gale Storm. All Rights Reserved. Do not reproduce
or distribute without the expressed written consent of the author.
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