The Shower
by Amy W
The Shower © 1998 Amy W. All Rights Reseved.
Do not reproduce or distribute without the
expressed written comsent of the author.
I stood under the steamy, sensuous, relaxing shower spray, soap gliding
over my shoulders, lather dripping down over my breasts, trailing down
my stomach. I linger, sliding the soap up from my foot, up around my
calf, to my thigh, concentrating on the feel of the water coursing down
my back, and the lather spreading over my legs. I am so intent on my
actions that I didn't hear the door to the bathroom open. I thought I
felt some cooler air, but didn't notice anything further, so went back
to my luxuriating in the hot water and soap. I step directly under the
shower head, my face lifted up to the spray, my eyes closed, my thought
somewhere else, when suddenly, I feel arms wrap around me, and a warm
body pressing close...I jump in surprise. You press your chest into my
back, your arms around my waist, pulling me closer. I lean back into
you, feeling the beginning of your arousal. We both sigh. I turn
around to face you without breaking the contact between our two bodies,
and press my lips to yours, smiling at you, drinking in your face. It's
been too long. You return my kiss, our lips parting, our tongues
exploring, teasing each other, breathing into each others mouths. My
heart begins to beat faster, my breathing is becoming more
do that to me. I notice that I am clutching the soap, and begin to
caress it over your neck, down to your shoulders, across your back.
Your skin is slick with the lather, my hands sliding effortlessly up and
down from your shoulders to your waist. I let my hand trail lower with
the soap, running it over your cheeks, making you press your hips first
into mine, then back towards my hands, wanting me to continue caressing
your butt. I continue lower, down your thighs, kneeling down for better
reach, kissing your chest, licking your nipples, nibbling at your sides,
my face suddenly at groin level, your cock twitches up to greet me. I
give the head a gentle kiss, licking around the rim, but turn my
attentions back to your legs, and the soap. You don't know whether to
groan in frustration or appreciation. I move my hands from in back of
your legs to the front, soaping your feet gently. I continue lathering
your legs, up the calf, to the knee, start up the thighs. I pause from
my soaping you to give each of your balls a lick, and lick up your shaft
to the head, sucking just the tip into my mouth, and apply the soap to
your balls. I give your cock a final kiss, and return to soaping you
up, running the soap from your butt to your balls and up and around your
cock; it is so slippery, the lather making it slick, it slides in and
out of my hands so easily. I look up at you, you are watching me
intently, a look of desire in your eyes. You reach down and pull me
back up to standing, and bring your face down to mine, your lips locking
on mine, your tongue insistently pressing into my mouth. We both moan
in pleasure, I reach down to caress your cock, it is so hard, I am so
wet, I can't wait any longer, and press your cock between my legs, up
into my pussy. I am so wet, and you are so covered in lather, you just
slide all the way to your balls in one push. We both stand still for a
moment, relishing the feeling of being joined together, the sensuous
feeling of our bodies pressed up against each other, the hot water
rushing over our bodies, and the heat being creating at our cores.
Slowly, we start moving our hips together, kissing, nibbling each other,
touching each other everywhere. I reach up and bring your face to mine,
kissing you deeply, plunging my tongue into you mouth, mimicking the
motion of your cock in my pussy. I feel my nipples tingle, you are
breathing faster, moving faster, I hold your ass tight, pressing you
even closer to me, and feel your balls slapping my cheeks each time you
slam into me...we are both teetering on the brink...I shudder and moan,
bringing you with me, you thrust even deeper, letting out a ragged
groan, shooting into me, we stop our movement for a moment, enjoying the
sensation of my muscles contracting on your cock, your cum pumping up
into me, and then we move together, slower, less frantically, savoring
the receding sensations. We haven't pulled apart, but lean together
against the shower wall. My knees are weak, almost buckling, you kiss
me, and hold me up. I look into your eyes, we both smile, and
reluctantly pulling apart, step under the water to rinse off the soap
and our sweat. Once my breathing has returned to a point where I can
speak, I ask you when you got in.
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