Rising to the Bait

By G. Gregory, © 2000 - 2001 MyErotica First Place

She walked by slowly
Closer than protocol
Smelled so very fine
Ensuring details not

Stopped and turned
On heel propped up
Perfect toes were flexing.
Ankles strapped
In shoes best for
Nothing more than sexing.

Women are such scrumptious bait
So tempting when they’re trolling.
I love it when they’re fishing.
Long legs luscious
With tender lonesome thighs;
She’s really got me wishing.

Awesome hands on display
With fuck-red fingernails
Good for serious scratching.
I’d lick her palms
And fingers suck
‘Til our lust wound up matching.

She’d set the hook
And capture me,
Such an easy catch.
Without a fight
She’d find my face
Deep within her snatch.

She’d pull my hair
And scar my back
Howling sex within her song.
I’d eat her slowly
‘Til nothing’s left,
‘Cept high heels and her thong.

Copyright 2001 – MyErotica
All rights reserved. Re-use only with permission from the author.
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Background used is Tenderness by Jaoni
Available for purchase at Art.com
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