Snow Angels

By Lynne den Hartog © 2001, All Rights Reserved.

Glistening white flakes
Float gently through the air,
Shrouding the landscape
In a cloak of chastity,
Imperfections cased
In pristine purity.
Hand in hand,
Bodies huddled against the cold,
Two figures cross this whitewashed world.

A lone tree,
Boughs laden with crystal blossom,
Offers shelter
In the silent wilderness.
Beneath its shield they embrace.
Their icy lips,
Pursed in timeless thirst,
Close In a blazing kiss
Born of ardor's flame.

Through the branches
Dappled winter light,
Like fragmented fire,
Illuminates their skin,
Mirroring the passion
Burning deep within.
Sinking to the ground,
The heat of their desire
Melts the virgin snow.
Copyright © 2001 by Lynne den Hartog.
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