Cotton White Waves

By sofia mauja © 2001, All Rights Reserved.

We tumble into the sea
Our sights hampered by the dark
Leading only by hands
We speak, we feel
We find solace
In this sudden night
Stolen from day
Taken forcefully
Demanding all attention
All might

We trace the tempered line
Recovered in remembrance
The brazen fires running in my blood
That slash red brands into flesh
Our presses that slide into drowning
Our clutches to reach surface and yet
We're pulled under

My hands that grip in yours
My lips that beg for heat
You answer, trailing some more
Marking my heart lines, trailing
This constant need

Kisses that'll show in the morning
Flower on my breasts and body
Bites of small fishes
Taking bits of me
All to you, to this moment
As you swim, silky, into with me

Your entry becomes me
Slipping beneath my skins
Pushing to be a part of me
My next breath, my next memory
And we haven't even begun

Now, we agree
We gently start
This slow dance of ancient call
My thighs locking you close
Our hands gliding over span of warm
Searching for anchors
To weigh us down, to let us sink to seducing bottoms

Faster the waves break around us
Nearer and nearer the crest rises
and breaks
Curling the ripples--and on. and on. and on.

Copyright © 2001 by sofia mauja. All rights reserved. Not to be distributed, reproduced, or transmitted in any form without the author's prior written consent.
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