Something Different

By Roger Greer © 2001, All Rights Reserved.

Bath time
Story time
Then the dishes
The laundry
And the rest of
The things that make a house a home
Curling up
Too tired to build afire
Her on the couch
He on the recliner
The trappings of married life
Another day ended, as so many before
Suddenly, he grins
And leaves the room
She wonders, then returns to the box
Hearing her name, she comes to him
Wondering what task they have forgotten
He stands in the bedroom
Alone, no chores visible
Glances at the bed
She is resigned, it has been a while
Shakes his head
Takes her hand, leads her past
The sleeping offspring, through the dining room
Out the door, into the chilly night
He opens the door to the car, the back door
She smiles as she climbs in
Kisses exchanged, passions flare
Remembered heat of the past
Clothes removed hastily
The sounds of desire
Windows fogging in the cold night
The coupling starts slow
The friction of love reminding them
That some chores are enjoyable
Amid smiles, grunts, and thrusts
Their love renewed
Dressed again, they both
Find room on the couch
His head in her lap
Her fingers in his hair
Neither really watching
Knowing Love
Living love
A new finish to the day
Copyright © 2001 by Roger Greer.
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