By Arrianna James © 2001, All Rights Reserved.

Find me Master

Tear open the closed door
Break down the myriad of walls I’ve built
Go down a path no one has ever taken
Come deep inside Master and find what you seek

Open me Master
Bind your ropes to free me
Spank my rosy cheeks till I give up my pride
Show me there is no real place to hide
Come in and take what you need

Show me Master
Light fires of desire that burn anew in my body
Ignite the flame that lay so long indifferent
Use your wit and wisdom, instinct and timing
Come and take me where you command

Carry me Master
Take me to that singular place that only you can unearth
Feel my breath as your own and feed upon my core
Hear me whimper and experience my obsession mounting
Come and levitate my body and enter my soul

Push me Master
Find the depth and height that only you knew I could reach
Push me over the top to climax, explosion, and ecstasy
Allow me to show you the joy hidden in my tears
Come and taste the elixir that nourishes your power

Own me Master
Make me your own - take away my will
Show me what it means to belong in your thrall
See your invisible cuffs that surround my wrists
Come and possess the student that worships your voice

Love me Master
Find in molding me, a creation you admire
Show me what is beautiful and what is genuine
See your world reflected in my eyes
Come and appreciate the person that adores you completely

Copyright © 2000-2001 by Arrianna James.
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