Chance Encounter

By Joanna Charbonneau © 2001, All Rights Reserved.

Thoughts flow rhythmically, smoothing
My tousled thoughts of your
Thickly tangled
Tongue caressing my
Image of your tantalizing
Fingers licking at my

Slipping jointed urges
Through each nerve in
Anxious anticipation
Of my skin sliding
Past sensation of your
Silken threads so
Tightly strangling
Each softened

Leaving luscious looks
Your golden drippings
Of languid verse
Penetrate my folds of
In flowing waves
To pierce longing



Lusty visions veer away from tingled skin so blazen hot steams yearning cries to near the soul

Returning burning

Thrusts of Throaty Touch.
Copyright © 2001 by Joanna Charbonneau.
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