by Lynne den Hartog

Lynne den Hartog (hdh@iaehv.nl) 1999


We had often talked about our fantasies and had discovered that we would both love to have sex in the open air with the ever present chance of discovery. That chance was more than just a possibility here.

Carefully I opened his zip and slipped my hand inside. As I had suggested neither of us were wearing underwear and, as my hand closed around him, I heard his breathing quicken.

Our lips met in a deep kiss and my hands moved up under his T-shirt and began to play with the curls of hair on his chest. My fingers caressed his nipples and I was rewarded by a sigh and Phil's own attention to my nipples intensified. As our lips parted we both smiled at one another. We had been waiting a long time for this and both wanted to make it an unforgettable experience for the other.

Phil's mouth moved to my breast and let his tongue play around my nipple - but without actually touching it. The anticipation was excruciating and when he did actually take it in his mouth I cried out in gratification. Undoing the button on his jeans I slid them down his legs - and began to rub myself against him. I felt traces of wetness on my thighs and knew that he was almost ready to come. I knew that he was having difficulty controlling himself. He was a considerate lover - and I knew he wanted me to be ready - but I too had been living for this day for a long time - and had been aroused long before he had even touched me. I was as ready as he was.

As his fingers began to stroke my clit I could feel my orgasm growing and, pushing my skirt up to above my waist, I took him in my hand and guided him into me. Immediately he began pumping - though still continuing to finger me. I knew he could feel my muscles tensing and hear my breath rasping in my throat, letting him know I was about to come and he let himself go. His movements quickened and then I felt his sperm erupting from his body deep inside me. Our cries echoed in the silent air- causing a couple who were visiting a family grave at the other end of the graveyard to wonder if the rumours that the graveyard was haunted were true.

Later, relaxing in each others arms, Phil couldn't resist asking me, "It's just...why here? I mean...I can think of better places."

"You mean you don't remember that first...and last...meeting? When my father realized that his little princess was going out with a penniless musician? Don't you remember what he said to us before he got his lackey to show you the door?"

"No...all I remember is that he offered me a small fortune not to see you again. Which you know I refused."

"Oh....well - you see - I'll never forget his last words on the subject. They were, 'Over my dead body.'"


Lynne den Hartog (hdh@iaehv.nl) 1999


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