The Magic Pool

By Rickey Pittman © 2001, All Rights Reserved.

In dreams I saw her walking
With sparkling wild eyes and subtle smile,
Beneath a full moon in a grove of ancient oaks,
Clad in thin sheer silk,
She tread barefoot silent steps
On soft moss-covered ground.
She reached out and took my hand,
And with that touch I lost my way.
The spells were strong, my heart was weak,
Our shadows merged, and so did we,
And I trembled when we kissed.
She led me to a mirror pool,
Edged thick with ferns and flowers,
We dipped our hands and slacked our thirst,
From water holding her reflection.
In that magic faery land,
Moon flowers bloomed above our heads,
And Zephyr winds teased her hair.
She wrapped her arms around my neck,
And whispered in my ear.
Her image vanished into the morning mists,
I faced the dawn alone,
And sat for hours at the magic pool
Still holding her reflection.
Copyright © 2000-2001 by Rickey Pittman.
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